Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes and Sayings

Our Happy Birthday Cousin quotes and sayings provide you with some ideas on what to write on a birthday card or a caption for an Instagram or Facebook post.

Cousins can be some of the closest people in your life. It is a relationship bonded strongly by blood and friendship. A cousin can be as special as a sibling or even closer!

Having cousins is a blessing. They make your family larger. Having cousins you are close to makes life even better. So, when they’re celebrating their special day, make sure they hear and read the best words from you.

Here are some beautiful happy birthday cousin quotes and sayings you can share with your cousin on their special day!

Happy Birthday Wishes Cousin.

Cousin Birthday Quotes and Sayings

1.) Wonderful cousin, you are a source of great happiness and joy for all of us! Wishing you the type of Bday that we’ll be talking about in the years ahead. Be safe, but have a boatload of fun!

2.) Because we are cousins, we are family! Even if we weren’t, I would be so grateful to have known a friend as kind and loving as you!

3.) It’s another b-day and you are growing up! But to us, you shall always be the same young and lovely friend! Today is your day to celebrate and enjoy the company of your loved ones! Happy birthday, cousin!

4.) You are a shining light to me! Whenever I needed someone to look up to, I didn’t have to look far. You filled that role model position so well. Enjoy a fabulous birthday – lots of love is being sent your way!

Happy Birthday Cousin quotes and sayings.

Happy Birthday Cousin

5.) Have a wonderful birthday, cuz! Cousins are ready-made friends for life and I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Happy B-Day, Gorgeous!

6.) Another chapter in your life begins this year. Make it an outstanding one!

7.) May you continue to grow wiser with each passing day – love you! Happy Birthday, cousin!

8.) God made us cousins because to have us be siblings would’ve irritated one of our mothers.

9.) The cards, chocolates, and presents may be expensive, but nothing is more heartfelt than my wishes for you to have a fantastic birthday.

10.) More so than anyone I know, you have the power to give everyone you meet a great feeling about themselves. I hope you have that wonderful feeling today and going forward.

11.) I’ve loved being your cousin from the time we first met. Don’t ever change. Sending hugs and kisses!

12.) Beloved cousin, you have such a bright future; you need to wear shades.

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Happy B-day Funny

13.) A cousin a day keeps the boredom away. You’ve always made things exciting. I expect nothing less on your b-day. Remember, you’re not older, just wiser.

14.) Time passes and we may be apart, but you seem so much closer, being so near to my heart. Happy Birthday, Cousin.

15.) Dear cousin, earlier, I wished all your dreams would come true this year! Then, it dawned on me: that would leave you with no dreams for the next year!

16.) You’re my go-to cousin – my Miss Everything cousin. I can’t imagine how boring life would be without you. Stay young and fun!

17.) “Friends forever, cousins for life” is my motto with you. You are the best cousin and deserve an amazing birthday!

18.) This wish is free of fat, cholesterol, and sugar. It is organic and extremely safe for your health! IMPORTANT: This message is as sweet as the person reading it! My amazing cousin, you’re the best!

19.) For your big day, I thought of buying you a bag full of marbles, because it seems that you have lost yours! You’ve always been an important part of my life.

20.) May your smile shine as bright as ever on this day – and I wish for there to be millions of reasons for you to smile.

21.) This is your day, so spend it smiling! Make it a memorable birthday because once it’s gone, it will not return until after a year!

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Cuz Quotes

22.) Dear cousin, you are always special to me! I am sorry I can’t be there. You mean so much to me! Happy birthday and celebrate the day in a big way!

23.) You may be a cousin by relation, but to me, you are my best friend!

24.) Happy birthday dear cousin; you’ve been a consistent source of joy for me throughout the years. I wish you nothing but the best.

25.) I could never ask more from a cousin. You have always been a good friend.

26.) You’re the diva of our family, and we love you for it.

27.) May you be blessed with friendship, affection, and happiness! An important part of any celebration for a person your age is to make sure the fire department has been alerted to the number of candles on your cake and the fire hazard.

28.) Never underestimate Cousin Power! Hope you have the type of amazing birthday that you so richly merit.

29.) Of all the cousins in the world, I am so lucky to have you as my best friend!

30.) I wish you good things full of blessings this year and beyond. Have a very happy birthday!

31.) You deserve a celebration surrounded by your loved ones! Laughter and cake are the best medicine for old age.

Birthday Message for Cousin

32.) To the world’s coolest cousin – you’re where rock stars go to get hip. Love ya!

33.) Wishing you good times and a great day! It doesn’t matter how far apart we are, as we’re connected at the heart.

34.) In our big family, only a few people understand me! And you are one of them! Happy birthday to my favorite cousin!

35.) Every year it’s your celebration of birth, I remember all the amazing memories I shared with you growing up. Sooner, rather than later, we need to sit down by a warm fire with a cool drink and talk about the good old days.

36.) May wisdom and great deeds shine for you in this coming year. Sending hugs and birthday wishes to my favorite cousin.

37.) What can be more soothing than a cup of hot cocoa on a cold day? Having a cousin like you!

38.) Dearest Cousin, I often think about the great times we shared growing up. You were like a swan to my ugly duckling, but we both wet our beaks at the same watering holes and married great men. We’ll be thinking of you.

Messages for Cousin’s Birthday

39.) If I could only take one person on an ark when the world flooded…well, it wouldn’t be you. But I might ask for your help in loading the ark. So, you got that going for you. Happy B-day!

40.) Beloved cousin, remember that I’ll always be your biggest fan! HBD!

41.) On your next round trip around the sun, I hope you don’t keep asking the driver, “Are we there yet?” as you did on our car trips as kids. I miss you.

42.) You are a wonderful friend and caring family member. I hope today that all your dreams come true. Best wishes for a happy birthday.

Birthday Greetings

43.) Thank you for being my inspiration and my friend. The bond we share is truly special. Warm wishes for the happiest birthday.

44.) We’ve shared so many special times, laughter and adventures. May this new year of your life bring you happiness and prosperity.

45.) It’s been a blast growing up with you. We share so many great childhood memories. I cherish every moment with you. Sending you the best birthday wishes.

46.) A year older and wiser. Here’s to an amazing birthday celebration.

47.) May God bless you with happiness and love today and always.

48.) I wish you luck this year. Happy Birthday, Bro.

49.) Happiest birthday, lovely cousin sister. You are such a blessing.

50.) Happy birthday to my older cousin brother who is forever young at heart.

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