Happy Birthday Son Messages, Ideas, Quotes

Saying, “Happy Birthday Son,” is a fun time for everyone involved.

We’ve put together a variety of happy birthday wishes for a son. We hope you can use these messages to express your joy and love for your son on his birthday.

We have also included birthday wishes for a son-in-law as well. Take a look at these messages, maybe you’ll find the right one, or maybe they will give you some inspiration to write a message of your own from the heart.

Best Happy Birthday Son Messages

1.) Happy Birthday, my son. May today be a great day, and may next year bring you all you wish for.

2.) You are a miracle to us, and may you enjoy many, many more birthdays.

3.) Remember that as you get ready to blow out your birthday candles, our love for you is like a candle that shines in our hearts.

4.) Our beloved son, thank you for bringing a smile to our faces each day. On this special day… HBD, My Son!

5.) Having a great son like you is definitely the best thing that ever happened in our lives.

6.) You have grown into a charming young man who is capable in every way. We are so proud of you.

7.) Dear Son, you are the reason we get up in the morning to celebrate your life and to be your parents. Happy B-Day!

8.) How the tables have turned, I used to try and be your role model, and now you are my role model.

9.) The best memories and most precious moments in our lives revolve around you and all you have brought to us.

Happy Birthday Son.

Happy Birthday My Son, Funny

10.) I know it’s corny, son, but you are the sunshine in our lives. You shine brighter than all of the candles on this cake. Hey, wait, that’s a lot of candles!

11.) Happy Birthday, Son. You know we are old school, so we will be giving you kisses and hugs instead of sending you a message on Facebook.

12.) It seems like our lives have been a bit of a sitcom, but no matter how many laughs we’ve had together, we love you and want you to have a happy B-Day.

13.) We may be getting old, but you will always be our son, and remember, you’ll never be as old as us.

14.) Dear son, there’s no question you are the reason our lives are filled with so much fun. Not to put you on the spot on your birthday but, tell us a joke.

15.) Two suggestions for your birthday: 1.) Forget the past — nothing gets done by focusing on the past. 2.) Forget the present. I didn’t get you one.

16.) Happy birthday, Son-shine!

Humorous Birthday Greetings to Son

17.) Every father wants his son to grow up wiser and taller than he is. Well, so far, you’re halfway there. Happy Birthday, Son.

18.) Someday, you may be handsome and famous, but until then, don’t forget where you came from. It was your mother and me.

19.) Remember everything you do now you do as an adult. A felony can carry a hefty prison sentence. Be good and enjoy your birthday!

20.) Good-looking, funny, and considerate — I see a little bit more of me in you every day.

21.) Thank you for all of the years of making us look like good parents.

22.) Wishing you a happy birthday now, so I don’t have to remember it later.

23.) When God made you, He said, “Ta-Da!”

Son's Birthday image

Birthday Wishes for Son

24.) With love and best wishes to the greatest son in the world. Have a Wonderful Birthday!

25.) I will always be proud of you, no matter where you go or what you do. You are my son, and I wish you a Happy Birthday!

26.) To say we both love you is an understatement. As your parents, our love is boundless. So, on your birthday, best wishes to you and even more of our love.

27.) On your birthday, we wish you nothing but happiness and good fortune. The day you were born to us was the happiest day of our lives—birthday Wishes to you, son.

28.) Son, you will always be our toddler in our hearts. That image will stay with us forever—all the best wishes to you on your birthday.

29.) We both love you and wish you all the best on your birthday. Have a wonderful day, and know that we love you more than anything.

HBD to My Son

30.) You have grown to the point where you inspire me. You inspire me every day with the man you have become, the father you have become, and the son you will always be. Happy Birthday Wishes to My Son.

31.) There is no question that you are the greatest achievement of my life. Nothing I do or say or achieve professionally can compare to you. The Happiest of Birthday Wishes to You, My Son!

32.) Your heart has always been in the right place and today’s special Happy Birthday Wishes to the son we can’t believe is ours.

33.) HBD Wishes to you, My Son, may all of your personal wishes come true, and may you flourish on life’s journey.

34.) The first time we saw you, our hearts were filled with love. Watching you grow and mature, that love also continues to grow. Happy Birthday My Son.

35.) Since you came into our lives, you have made them even more beautiful—the Happiest of Birthdays to you, Son. We are always here for you.

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Happy 21st Birthday Son

36.) It’s hard to believe it is already going to be your 21st birthday. It seems like yesterday that we were changing your diapers. Pretty soon, you’ll be changing ours. Happy Birthday!

37.) Happy 21st Birthday! We must have done something right to have a son as amazing and perfect as you. Even though you are now legal, we just wanted to say that we will always be with you, and you can count on us anytime.

38.) Do you know how happy you make us? For 21 years, you have been bringing smiles to our faces for each accomplishment you’ve made. Happy 21st Birthday!

39.) We love to hear your voice, see your smile, feel your warm hug, and touch your hand. Happy 21st Birthday! We have been watching you for 21 years and marvel at the man you have become.

40.) You are never too old for a birthday party. So today, on your 21st birthday, we’ve invited some of your closest friends and relatives to the house. I hope you are excited about the bouncy castle, magician, and pony rides.

41.) I saw the cake in the refrigerator, and it said Happy 21st Birthday, Son! And I thought that couldn’t be right. I can’t have a son that is 21 years old, so I pulled out the cake and had a piece. Sure enough, it said 21.

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Birthday Son-in-Law Wishes

42.) Happy Birthday, Son-In-Law, and thank you for providing a home for our daughter and keeping her safe. We are blessed to have you as part of our family.

43.) We hope you have nothing but success in the coming year, and we love the fact that you are our Son-In-Law. Happy Birthday!

44.) May your birthday be as wonderful as the things you bring to our family. Happy Birthday, Son-In-Law, and many more!

45.) You are an extraordinary person. Our daughter chose you for a reason because she loves you. We love you too. Happy Birthday, Son-In-Law!

46.) Son-In-Law, welcome to our family! We are happy to celebrate your birthday today and wish you many more with our daughter and your children. HBD!

47.) It is the power of your love for our daughter that won us over. But it is the love you have for all of our family members makes us continue to love you more. HBD, Son-In-Law.

Happy Birthday Son Meme

Happy birthday for son meme

Happy B-Day from Mom

48.) No matter how old you get, I will always be ready to give you a big hug and dry your tears. Happy Birthday Son, from Mom!

49.) My darling son, you have certainly made each day seem like Mother’s Day. Happy Birthday and I love you…Mom!

50.) Dear Son, I can’t help but notice each time I stand next to you, you are getting taller and taller. Soon you will be18 and looking down to see me. I will forever be looking up to you. Happy Birthday, Mom!

51.) Happy Birthday, Son! I was so thrilled the first time you grabbed my hand. It felt like you wanted me to follow you and become part of your life. That day I really felt like your mother for the first time. You have filled my life with love, Mom.

52.) You are my biggest source of pride and joy. Every day, I thank god for bringing you to us. I truly enjoy it when you call me Mom. Happy Birthday, Son!

53.) When I was pregnant with you, you never stopped moving. You were kicking and squirming all the time. Now that I see the man you have become, I see where all of that energy went. Have an awesome day!

Happy Birthday Boy Greetings

54.) To our son, no matter how much you grow and how old you get, you will still be our baby boy. Happy Birthday and may your future be bright!

55.) I am happy to see a little bit more of me in you every day. Happy Birthday my boy!

56.) Yes, you are all grown up and ready to take on the world, but for us, you will always be our little boy.

57.) You may be getting close to becoming a teenager but remember you will always be our little boy. Happy Birthday, Boy!

58.) We will sing you Happy Birthday, Baby Boy, because we want you to hear how loudly we sing to honor you.

59.) No matter how many of your birthdays may come, you will always be our baby boy.

Son Birthday Ideas

60.) We hope you are proud to be our son; when we look at you, our eyes well up, and our hearts swell. We couldn’t be happier being your parents. Happy Birthday, Son.

61.) Son, on your birthday, let us be the first to say that having you in our lives means everything. You bring another level to our family to complete us in a way we never expected.

62.) It’s your birthday, and no matter how old you get, son, the love in my heart will remain the same. I will love you just as much today as I will tomorrow and one hundred years in the future.

63.) You are a wonderful, wonderful son, and we can’t believe you are ours. Happy Birthday Son, and thank you for loving us the way you do. It has been our privilege to be your parents, and we are proud to call you son.

64.) Happy Birthday Son, I wish I could tell you that we bought you a new car for your birthday, but we didn’t. We would have, but we can’t afford it. What we can afford is to spend the day with you giving you our love.

65.) You are our favorite son. Then again, you are our only son. So Happy Birthday Son, you are one in a million.

Happy Birthday Son Quotes

66.) Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.
Mark Twain

67.) There are 364 days when you might get unbirthday presents…and only one for birthday presents, you know.
Lewis Carroll

68.) And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.
Abraham Lincoln

69.) Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to never stop questioning.
Albert Einstein

70.) A birthday is the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip.

71.) The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age.
Lucille Ball

72.) Old age is like everything else to make a success of it, you’ve got to start young.
Fred Astaire

73.) Son, you outgrew my lap, but never my heart.

74.) Strap on that seat belt as your life is just about set for take-off! HBD Son!

75.) One step closer to your AARP membership. Well done.
Andy Atticus

Birthday Wishes and Messages

76.) Wishing you a year full of many blessings and a very happy birthday.

77.) You the best son a parent could ask for. Happy birthday dear son.

78.) You a such a gift to us. Wishing you a really great birthday!

79.) You are my greatest treasure. Enjoy your special day!

80.) May your day be full of laughter and joy. Lots of hugs!

81.) Happy birthday to the most amazing son. You are our greatest pride and joy.

82.) You have made fatherhood the best for me!

Funny Birthday WIshes

83.) What kind of music is scary for birthday balloons?
Pop music!

84.) What did the Buffalo say when his son grew up and left home?

85.) We’re starting to run out of space on the cake with all these candles! You’re turning into an old man. Happy birthday!

Heart Warming Messages to Son

86.) Watching you grow up is the most beautiful thing. You’ve become a wonderful man.

87.) I wish you many beautiful occasions and happy moments in the year to come.

88.) The day you were born was the happiest day of my life.

89.) I thank God for sending me my sweet little angel. Best birthday wishes my son!

90.) I am so lucky to have such an extraordinary son! Have an amazing birthday celebration.

91.) You are my most precious gift. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

92.) You have my everlasting affection and unending love.

How to use these Messages and Quotes

Here are a few different ways you can use the messages and quotes in this article:

1.) Use a message hand-written in a card, or a text, or a birthday email, or on social media.

2.) Take a favorite quote and have it written on the birthday cake by the baker.

3.) Make a sign with a message or quote and hang it above the doorway.

4.) Find a favorite picture of you and your son and use a message or quote as the caption.

5.) Using the messages and quotes, create a script that can be recorded (audio and/or video) by your son’s friends and family.

6.) Take a favorite quote or message and use it as the basis for a themed party.

7.) Have a message or quote printed out on a pillow for your son to keep.

Having a son is a special bond between father and son, but a mother and daughter have a special bond. A mother and son can have a powerful connection.

It is these bonds and heartfelt feelings that can and need to be expressed on birthdays. A birthday is a celebration of birth, and the birth of a son is a special celebration.

A son’s birthday is a great time to celebrate. Have fun and enjoy the day!

By Tim Moodie

Tim Moodie is a copywriter and creative director. He wrote funny birthday and greeting cards, coffee mugs, and toilet paper for Recycled Paper Products. He and his wife have one son, Griffin, and they wish him a Happy Birthday every year. But, they tell him “we love you” every day.


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