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Birthday Wishes for Son

Your birthday wishes to your son can make lasting impressions.

Choose your words carefully, and feel free to customize some of our ideas below for your message to your son.

Check out the options below and find one that resonates with you.

Best Birthday Wishes for Son.

Best Birthday Wishes For Son

1.) Dear son, we are proud to see you grow. We are always joyful and proud of you whenever we think and talk of you. I wish you a very happy birthday.

2.) My dear son, may this birthday bring you more love, joy, happiness, and prosperity. This is yet another fantastic year in your life. You always deserve the best in life because you are a great son and an amazing human being! Wishing you a very happy birthday!

3.) You have been much more than a son to me. You have been the most beautiful gift from God. I have cherished all the precious moments watching you grow up, and the tender memories will remain close to my heart forever! I love you son. Happy birthday!

4.) On this special day, I wish you that you are blessed with all the happiness and good health in your life. I wish you a very happy birthday, son!

5.) I want you to know that you have never given us trouble as you grew up. You have always been the best son in this entire world! Wishing you a great birthday and prosperity in the future!

6.) My son, you don’t know, but watching you grow has been one of the biggest delights of my life. No matter your challenges, I wish you will climb all the mountains. I wish you a great birthday and a great life in the future.

Please let us know if you have any additions to our “Birthday Wishes for Son” collection.

Son, Happy Birthday Wishes

7.) Dear Son, no matter how much you grow, you will always be our baby boy. We wish you a very happy birthday, and may all your wishes and dreams come true!

8.) We want you to know that we are so lucky to have such an amazing son. Here’s wishing a happy birthday to the best son in the world!

9.) When you blow the candle in the cake, we want you to remember that there is a candle of love in our hearts for you that will burn forever! Wishing you a very happy birthday!

10.) You are a miracle that happened to us, a miracle that’s one in a billion—I wish you a very happy birthday!

11.) You have always brought a smile to our faces every day since birth. We hope that every birthday brings you more and more smiles! Happy birthday!

12.) Dear Son, wherever you are in life, always remember that I will be proud of you forever.

13.) You, Son, are the best thing to ever happen to me. I will always be proud of you. I am wishing you a happy birthday!

14.) Dear Son, I wish many such happy and beautiful occasions will follow this birthday. My love and best wishes will always be with you! I wish you a very happy birthday!

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Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Son

15.) Happy birthday to our biggest gift and joy! There’s no limit to how much we love you!

16.) May you enjoy a wonderful time and happy moments on your special day! I wish you a very happy birthday!

17.) We will always cherish the special moments we shared. We wish you a very happy birthday and happy moments in your life!

18.) On your birthday, we wish you success, happiness, and health forever! Happy birthday, son!

19.) Best wishes to our amazing son! May all your choices in life lead you to success and happiness! Happy birthday, dear!

20.) It’s time for birthday celebrations! Wishing you lots of fun on your special day!

21.) There’s nothing more exciting and satisfying than seeing you grow and become such an amazing person. I wish you a very happy birthday!

22.) I wish our awesome son a very happy birthday. We hope that all your dreams and hopes will come true!

23.) Our love for you will always be endless. Our birthday wishes to you are from the bottom of our hearts.

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Son's birthday messages.

Birthday Greetings Son

24.) I am so blessed to have you as my son.

25. ) I wish you a happy birthday on this special day.

26.) May you succeed in all your pursuits and find happiness forever!

27.) Life reminds me of its beauty whenever I think of you.

28.) You are proof that God loves me and blessed me.

29.) Very happy birthday on your special day.

30.) Every time I scolded you, Every time you had been cold to you, I wanted you to know that I cared for and loved you!

31.) I will always want the best for you.

32.) Happy birthday, dear!

33.) They say it’s hard to be a parent. I am happy to have the best son in the world. You made it fun and exciting for me to be a parent! Happy birthday to my boy!

34.) There’s no binding to my happiness as I see you grow daily.

35.) I see more of myself in you every day I look at you!

36.) Wishing you an amazing birthday!

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Birthday Son Sayings

37.) Dear son, you have always been a prince of the family. We wish you a very happy birthday and a glorious life ahead!

38.) Wishing you a happy birthday and that you may have a successful and happy year ahead. I hope that your birthday brings more sweet memories into your life.

39.) Dear son, we have always been made proud of you. You will always have our support and blessings. Happy birthday to the dearest and most beautiful son!

40.) We are so glad you have become such a wonderful person. We wish you a very happy birthday and that you always have a wonderful life!

41.) Nothing compares to our feeling when we see our little boy grow into such an amazing gentleman. We are proud to be your parents. Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday.

42.) May you receive more love, happiness, and success this birthday than ever. I wish you a very happy birthday, dear son!

43.) Dear Son, you brought unmatched happiness into our life. We have always loved you and will always love you in the future! I wish you a very happy birthday!

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Birthday Video

Son’s Birthday From Mom

44.) As you turn another year older, I want you to know that you will always be the same little boy in my heart. I will always be proud of you. I wish you success forever on your special day. Happy birthday!

45.) There’s no joy more incredible for a mom than seeing her little boy grow! I treasure each memory I cherish with you. I wish you a happy birthday to the most precious gift in my life!

46.) Dear Son, it was the greatest day of my life when you were born. It was the day my heart was filled with all the love in this world. And since that day, my heart has kept growing with more passion! Happy birthday to the most wonderful boy in this world!

47.) Dear Son, I want you to know that I will always love you, cheer you, and be by your side. I wish you a very happy birthday and that all the days of your life be filled with love, joy, and happiness (just like it says on your birthday card).

48.) Dear Son, on your birthday, I wish you all the strength to face life’s challenges, all the knowledge to succeed, the best of friends, and a great family to share your happiness with. May your life be full of joy. I wish the sweetest boy in this world a very happy birthday!

From Dad

49.) My dear son, today is the best day to celebrate with you! Wishing you a very happy and fantastic birthday!

50.) I have always wished to see you grow into an honest, successful, and hard-working lad. You are living proof that God exists. I am wishing you a very happy birthday, my dear son!

51.) My dear son, I want you to know that you have always been the Sun in my life. You have been the bright daylight that shined through each day of my life since you were born. I wish you a very happy birthday!

52.) You are the one reason I smile every day. Wishing you an amazing birthday that brings more happiness and prosperity!

53.) As you enjoy your birthday cake, I want you to know that you are the most beautiful gift in my life! I wish you a very happy birthday and a great new year!

Heartfelt Wishes

54.) My love and adoration for you is endless; you are cherished. Happy birthday, my dearest son.

55.) A very happy birthday, son! You will always have a piece of my heart. I love you!

56.) Dear Son, you have always made me proud. My support and blessings will always be with you. I hope that you will have a great and prosperous life ahead. Remember, I will always be with you! I wish you a very happy birthday!

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Sweet Birthday Wishes For Son

57.) Happy Birthday Son. Enjoy your birthday celebration.

58.) To my loving son, you are always in my prayers.

59.) May God’s love be always with you.

60.) Happy birthday, son. Hugs and kisses.

61.) Let no sorrows depress you, my beloved son. I can’t wait to give you lots of hugs when you come home from school.

62.) But God’s love and grace to bless you! Congratulations on your birthday.

63.) If I can give my son only one gift, it will be enthusiasm forever!

64.) An extraordinary life awaits you; may you never forget this! Our bond will never be broken.

65.) Your past is not a sign of your potential; you can always liberate your future at any hour! My lovable son, the world is your oyster.

66.) Celebrate this day to your fullest; mark this day to achieve greater milestones ahead! We wish you a very happy birthday!

67.) May sunshine, happiness, and love fill your day on your birthday and for the rest of your life! I wish you a great birthday!

Best Birthday Messages

68.) Wishing you a lifetime of laughter and joy. Have a fantastic birthday.

69.) Watching you grow and become the amazing young man you are today has been an honor and a privilege. Have a wonderful birthday!

70.) You are my pride and joy! Cheers to you.

71.) We are blessed with such a wonderful son. You are our greatest blessing.

72.) You bring so much joy and love into our lives; we are so grateful for you.

73.) Wishing you a year filled with new adventures and discoveries.

74.) In you, my son, God gave me another chance to fulfill my dreams! I wish you a very happy birthday!

75.) Dear son, happy birthday! You will always be my sweet little boy, no matter how big you grow!

Short Birthday Wishes for Son

76.) Happy birthday, buddy.

77.) Happy birthday to my adorable son.

78.) Your maturity and wisdom inspire us.

79.) Wishing you a happy birthday on your big day.

80.) Happy Birthday, my little superhero.

81.) Happy birthday, my incredible son.

82.) You bring me everlasting joy and affection.

83.) You will always be my little angel.

84.) To my funny little comedian, happy birthday.

85.) Happy birthday, my darling boy.

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86.) Another year older, another year wiser.

87.) Another 365 days of adventure ahead.

88.) Cheers to another year of being awesome.

89.) You make every day feel like a celebration.

90.) Happy Birthday, my precious son.

91.) May your birthday be filled with love and joy.

92.) Happy Birthday to my brave, kind, and loving son.

93.) Happy Birthday, kiddo.

94.) Every day, you bring a smile to my face.

95.) You make every day a gift.

96.) Today is a celebration of you.

97.) Another year making memories.

98.) You are one cool dude. Happy Birthday.

99.) You are one in a million, son.

100.) Always be true to your heart.

Funny Birthday Wishes

101.) A great kid who became a great man. Please note there’s no mention of the teen years. Happy birthday, kiddo!

102.) You can always act your age tomorrow. Today is to be enjoyed!

103.) One thing to look forward to as you age is that you’ll probably look as good as your parents. HBD!

104.) You’ll always be my son-shine! Happiest of birthdays!

105.) Congratulations on winning the genetic lottery. Shouldn’t we be sharing in your birthday gifts? HBD!

Top Birthday Wishes for Son Messages

Sons are among the sweetest gifts one can enjoy in life. A son is a dream come true for every parent. He’s a bundle of your future hopes and dreams. He’s a second chance at life and life’s experiences for you.

When it’s his birthday, you want to make sure that you tell him how much the occasion matters to you.

He will always be your baby boy, no matter how young or old he is. Shower all your love on him with these beautiful birthday wishes.

How To Write a Birthday Message to Your Son

When writing birthday wishes, follow a few steps that will make the process fast and smooth and make the end message something more beautiful. Here are some recommended steps

A.) Think about what makes your son unique. Your card and words should be a reflection of that. Take some time and organize your thoughts. What makes your son a great person? A caring nature? A hard worker? Bring out the best in others? Personalize your message to your son.

B.) Begin with the end in mind – how do you want your son to feel after reading your message?

C.) If possible, add an image to the message. This can be easy if you send an email or a message/share through the social site. Even if you send a greeting card, you may include a childhood photo of your son or a younger picture of him eating cake or celebrating an earlier birthday.

D.) Pick a good writing instrument. Make a statement with a bold marker. And always remember to keep your writing neat and legible.

E.) Make sure that you write the birthday wishes for your son, keeping in mind your son’s age. If you have a young son, adding something funny can help make him laugh. But always keep it short and straightforward. You know how boys are!

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It’s all about the birthday gift.

Remember, kids always want to get to the gifts first. It’s the gift that’s on top of his mind. So, make sure to get him something that he can easily relate to. It will also make it easier for him to pay attention to the birthday message,

So, choosing the right gift for your young son is also essential to delivering your message. Another good strategy can be to incorporate his favorite cartoon character.

By Michael O’Halloran

Michael is an author, marketer, and editor of Greeting Card Poet.

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