Good Instagram Captions for Selfies

Looking for some good Instagram captions for selfies? Well, since we can’t help you take the photo, the least we can do is provide you with some fun ideas for the words. And we have lots of options.

Self-portraits go way back to 1839 when Robert Cornelius took the first. But old Robert didn’t need to know what to say for the caption. Everyone knows a dud caption can take down an excellent photo. We won’t, we repeat, we won’t let that happen to you!

So, don’t leave it to chance. Review all the options here and select the winning words.

This first batch of the Top Dozen Captions was generated by our expert panel for those folks in a hurry. But, if you have more time, please review the whole page of options.

Good Captions for Instagram Selfies – Top Dozen

1.) Being famous on Instagram is like being rich in Monopoly.

2.) Trying out for an Olympic lifeguard position – Some people are born to do what they do.

3.) Last night was a blur. Uh, so in this picture.

4.) If a selfie is a photo of yourself, is this a groupie? (Group of friends photo shown.)

5.) Sunshine on my shoulders gives me a sunburn. Ouch. (With apologies to John Denver.)

6.) Red Bull will make you do this.

7.) This could be the start of something bad.

8.) Home is where the selfie is.

9.) It’s all coming back to me now.

10.) Love me, love my selfie.

11.) No, this is definitely not Kansas.

12.) I think this is as good as it gets. Frightening.

Instagram captions for selfies.

Funny Instagram Captions

I’m not wearing any pants.

Live in the moment, and deal with the consequences later.

Smile, you’re on the selfie camera.

There’s good Instagram and bad Instagram; this is good Instagram.

The moment you realize, “I shouldn’t have taken this picture.”

A frown is a smile in zero gravity.

Incognito Selfie.

Really, this look is back-in-style.

Did I really take this?

I look happy…maybe too happy.

Is this in focus?

Escape to Selfie World!

Alert all social media; here is my selfie.

This bad apple could spoil the whole bunch.

Come on; you’ve got to admit, this is a good selfie.

Ridiculous Selfie.

Is this a groupie image

Selfie Captions

If a selfie is a photo of yourself, is this a groupie?

Aren’t we going to San Francisco? That’s why I’m wearing flowers in my hair.

People will judge you by the photos you post; judge this.

Would you get a restraining order against me?

This is my 10th selfie today. Too many?

It’s time for a selfie! Here you go!

Extreme Selfie.

I may have partied too hard.

Close your eyes when you take a selfie; it’s a good excuse.

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Good Captions for Selfies

A selfie by any other name would still be as bad.

I try to make it look like I’m deep in thought; it confuses people.

Important Selfie.

If lovin’ you is wrong, that’s okay; I’ve been wrong before.

I love taking selfies; I just don’t like to look at them.

Wait…that’s not my hat!

Can’t talk; I’m taking a selfie.

I’m not wearing any pants.

My other selfie is of someone famous.

Why? Just why?

I look happy, don’t I? I wonder why?

Old School Selfie.

Here you go, I’m the whole package.

Selfie Caption Meme

Is that love in her eyes image

Insta Captions

Give me some of what he’s having.

I am a selfie expert and this is a good selfie.

Why not?

I am grateful we live in a land where selfies rule.

This is fresh?

Unavoidable Selfie.

Does this look good to you?

I might not look it, but I’m clueless.

Wanderlust never looked so good.

Self Important Selfie.

This is the real me.

I don’t think I achieved the look I was going for.

I’m just being myself, sorry.

Unbelievable Selfie.

It’s a tough life, but somebody’s got to do it.

Raging Selfie.

I did it! I think.

Spontaneous Selfie.

Captions for Pictures of Yourself

I was born to take a selfie.

Why yes, I am the Selfie Queen (King).

I could be happier, but it probably wouldn’t be legal.

How many selfies are too many? we may never know.

Selfie on Steroids.

Do you miss this face?

You only get one chance at this.

Give me a break; I was up all night.

Ready for an exciting adventure?

Hang on; I’m coming.

Denial Selfie.

Well, I could have put on some nice clothes, but really, why?

Okay, now I can cross “totally embarrassed” off my bucket list.

I can’t help it; it’s all heredity.

My selfie McDonalds, your selfie Burger King.

Surprise Selfie.

Haters gonna hate, so hate these suckas.

My family tree is a shrub.

Instagram Caption Image

Selfie control image

Cute Instagram Captions for Selfies

Life isn’t perfect; here’s a perfect example.

If you can’t be who you are on Instagram, where can you be?

You can’t judge me.

Girl, you’ve done it this time!

Here’s a special moment, I took it myself.

I haven’t looked this happy since New Year’s.

Sure I look rough, but I’ve got a heart of gold.

It’s the little things in life that drive us crazy.

This is me and my friends, at least I think these are my friends.

I love this selfie!

Whoops…my camera went off accidentally.


Clever Captions

I share this special memory with you…sorry.

If my heart could talk, it would say, “I love you.”

My camera must be broken; I look so old.

You deserve better than this.

Please don’t judge me because I’m beautiful; judge me because I posted this.

This is my favorite selfie until the next one.

I feel pretty; how come it doesn’t look that way?

Mirrors don’t lie, unfortunately.

Don’t care what you think; I look damn good.

You inspire me.

Wait a minute; I’m a mess.

Do I look lost to you?

This selfie is brought to you by…bad life decisions.

Sundays are selfie days.

Yes, I’m wild and free, but I didn’t mean to take a picture of it.

This would be a cool Instagram selfie if you were in it too.

I’m blaming the makeup.

Caption Ideas for Selfies

Sorry, I look like this when I first wake up.

Really…I was attractive in another life.

In my defense, the lighting wasn’t right.

Does it look like I’m sweating?

I game up on my hair.

It may not be my best selfie, but it’s still better than yours.

You can’t see them, but my shoes are awesome.

Life is short, take a selfie.

The eyes have it.

If I use a timer, is it still a selfie?

Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m smokin’ hot.

I’m taller than I look.

Don’t hate me because I’m pretty, hate me because I took this selfie.

Wait!? Is Facebook watching me?

I may look calm, but inside I’m a raging volcano.

I’m a lot like a rose, pretty thorny.

People don’t like it if your selfie is better than theirs.

Probably can’t tell, I don’t feel well.

Sad to admit, I have a total lack of selfie control.

Be careful what you wish for.

Is that love in her eyes or just mascara?

Betcha, by golly, wow, oh yeah, that’s my selfie.

I’m not ordinary; I’m extraordinary!

I feel a selfie coming on.

I am living the life I dreamt of…Nightmare!

That’s right; I took a selfie, could have been a food pic.

Is this close-up too close?

Someday, I’ll get this right.

Seriously, I was trying.

Cool Captions

It’s getting hot in here…

Born to stand out.

Grow through what you go through.

May your day be as great as taking a perfect selfie on the first try.

I’ve left my mark.

I run on coffee, chocolate, and lipstick.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

What if I told you that you could post a beach photo without showing your toes?

My life is a disaster… see!

Looks aren’t everything; they’re the only thing.

I came, I saw, and I ate the chips.

I live on the edge, the edge of what I have no idea.

It isn’t easy to look this good all the time.

No, this is my happy face.

I believe in miracles, you sexy thing!

You don’t just look this good by being lucky.

It’s no fun if it’s too easy.

I’m not going to lie; I’m hangry.

I have a passion for selfies.

You would like me if you actually met me.

Take a look; I am your lucky charm.

I live my life by my rules, and I still got busted.

This is a “good thoughts only” zone.

I’ve been on the road so long I’ve forgotten where I am.

This could cause me some problems.

Guess who?

I’m up to no good, can you tell?

Live each day to your best.

What me worry?

I don’t know how to say this, but I’m kind of a big deal.

I’m that one friend you’re embarrassed to be with.

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Selfie Quotes

Selfie Quotes image

What if I told you, you can eat without posting it on Instagram?

No job is complete until the selfie is posted.

Life’s ultimate question: Are you really beautiful, or is your selfie game just strong?

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By Tim Moodie

When not suffering from “selfie-finger,” Tim Moodie works as a creative director and writer. He spent many years writing funny greeting cards, as well as captions and quips for a variety of retail merchandise (including toilet paper). He’s put that behind him.


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