Instagram Captions For Friends

These Instagram captions for friends will make your life easier when it comes to posting photos.

More often than not, when you pull out your smartphone camera, it’s when you have the opportunity to take a photo of friends. Then comes the challenge: What’s the best caption for friends if you want to post it on Instagram or Facebook?

Well, don’t you fret.

This page is jam-packed with ideas for Instagram captions for friends. Check out all the options, choose one as is, or make some modifications to fit your photo.

Top Caption For Friends

1.) Life is too short not to share it with friends.

2.) Your vibe attracts your tribe.

3.) Friends ’til the End.

4.) We have to be best friends…she knows too much.

5.) It’s never a waster of time to hang out with friends.

6.) I must’ve done something right to have a best friend like you.

7.) You can only have legendary adventures with your best friend.

8.) Look at the two of us…yes, we’re up to no good.

9.) Life is more fun when you share it with your best friend.

10.) Friends are like stars. You see lots of them, but only a few shine brightest.

11.) Alert social media. My best friend is here.

12.) Always Better Together.

Good Instagram captions for friends.

Captions for Groups

I hate to face my fears alone. It’s better for you.

You share your food with friends and your life with your best friends.

Best friends make a good situation even better and a bad one bearable.

Lots of people come and go, but best friends never leave.

Strangers think I am quiet, but my best friend knows that’s not true.

You are more than my best friend. You are my sun on a cloudy day.

It can be hard to find a best friend, but hang on to her (him) when you do.

Okay, so everybody says we’re weird, but at least we’re weird together.

A best friend is not like any other. They know exactly what you are thinking.

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For Friends

Real friends are the people you rely on when others fail.

Your best friend knows all of the stories about you, but they won’t tell.

Friendship is more than just thinking alike. It’s moving in the same direction.

Best friends walk together in the same line leaving only one set of footprints.

Your best friend never needs to knock. They’re welcome anytime.

I know you have my back, and that makes me feel good.

Best friends just naturally make memories.

You’re not only my best friend, but you’re also my best therapist.

With a best friend, you never have to go through life alone.

If you’re not someone’s best friend, you won’t know when you find one.

It's never a waste of time to hang out with friends image

Best Friend Captions

True friendship is born when a situation looks darkest.

You talk to your best friend all the time, and it never gets old.

I tell my best friend everything because I know she (he) won’t say anything.

If I had a posse, it would begin and end with you.

Yes, you could say we’re tight. We can’t even go through a door at the same time.

You can’t stay mad at your best friend.

I want to be best friends with you for so long. We have become friends all over again.

Best friends help each other when they get caught.

True friendship is a big thing that’s made up of a lot of little things.

The older you get, the more you appreciate the time and your best friends.

Thanks for being the one who’s willing to tell me the ugly truth.

Someone who helps you through your worst is absolutely the best.

I thought I was the only one, then I found you.

The moment when someone becomes your everything, you’ve found your best friend.

My heart breaks when I am away from my best friend.

You may live a long distance away, but you’re never far away in my heart.

A best friend will never let you down and always pick you up.

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Friends Captions Meme

Best friends captions meme

Best Friend Pictures Captions

It’s not dumb if your best friend says it’s not dumb.

A best friend will always be seen with you in public.

You have always been there, and it means a lot to me.

People in life can search everywhere for a best friend, but they won’t find you. You’re mine.

Between best friends, silence is golden.

A real friend is so important. You can’t imagine being without her (him).

You’re like family, only better. I don’t like some of them.

A best friend will take you by the hand and lead you to your safe place.

You can call a best friend at any hour of the day, and they won’t hang up.

I want to be best friends long enough that we get kicked out of the nursing home together.

Legendary friends captions image

Funny Instagram Captions for Friends

A friend sticks to you like an octopus that won’t let go.

Enjoy at least one sunset per day.

I don’t know what’s tighter: your sweater or our friendship.

I’ve done many weird things with my friends, and I’m damn proud of it.

A good friend is hard to find and harder to get rid of.

Putting the “pro” in procrastination since 1993.

I’ll share a bottle of wine with you anytime, my friend.

Wine + Dinner = Winner!

A friend makes fun of you. You make fun of them. That’s just the way it is.

I don’t want to be “that” friend that everyone makes fun of, but here I am.

I checked off for the memories — totally worth it!

A friend will always laugh at your jokes, even when the humor isn’t there.

friends up to no good image

Captions for Group Photos

If you can’t be an idiot with your friends, who can you be an idiot with?

Look at the two of us. We’re up to no good.

A friend entertains you when no one else can.

This is a funny Instagram moment, two friends being equally embarrassed.

A true friend will tell you if you have food stuck in your teeth.

Friends are the people you don’t mind being caught with.

Friendship isn’t the only way to be happy, but it’s the most fun.

I know as a friend, I can be annoying, but so can you sometimes.

“Don’t care” what anybody thinks, “do care” what my friends think.

Our friendship was born the minute that the police showed up.

Friends, don’t let friends do stupid stuff; okay, I lied.

A friend will always free up time to talk to you.

Friends laugh so long and hard, it hurts.

It’s never a waste of time to hang out with friends.

No one ever said friendship was easy, but the work is worth the reward.

All of my friends are crazy. That’s why we get along so well.

If a friend helped you write a personal ad, it would be a good one.

A good friend isn’t afraid to say anything at any time.

Good Captions for Friends

Having good friends never goes out of style.

An insult rolls off the back of a friend and right into your face.

A friend is someone you can judge other people with.

Many friends may have a bad idea, but it’s guaranteed to make a good story.

We’ll always be friends; finding new ones would be work.

Friends don’t try this at home. They do it in public.

A friend will always keep her (his) refrigerator well-stocked.

If your friends have crazy ideas, they’re good friends.

Friends don’t let friends go shopping…alone.

You can only have legendary adventures with good friends.

Is it a group, a gaggle, or a giggle of friends?

Clever Instagram Captions For Friends

Friends won’t make you grow up. They’re just as childish as you are.

A friend will shout your name across the room, a true friend will answer.

A friend will tell you if you have an ugly selfie, a good friend will take one.

A group of friends, all smiling, is suspicious.

Friends go together like peanut butter and jelly.

For friends, a single glass of wine is not enough.

Friends don’t let friends go on a diet.

A friend will have the guts to tell you when you aren’t wearing any pants.

Having a conversation with friends means you hope you aren’t overheard.

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Best Friends Image

Friends 'til the end image

Short Best Friend Captions

A best friend never questions your innocence.

Two for the road.

That’s right, we’re bad.

Best friends = best memories.

Did your parents drop you too?

Two-person gang.

True friends are always the best.

Bless you, my friend.

Together, we’re epic.

You are my sister (brother).

Let’s nap together.

Old souls, old friends.

Best friends at first sight.

Wait! There’s another one?

Really, officer, it wasn’t us.

Best friends are better than chocolate.

Let’s do it together.

Two court jesters.

Best friends share the best.

Life is better with you.

You, precious and few.

Thank you for being the best.

No words are necessary.

Best friends make you better.

Two of a kind.

I always think of you.

Thanks for being there.

Best friends are priceless.

You and I, sun and moon.

Talk to me, best friend.

Our friendship is no accident.

Let’s do something crazy!

You’re not just a friend. You’re family.

So grateful, you were hard to find.

Cheers to my best friend.

You keep things less scary.

More than a best friend, an angel.

My best friend is priceless.

Our hearts talk.

You’re on top of my list.

The best friends are the longest.

You never judge me.

I choose you as my best friend.

My best friend is awesome.

In my heart, best friends.

Thank you for listening.

With you, I can’t fail.

I am best friend blessed.

I can always count on you.

You are my gift.

You’re there all the time.

My best friend is rare indeed.

A best friend makes you laugh.

Best friends make memories.

Best friends = endangered species.

Always Better Together image


I can dare to be weird with you.

You can do nothing with a friend and still have fun.

Your greatest friends think about you all the time.

Sometimes I think I know myself. Then my friends tell me the truth.

I can feel you behind me. You have my back.

You can’t fool a good friend. They know you too well.

Friendship never gets old. It just improves with age.

A good friend is never boring.

You give me the strength of a lion, my friend.

A real friend is a friend who is always there.

Friends will make you a promise and keep it.

Creative Instagram Captions For Friends

Life is too short to not share it with friends.

I appreciate that you, my friend, will tell me anything and everything.

Good friends are not part-time; they are full-time all the way.

You are such a good friend that I’ll share my cookies with you.

It’s never convenient to be a true friend, but it is always important.

You can’t choose your family but you can pick your friends.

A true friend should bring out your best, not cause you some stress.

You always have a smile on the road to a friend’s house.

Good Instagram Captions For Friends

If you pull back all the layers and she (he) is still there, that’s a true friend.

A good friend will look after you if you look after them.

Our friendship is beautiful. Thanks for all you do.

If a friend can believe in you unconditionally, you can believe in yourself.

A friend won’t talk behind your back. They’ll say it to your face.

The memory of all my friends stays with me always.

You can laugh or cry. It really doesn’t matter to a friend.

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Friends Group Photo Captions

A good friend can make an impact on your entire life.

Life gives you friends so they can help you get through life.

Your friendships create the music of your life.

I’m happy you are my friend and hope I can return the favor.

A good friend helps you through the pain and guides you to joy.

If you tell the truth to your friends, you’ll find the good ones.

If you have friends, you are truly rich.

Friendship is like a light in the darkness.

Friends know stories you don’t want to share.

You can have a lot of friends, but only a few best friends.

When friends hug, you can feel the love.

A friend is someone to be cherished, and friendship is something to be nourished.

Friends are funny. At least they try to be.

We met by chance and became friends through love.

An old friend is like an old shoe, comfortable and well worn.

When a friend leaves, they take a piece of your heart.

Your friends provide you shelter like the branches of a tree.

You get double the joy from friends and half the trouble.

Happiness comes from the friends you surround yourself with.

Friends Quotes For Captions

I would rather walk with a friend in the dark than be alone in the light.
Helen Keller

The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.
Henry David Thoreau

The best mirror is an old friend.
George Herbert

Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil.
Baltasar Gracian

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.
Walter Winchell

The friend who holds your hand and says the wrong thing is made of dearer stuff than the one who stays away.
Barbara Kingsolver

There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met.
Jim Henson

We have been friends together in the sunshine and in the shade.
Caroline Sheridan Norton

A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.
Arnold Glasgow

A true friend is one who overlooks your failures and tolerates your success!
Doug Larson

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.
Amy Poehler

Of all possessions, a friend is the most precious.

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