World Nutella Day – February 5

World Nutella Day occurs on February 5 each year. Fans of the popular hazelnut and cocoa spread celebrate its deliciousness with the rest of the world on this day.

When is World Nutella Day?

World Nutella Day is celebrated on February 5 each year.

World Nutella Day.


Here are some frequently asked questions with answers about the holiday.

What is Nutella?

Nutella is sweet hazelnut cocoa spread made by the Italian company Ferrero since 1964.

What are Nutella’s main ingredients?

The creamy spread is sugar, hazelnuts, palm oil, cocoa solids, and milk powder.

Is Nutella good or bad for you?

Unfortunately, Nutella is high in sugar, fat, and calories. It has seven times as much sugar as peanut butter.

Is Nutella chocolate?

Nutella contains cocoa solids, but it is mostly made of sugar and palm oil.

What are some ways to eat Nutella?

The versatile spread goes great on just about anything. Here are some favorite uses for Nutella:

Have a Nutella sandwich. Simply spread a thick layer on a slice of bread, bagel, or flaky pastry.

Nutella makes a great topping on ice cream.

Add it as a filling to your crepes or donuts.

Have a spoonful – the simplest way to eat Nutella!

Add Nutella to traditional dessert recipes like cakes and brownies.

12 Life Hacks with Nutella Video

Why do we celebrate World Nutella Day?

American blogger Sara Rosso first established World Nutella Day in 2007 to express her love of the delicious spread. On this special day, loyal fans share recipes and photos of their Nutella creations and celebrate their love of the spread.

Each year, Ferrero selects a different Nutella lover to lead the day’s celebration as Chief Nutella Ambassador. You can sign up for a chance to be selected Ambassador at the website

How do we celebrate World Nutella Day?

Here are a few simple ways you can take part in the World Nutella Day celebration:

Eat Nutella – Give Nutella a try if you’ve never had it before. You’ll discover what fans of the creamy spread have known for years: it’s hard to stop once you’ve taken a bite!

Create a new recipe – Explore new ideas for baking with Nutella. Check online for ideas and inspiration. Share your discoveries on World Nutella Day.

Host a Nutella party – Gather friends and family to share in the joy of Nutella. Have each attendee bring a Nutella-made item to share.

Post Nutella photos – Let the world know of your new Nutella creation online. Share pictures and recipes using the hashtag #WorldNutellaDay.

Fun facts about Nutella

The brand is owned by Ferrero Group, makers of Ferrero Rocher and Kinder Chocolates. Nutella was invented by the company founder’s son in 1966. Check out Nutella on Instagram.

Inspiration for Nutella goes back to the 1800s when cocoa was in short supply in the Piedmont region of Italy. Cooks added ground hazelnuts to stretch the supply. People grew accustomed to the blend, and the rest is history!

In 2005, nearly 28,000 Nutella fans participated in the world’s largest continental breakfast in Germany.

In 2017, the first Nutella Cafe opened on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, Illinois.

Yes, there is a website for World Nutella Day. You can check it out at

There are about 97 hazelnuts in each jar.

Fans of the product rave about the shape and the wide-opening of the jar. The opening makes it easy to scoop out the product..

Nutella jokes

Q: Why did the European court ban parents from naming their kids Nutella?
A They wanted to stop a stupid name before it could spread.

Q: What did the chocolate bank hire when their employee quit?
A: A Nutella.

Q: Do you know where I can find the Nutella?
A: In the supermarket.

A jar of Nutella has about 9870 calories.
I don’t care; I don’t eat the glass anyway.

Q: Hey, where’s the Nutella?
A: Shouldn’t you use the Oldtella first?

Nutella joke meme

Nutella joke meme

Nutella puns

Q: What’s the secret ingredient in Nutella?
A: I’m nutellin’ you.

Q: Which world leader would you suspect is stealing all the Nutella?
A My best guess is Nutella the Hun.

Q: What happens when you put Nutella on a salmon?
A: You get “salmonella.”

Q: What is the best way to hide Nutella?
A: I’m nutellin’ you.

My wife went to make Nutella sandwiches for the kids. And, when she opened the jar, it was just about empty. I didn’t miss a beat: “That must be the old tella.”

Captions for Instagram

Nutella & Unicorns.

Keep calm and eat Nutella.

My mind says Victoria’s Secret, but my heart says Nutella.

To-do list: Buy Nutella. Find spoon. Eat.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy Nutella, and that is basically the same thing.

People are always disappointing. Thank God I have Nutella.

My kryptonite.

All you need is love, but a little bit of Nutella doesn’t hurt.

I love you as much as I love Nutella.

We go together like Nutella and spoons.

The reason I buy bread.

Home is where the Nutella is.

Nutella is my boyfriend.

Nutella captions

I want someone to look at me the same way I look at Nutella.

You can’t make everyone happy — you’re not a jar of Nutella.

Spread love as thick as you would Nutella.

According to my mirror, I’m pregnant. The father is Nutella.

Happiness is the first smear out of a Nutella jar.

Feed me, Nutella.

Have you eaten your Nutella today?

Back up the jar of Nutella – better safe than sorry.

You had me at Nutella.

We go together like Nutella and anything.

A good day starts and ends with Nutella.

It’s been an eat-Nutella-straight-from-the-jar kind of day.

Naps, Netflix, and Nutella.





Go forth and enjoy your favorite hazelnut spread with chocolate.

By Phil Herman

Phil writes about brands, business, and history.


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