Fun Happy Birthday Mom Wishes and Quotes

These Fun Happy Birthday Mom Wishes and Quotes are some of the best words you can share with your mother on her big day.

No matter how old you are or where you are, no matter how you were raised and whether you are rich or poor, you would always have a special place in your heart for your mother. Every 365 days, make her feel extra special with some warm sentiments.

Share these wishes with her whether she is near or far away. You can never repay the debt you owe her, but these thoughts can always show her how much you love her, and that matters the most to a mother.

Happy Birthday Quotes for Mom

1.) There were times when, in middle school and junior high, I didn’t have a lot of friends. But my mom was always my friend. Always.
Taylor Swift

2.) All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.
Abraham Lincoln

3.) As mothers and daughters, we are connected with one another. My mother is the bones of my spine, keeping me straight and true. She is my blood, making sure it runs rich and strong. She is the beating of my heart. I cannot now imagine a life without her.
Kristin Hannah

4.) Blessed is a mother that would give up part of her soul for her children’s happiness.
Shannon L. Alder

5.) I would say that my mother is the single biggest role model in my life, but that term doesn’t seem to encompass enough when I use it about her. She was the love of my life.
Mindy Kaling

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom.

Best Birthday Quotes

6.) To the world, you may be one person, but to me, you are the whole world.
Dr Seuss

7.) Behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because hers is where yours begins.
Mitch Albom

8.) God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.
Jewish Proverb

9.) No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love.
Edwin Chapin

10.) Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.

Happy Birthday Mom.

Loving Birthday Wishes to Mother

11.) You count the hours you could have spent with your mother. It’s a lifetime in itself.
Mitch Albom

12.) Acceptance, tolerance, bravery, compassion. These are the things my mom taught me.
Lady Gaga

13.) I have a mom who’s a feminist – she’s an English professor, an intellectual. She really gave me the equipment to understand that you can celebrate yourself without putting yourself down or needing to apologize for the way you look.
Emily Ratajkowski

14.) So, mother, I thank you, for all you’ve done and still do. You got me, I got you, together we always pull through.
Christina Aguilera

15.) Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.
Barbara Kingsolver

16.) You taught me everything. Everything you’ve given me i”ll always keep it inside. You’re the driving force in my life.
Boyz II Men

Creative Ways to Say Happy Birthday

Birthday Messages for Mother

17.) Mom, I feel so lucky to have a mother
like you. You are my best friend
Have a great day sweet and kind mother!

18.) I wish more strength and power to you all the time,
I hope God will always be with you like you are to us.

19.) Dear Mother, wishing you all the health in this world to further take care of me and dad! Happy Birthday, Mom!

20.) You are my shining star
who has helped me grow
and have always been present to guide throughout.
Happy Birthday, Mom!

21.) Thank you very much for all the things that you offered to us,
I am very proud to be your child,
I wish nothing but all the best for you.

22.) Today is a day to leave all your duties;
Have time for yourself today.
Have fun on your day of days!

23.) You are the best friend I ever had.
You are more than just a mother to me.
I always treasure our special relationship and share your love and warmth on this special day.

24.) You have always been my inspiration as you taught me
how to play different roles in life and be cool.

25.) Thanks for always being there by me with all my decisions,
even when you didn’t agree.

26.) To the woman that always brought out the best in me and saw the best in me. Happy Birthday, Mom!

27.) Wishing you a special day
free from the worries and care
that you always have for us.
Today is your day!

HBD2U image.

Very Happy Birthday Wishes

28.) On this special day, I want you to know that I am nothing without you, but I can be everything with you by my side. Happy Birthday, Mom!

29.) There is no other person who can take the place yours in my heart. I feel so lucky that I’ve found the best mom in the world.

30.) You are a super mom because only you can do everything you do and still look great every day! To a lady who just keeps getting younger!

31.) Mother, you are my angel darling. And you are the strength that always helps me to fight against all odds.

32.) Happy Birthday, Mom! Every bday memory I have includes you lighting the candles on my cake. Thank you for all that you have done, and today is my opportunity to return the favor.

33.) Thankfully I found a birthday cake to hold so many candles. JK, happy birthday Mommy!

34.) Happy Birthday, Mom! Never thought botox would work so well. Have a humdinger of a day!

35.) Happy Birthday, Mother; I want to thank you for always believing belief in my abilities. You were always there to guide me all the way. Happy Birthday, Mom!

36.) If you were not my mother, I would have been so jealous of whoever your child. You’re an amazing parent who has always provided me with your unconditional love! Love you, Mom.

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Admiration for Mom

37.) Ma, I want to grow up to be like you in the future. Sending you lots of love from your son. Happy Birthday, Mom!

38.) I know you have everything in the world, so if there is one thing I want to wish for you, it would be good health and more years to spend with your children and grandchildren.

39.) Birthdays are like chocolate. It’s best not to keep count of how many you have. You should just enjoy them. Happy Birthday, Mom!

40.) Every mother is special, but trust me, there is no other one who can be compared to you. I want to thank you and wish you all the best on this special day!

41.) As the first woman in my life, no one can ever take your place in my heart. I love you forever and ever. No matter where I go or what I do, you will always be in my heart! Happy Birthday, Mom!

42.) I know raising me was probably a nightmare! Of all the mothers out there, you have definitely gotten through the most.

Tea-riffic Mom.

Amazing Woman

43.) Without you, I can do nothing, and when you are by my side, I can do anything! Sending special birthday wishes to you!

44.) Kids are supposed to make their parents proud but I am proud to tell people that you are my mother. Happy Birthday, Mom!

45.) Have a wonderful day, mama. Thank you for your endless love, patience, warmth, and support. You are my angel!

46.) Superheroes are one in a million. Great mothers like you are one in a lifetime.

47.) Mom, you are my guiding light and my source of inspiration. Wishing you a birthday filled with all the love and happiness you deserve. 

48.) I want to wish you a great celebration. If it wasn’t for you, I would not have ever had a bday of my own. I wouldn’t have survived as long as I have, either.

49.) To a perfect, loving mother is a woman who is just like my Ma.

Mother bday message.

Your Special Day

50.) May this special day of your life be as wonderful and perfect as you are.

51.) Wishing you all the love, health, and happiness that you deserve so much. Wishing you the best on your special day!

52.) Thank you for being such a great mother, teacher, and friend. Wishing you the best on your special day! Happy Birthday, Mom!

53.) May you all have many joys and happy moments to cherish and celebrate on your special day. To the greatest mother in the world!

54.) To the sweetest mother, I want to tell you on this special day that you are loved, cared for, and appreciated beyond measure.

55.) I want to thank you on your special day for putting up with crazy, wild, bratty, spoiled me. You’ve always been Awesome with a capital A.

56.) Thank you for your never-ending love and support – you’re an awesome Mom! I hope your special day is full of love and happiness!

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God Couldn’t Be Everywhere

57.) On your special day, I want you to know there’s always love in everything you do. How did I ever get to be such a lucky son?

58.) God has given me so many things to be grateful for, and, Mother, you trump them all. Many happy returns on your special day!

59.) I couldn’t be more blessed to have a mother like you. Happy Birthday, Mom.

60.) This is your special day. It’s your day to kick back and relax. Let me take care of you for once, Mother.

61.) My heartfelt wish for you on your special day is that you are healthy, happy, and always loved.

62.) You are a great mother and a great friend. Thanks for loving me and supporting me. Wishing you the best on your special day!

63.) I want to tell you on your special day, I can’t thank you enough for all your selflessness and sacrifices. I love you, Mama.

Funny Messages for B-Day

64.) Moms are supposed to be sweet
And they’re supposed to be kind
But I am sure that means other moms
Are nothing like mine!

65.) Congratulations on being the luckiest mother on earth for having such a good-looking, smart and incredible child.

66.) I didn’t remind my brothers and sisters of this day so that I’d look like the best child for remembering your special day.

67.) Here is a special coupon for you. Give it to dad. It reads, ‘Mom’s day off! Dad gets to do all of the chores.’

68.) You deserve a day as amazing as you! Happy Birthday, Mom!

69.) I’ll surely pay attention to your stories today, no eye-glazing!

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Amusing Greetings

70.) Dear Mom, it’s your big day. As a gift, I’m going to let you bake me my favorite cookies…because it makes you happy!

71.) Here’s wishing you the happiest of birthdays today! From your favorite, smartest, most handsome, and funniest child!

72.) Wishing you many, many more to come! And I hope you age beautifully and gracefully.
On a day so special, just allow me to say
As your child, I’m a disaster and you made me this way!

73.) Birthday wishes for Mo – You know you’re getting old when you have more candles on your cake than wrinkles on your face. Just kidding!

74.) Happy 10th annual of your 29th bday to my favorite mom! Enjoy your day!

75.) Please enjoy some cake.
It’s from a store, like all those you gave me, you claiming you baked them!

76.) Don’t be surprised by the number of candles on your cake. It won’t trigger the fire alarm yet. Next year, maybe!

77.) Thanks for passing down your good looks and great sense of humor.

78.) To a mother who is full of love and hope and song
Oh, this is supposed to be to you; I guess I got the wrong mother!

79.) You are such a great mother. I’ve always wondered how you put up with me all these years and kept your cool. I found your wine stash, and things became clear to me!

Funny b-day wishes.

Happy Birthday in Heaven

80.) Mommy, you may not be here with me, but I don’t bother about my suffering. At least it has set you free in heaven. I miss you.

81.) Happy Birthday Dear, and though you are not here, I want to wish you a very happy day in heaven and tell you that I love you.

82.) Missing you, Mommy! Today is truly filled with memories of tears and happiness of all the moments we have shared all throughout the years.

83.) I admire my mother for so many things. There is no other woman out there that I adore more than her. On this day, I just want to say that I miss her terribly.

84.) Wish I could take back each and every pain and worry that I ever gave you when you were here. I wish that I could just undo all the moments that made you blue in your life. I miss you so much, Mom.

85.) Dear Mom, you will always be missed, especially today, that it’s your day of birth. Please know that I am always thinking of you, especially on your special day.

Heaven Bday messages.


86.) I always miss you badly, but the joy & happiness you have brought to my life will always be endless. On your birthday, my only wish is for you to be cheerful & happy in heaven right now!

87.) You are the first person I think of when I wake up every day. I miss you so much and I miss you even more now that it is your birthday. Please know that I will love you to infinity.

88.) Today I send my tears instead of wishes and flowers instead of giving you a beautiful birthday card. You left us with the most precious memories that will live forever in our hearts.

89.) I miss you. I know that I can never get to hug my mom again in my life. You will always be in my heart!

Sweet Birthday Wishes to Mother

90.) I want to tell you that you make everyone’s world beautiful with your smile. Hugs and kisses.

91.) I have happiness because you’re my parent. What success I’ve enjoyed, I owe to you. I’m so proud to be your son.

92.) Your love and smile fill my heart with a million moments of joy. You’re the world’s best at what you do.

93.) I’m luckier than the luckiest lottery winner to have you as my mother. I want to tell you how amazing you are as a mother.

94.) We’re here today for you to make your day as special and unforgettable as you are.

95.) I’m older but I need you more than ever. There’s nothing like one of your warm hugs. Wishing you a birthday as heartwarming as your!

96.) Thank you for never, ever giving up on me. You had faith in me. You’re my champion!

97.) For every year of my life, you’ve won the ‘Best Mother of the Year’ Award. Wishing you a day as great as you are!

98.) There are a lot of cards for the world’s best Mother, but there is only ONE best in the world. That’s you!

99.) No one loves me as you do. No one believes in me as you do. You are my blessing and good luck in my life.

100.) Have a wonderful birthday, mom – you’re the best!

101.) Not all superheroes wear a cape. Wishing for a special day for a special lady.

B-day wishes  - Happy Birthday Mom.

Classy Lady

102.) You’re the 8th Wonder of the World Is your age increasing or decreasing each birthday?

103.) Sending appreciative thoughts to you on this special day! Happy Birthday, Mom!

104.) I cannot get through my day without knowing that there is someone out there that loves me as much as you do.
On your awesome day, I want you to know that I love you so much too.

105.) When you told me what to do, I thought you were bogging me down. But in hindsight, I realize that you were actually giving me wings.

106.) Enjoy every moment of this day and wait until tomorrow to realize that you’ve gotten older.

107.) Cheers to the world’s greatest mom on her birthday! Wishing you a day full of laughter, joy and love.

108.) Even when I don’t see you, the thought of you makes me feel loved. Often, I catch myself doing something right and realize who taught me to do it. I owe you so much.

Happy 50th - nifty at fifty Mom.

Happy 50th!

109.) Fifty is just a number. Granted, a rather large number, but it shouldn’t stop you from having fun.

110.) A half a century, and you still don’t know how to return a call. Have a great day!

111.) Five decades of decadence. Keep going! Happy Birthday, Mom!

The more birthdays the longer you live.
You always take the cake  - Happy Birthday Mom.

Heartwarming Birthday Greetings

112.) Thank you for your unconditional love, endless patience, and incredible guidance. 

113.) I am grateful you gave me such a wonderful childhood. I hope your birthday is as special as you are.

114.) You are my hero, Mom.

115.) Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader, amazing friend and someone I look up to every day of my life.

116.) May you always have plenty of happiness, love, and everything your big heart desires.

117.) I love you from the bottom of my heart. Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman.

118.) I cherish all our phone calls and text messages. Wish I could be with you on your special day.

119.) I am grateful for you today and every day. Happy Birthday, Mom.

120.) Happy Birthday to the world’s best Mom!

Not a day over fabulous.

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