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Picking Birthday Cards

Do you find it difficult to pick birthday cards? If you are like me, choosing a birthday card is not an easy task.

Picking Birthday Cards.

My Process

In my quest for the perfect card, I pick up many cards, read them, and then put them back.

A select few get carried around while I make sure there is not a better card hidden in the racks. Some may say the amount of time I take to select a card is a bit obsessive. However, I believe a birthday card, or any card, is a reflection of how much the recipient means to me.

I want a meaningful card that makes the receiver feel special. Hallmark, American Greetings, and other suppliers provide great selection opportunities.

How to select a birthday card

Sometimes a situation calls for an extra special card. When someone is going through an extremely difficult time or has done something exceptionally nice for me, I find myself shopping the aisles of craft stores. I look for supplies to make their birthday card instead of hunting for a card at a gift shop.

Picking Birthday Cards.

Whether I’m making a card or buying a card, I think about the following things to make sure the card will be meaningful and memorable.

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Birthday Card Selection Criteria

1) The person the card is for – the audience. What does he or she like? If the recipient likes cats, choose a card with cats. Equally important is to think about what they don’t like.

When my daughter was young, she was afraid of clowns. When she turned six, her aunt gave her a card with a clown on the front. Needless to say, she burst into tears, and my sister-in-law felt terrible.

2) Their personality. Is he or she more casual, someone who likes to joke around, or are they more formal? Someone who likes to joke around will appreciate a humorous card, whereas a traditional card may be more appropriate for someone who is more formal.

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3) The message pre-printed on the card. This message should connect the giver to the receiver. It can be heartfelt. Mushy or sentimental messages are sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

It can also depict a shared moment or something you both have in common. For example, my sister would borrow my clothes when we were growing up. I found the perfect card with a message about her being able to choose something from my closet as her gift.

4) The message you write on the card. Nearly always, this is the most important part of the card. Why? Because it’s a personal message from the sender. What makes an ordinary card extraordinary? It’s that little “extra.”

Take the time to write a personal message. It shouldn’t just be, “Happy Birthday,” or “Have a great one.” Dive deeper.

Collect your thoughts and write something meaningful to the recipient. Struggling for the right words to say on your birthday card? Our site provides long lists of great greeting card sayings, greetings, and messages for just about any occasion.

Birthday Greetings

Picking Birthday Cards Summary

Celebrating a birthday is a special event. Birthday cards should be special too. I find that when I take my time and think about the things above I can find the perfect card.

Typically, I’m excited and proud of the card I chose. I can’t wait for the recipient to open the card. So, the next time you need to purchase a card, remember to make it personal.

By Liz Olson

Liz writes about family, culture and relationships.


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