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Happy Birthday Sister Wishes

Happy Birthday, Sister!

The perfect birthday message for a sister makes a sister’s birthday more perfect. But sometimes, it’s hard to find the right words. Luckily, you’ve found the right website.

Browse through our vast assortment of birthday messages — humorous and serious — to find what you’re looking for. At the very least, you’ll find a message that will spark a similar thought precisely tailored to your relationship with your sister.

Good Happy Birthday Sister Wishes.

Best Birthday Greetings for Sister

This first group is an assorted grab-bag of thoughts — some clever, others warm and fuzzy. You just might find that one of these hits the mark:

1.) Sisters like us can live thousands of miles apart and still be joined at the hip.

2.) Friendships may break down, but sisters come with a lifetime warranty (this warranty includes unlimited annual birthday greetings).

3.) Between you and me, I don’t know who is the smart one and who is the pretty one. I think we’re both pretty smart.

4.) Sister, you always know what I’m thinking. I don’t have to tell you I’d love to be with you for your birthday.

5.) What do you call someone who never forgets your birthday? A sister.

6.) Another year wiser, and you already had such a big headstart. HBD, Sis!

7.) The Kardashians have nothing on us. My sister and I have a reality show that runs every day, and the birthday episode is going to be spectaWhat’s

8.) What’s the one birthday gift you always hope your sister gets? A sister’s love.

9.) Soul sister. Sob sister. Sorority sister. They can’t compare with my sister.

The type of person who never forgets.

Birthday Wishes for Sis

10.) Philadelphia may be the City of Brotherly Love. But the center of sistIt’s love? It’we’rerever we’re togethewe’re glad we’re together for your birthday!

11.) The cool thing about celebrating our birthdays is that we can share our presents. And our pasts.

12.) What do you call someone who borrows the shoes she gives you for your birthday? A sole sister.

13.) A sister’s birthday is a time to do things we’ve always talked about doing. Okadoesn’that doesn’t work out; at least we can spend the day talking about those things some more!

Some wise sisterly advice for a sister’s birthday courtesy of Doris Day.

Happy Birthday toWhat’sster

What’s the most popular two-word expression in the English language? Yep, it’s got to be “Happy Birthday.” If you’re convinced a birthday greeting requires those two words in order to pass muster, here are some possibilities for you:

14.) You know what sisters are like; they’ll make you happy; they’ll make you mad. So today, I’ll make you happy. Happy birthday. (And sorry about tomorrow.)

15.) As your sister, I’d like to wish you a happy birthday. As your best friend, I’d like to spend it with you.

16.) You show exceptional sisterocity. I would trust you with the sisterfication of any family. And I came to that sisterization a long time ago. Happy birthday to the world’s most sisterful sister.

17.) Maybe the reason we always complement each other is that we complement each other. Happy birthday to my delightfully different sister.

18.) A man’s best friend is a woman. A woman’s is her sister. Happy birthday from your best friend.

19.) Maybe the reason we seem to like fighting about all the little stuff is that we know we’re on the same page about all the big stuff. (Like wanting you to have a happy birthday.)

20.) Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen may be richer than us. Jessica and Ashlee Simpson may be more famous. But you and I have something they can never equal: Each other. Happy birthday, sister!

21.) When I don’t succeed at first, you inSist I be a good sister. And when I’m being obnoxious, you show me how to be a cease-and-deSister. Happy birthday to someone who knows “how to” put “sister” into everything she does.

Happy Birthday Sister.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Youngerdon’ter

You don’t want your little sister to know that you couldn’t come up with a clever birthday message. So feel free to steal one from our treasure trove:

22.) You may be taller than me, but you’ll always be my little sister.

23.) Before you came along, I wanted to have a baby brother. What was I thinking? Happy birthday, little sis!

24.) The day you were born, I no longer needed My LI’vee Pony. I’ve been horsing around with you ever since.

25.) Remember when I used to brag about being older than I am? Today, Iyou’reteful you’re getting one year closer!

26.) You always said Mom and Dad favored me. But you should be grateful. I told them I wanted a baby sister — and they never denied me anything!

27.) The day you were born, I stopped playing with my Barbie Dolls. You’re more fun, and you don‘t break.

2I.) As your sister, I’ve enjoyed watching all the changes you’ve gone through. Except for maybe the ones involving your diaper.

Birthday Big Sister Wishes

Maybe she teases you; maybe she torments you. Hey, she’s your big sister, and you love her, right? Let her know with one of these birthday messages:

29.) Happy birthday to the sister who probably taught me how to spell and sing “Happy Birthday.”

30. I don’t know if I’d have made it this hadn’t you hadn’t arrived in this family first and been here to greet me from day one. Happy birthday to the role model who will always come first in my life.

31.) I may be taller than you, but you’ll always be my big sister.

32.) With you as my big sister, I kind of feel like I’ve had two mothers. Thank goodness one of them understands computers.

33.) When I grow up, I don’t want to be a doctor, a lawyer, or a teacher. I want to be someone who could be any one of those things: I want to be you. Happy birthday to my inspirational sister.

HBD Sister from Brother

Some don’t give their sisters birthday greetings. But some others don’t have a sister like yours. Let her know she’s special with a special message:

34.) Wish I could find a girl who understands me like you do — and would still put up with me as you do!

35.) Brothers and sisters are supposed to be at war all the time. But in honor of youI’mirthday, I’m declaring a truce.

36.) I don’t ordinarily send my sisters birthday wishes. But you’re no ordinary sister, and I’m no ordinary brother.

37.) Thanks for being a sister who appreciates a basketball net more than a hairnet.

38.) It wouldn’t be sufficient — or politically correct to say you’re the best sister a guy could have. You’re the best sibling a guy could ever have.

39.) Brothers and sisters are as different as cats and dogs. But we’re like the cats and dogs you see hugging each other in Facebook videos. Happy birthday, Sis.

40.) I’m more annoying than most sisters. You’re more forgiving than most sisters. I know it’s not like me to admit that, hey, it’s your birthday. Tomorrow, things will get back to normal.

41.) You may be my neatnik sister, but I like you much more than Ross liked Monica.

Happy Birthday, Sister Meme

Funny HBD messages.

Funny Birthday Wishes

Does your sister have a sense of humor? Then, one of these greetings is likely to get her laughing, chuckling, or, at the very least, smiling:

42.) I told you stuff I’d never tell anyone else. For instance: I love you like a sister.

43.) A sister’s birthday is special. Kindly remember that when mine comes around!

44.) No way could it’ser forget it’s your birthday —Mom always reminds me!

45.) A sister’s birthday warrants more than a post on Facebook, a pin on Pinterest, or a tweet on Twitter. It warrants spending some cold, hard cash.

46.) On your birthday, I promise not to tease you, quarrel with you, or call your names. Thank goodness birthdays come just once a year.

47.) Sisters become more essential as we age — it gets harder to blow out all those birthday cake candles by yourself.

48.) Happy birthday to the kindest sister ever. For instance, I know when you cut your cake, you will give me a slice with flower decorations on top. Right?

49.) Everyone should have you for a sister. Just imagine how many birthday parties you’d go to!

50.) Spending your birthday with you will be a piece of cake. Maybe two.

51.) A birthday reminder: Together, we are invincible — we can talk mom and dad into anything.

52.) I tell my frienI’ve’ve got the best sister on earth. That will only change when you become an astronaut and live at a space station. And thyou’ll’ll just be my out-of-this-world sister.

53.) I celebrate your birthday as if it were my own. I’ll be only too glad to share your presents.

54.) I don’t know how I came to have a twin sister like you. But I’ll bet our parents could explain it!

Serious Birthday Wishes for Sister

It’s not always easy to let sisters know what they mean to you — especially when they mean the world to you. Yosister’sr’s birthday is the perfect opportunity to let your feelings show:

55.) Today, I’m thinking about all the time we’ve shared. The clothes shared. The secrets we’ve shared. But mostly, the love we’ve shared.

56.) A birthday promise: As long as you have me as a sister, I’ll always have somebody you can call at two o’clock in the morning.

57.) Remember how we used to fight about everything? No, I don’t either. You’ve been an unbelievably wonderful sister, and I wish you an unbelievably wonderful birthday.

58.) With every passing day, your positive influence on me grows stronger. The shining example you set grows brighter. I’ll tell you who doesn’t grow. Sisters like you don’t grow on trees. Happy birthday to my special sister!

Fun Happy Birthday Sister Wishes.

HBD Captions and Texts for Sister

59.) I don’t need Ancestry.com to tell me our DNA is pretty similar. And your birthday is a good time to tell you thI’ve’ve always been proud to wear your genes.

60.) Sister, you always gave me my own space. Maybe that’s why we’re so close! (Feeling especially close on your birthday.)

61.) First, you taught me about boys. Then you taught me about men. And through it all, you taught me something about sisterThey’re’re great to have around. (Glad to be around for your birthday.)

62.) Your sister likes you because you’re a sister like you. Wishing you all the best on your birthday.

63.) Some days I like you more than other days. But the love never wavers. Happy birthday to my sometimes-likable-but-eternally-lovable sister.

64.) I never really tell you how much you mean to mIt’st’s hard to describe. You’ll just have to take my word for it — it’s considerable.

Specifically Targeted Birthday Card for Sister Ideas

Every sister comes with her own unique personality and interests. If you want to reflect her uniqueness in your birthday message, here are some customized greetings designed to help you do just that:

65.) Sisters like ydon’tn’t grow on trees — they climb them. Happy birthday to my amazing tomboy sister.

66.) Sometimes you drive me crazy. But I put up with it because you also drive me in your car. Where should we drive on your birthday?

67.) Dear Sister, I know what it’s like to walk in your shoes. Also, your blouses, jackets, and gloves. With all the money mom saves by giving me your secondhand clothes, I’ll’ll bet she buys you a very expensive birthday present!

68.) Being your twin sister means that on birthdays, we each get only half the cake but are able to have twice the fun.

69.) As your identical twin, we run the risk of sending identical birthday messages. So, to make sure mine is unique, let me just wish you an Incredible Birthday!

Facebook Birthday Posting Ideas

70.) No mister will ever come between me and my sister.

71.) Let’s face it, we’ll never play tennis like Venus and Serena Williams. But our games will always be close: Love-love!

72.) Sister, through the years, we’ve pigged out together; we’ve gone on diets together. So bring on the birthday cake today. Tomorrow, we hit the Saltines and water.

73.) Your birthday is a good time to ask the question, “What’s a sister worth?” Considering all the babysitting you do, the answer is: plenty.

74.) Cheers to another year around the sun. Wishing you a year of happiness and adventure.

75.) Shopping online is never as fun as shopping at the mall with my sister. Let’s go shopping for your birthday present.

76.) For your birthday, I promise not to talk politics.

Birthday Greetings for Departed Sisters in Heaven

Perhaps those who best understand what a sister means are those who have lost one to illness or injury. The hardest feelings to put into words may be the ones that relate to loved ones who have passed on. One of the following birthday messages might strike a responsive chord and help you see more clearly what’s in your heart.

77.) So many birthdays we celebrate together. So many cakes, so many candles, so many wishes. But today, I light one more candle for you. And while it still burns, I make this wish: That somehow, somewhere, in some way, we are reunited so that I can re-experience the pleasure of your company, this time for all eternity.

78.) Over and over, I ask, “Why was your life cut short?” But as I remember your smiles, your giggles, and the sunshine that emanated from you, it becomes clear that you live on. The quality of your life — the quality you brought to my life — created an indelible impression that keeps you very much alive today, tomorrow, and forever.


79.) Your birthday is coming around, but you won’t be. That makes it hard for me — hard to get out of bed, hard to do my daily tasks, and hard to smile. Until I start to think about what you’d say. “Get up,” “Shape up,” and “Be happy!”

80.) Sometimes we fought. Sometimes, I hated you. I kind of hate you now. How could you go away like this? How could you leave without ever coming back? And how could you duck out before I was mature enough to tell you that you were my idol, my best friend, the most important person in my life?

81.) A sister you truly loved never dies. She simply moves into a warm and secluded section of your soul. And on her birthday, ththat’shere you go to spend some quality time together.

Sweet Birthday Wishes

82.) Having an unbreakable sibling bond like ours is one of my biggest blessings. I will never take you for granted. Enjoy your special day, Sis.

83.) I pray that you get everything you want and more. You deserve it! Happiest birthday!

84.) Sisters are the greatest gift. Wishing my most wonderful sister the best birthday ever.

85.) Thank you for all the years of friendship, my dearest sister. You are my best friend. Sending you hugs and kisses.

86.) Happy birthday, beautiful soul.

87.) My childhood memories are full of laughter and joy because of you! Here’s to a bright future; may it sparkle with joy and delight.

88.) A sister is the best gift someone can ask for! Best wishes and much joy!

89.) Thanks for being an amazing sister and friend. Happy cake day. Enjoy!

Sister Birthday Quotes

90.) Happiness is having a sister like you. Sending you lots of love today and always.
Andy Atticus

91.) Your good looks prove positive that sometimes Mother Nature wins the battle over Father Time.

92.) May your day be as wonderful as you.

93.) You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.
Bob Hope

94.) They say birthdays are good for you because of the folks that have them live longer.

95.) Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.
Satchel Paige

96.) I couldn’t have gone through childhood without you. Love you now more than ever.

97.) Sisters make the best friends in the world.
Marilyn Monroe

98.) A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.
Marion C. Garretty

99.) My sister is the one person who truly knows me as I know her.
Lisa See

100.) Having an elder sister is just like a diamond in the darkest room.
Pratiksha Prajapati

How to Use These Birthday Wishes, Messages, and Quotes

If you know your sister, you probably already have a good idea of how and where to express a birthday message to her. But here are some ideas for reference:

1.) In-person — Always the most personal selection.

2.) Birthday cards — Consider putting nice things in writing so the recipient has a lasting keepsake.

3.) On a personal note — Write a letter if the birthday girl lives too far away for a visit.

4.) Social media — Couple the message with a cute photograph and post it on Facebook or Instagram.

5.) Gift tag — Include a short message or quote on the gift tag taped to a wonderful gift.

6.) On a phone call — Sometimes, the next best thing to being there.

Closing Thoughts

These are words you can write on the inside of your sissister’srthday card, post on her favorite social media site, or include in an email.

Our greetings are yours to select free of charge (for personal use), but when they put a smile on your sister’s face, a tug on her heartstrings, or a lump in her throat, the feeling will be priceless.

And, as always, don’t be afraid to take one of our selections and personalize it to your situation. Enjoy!

By Art Novak

Art Novak is an Emmy-winning writer, novelist, and Professor Emeritus at Savannah College of Art and Design.

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