National Zoo Lovers Day

Every April 8, we celebrate National Zoo Lovers Day. Most of us have fond memories of visiting a zoo as a child or adults. Having the opportunity to discover the wonders of nature is fun and entertaining.

When is National Zoo Lovers Day?

National Zoo Lovers Day is celebrated on April 8 each year.

National Zoo Lovers Day.


Here are some frequently asked questions about National Zoo Lovers Day.

When Was The National Zoo Lovers Day Started?

Being among the oldest such days, National Zoo Lovers day was first celebrated in 1765, with the opening of the first zoo open to the public, the Vienna Zoo.

It should be noted that animals were held in captivity and often in structures resembling zoos but were typically available to just the royalty and the very rich.

Which Animals Are Rarely Seen At Zoos?

Even though there are lots of animals that can’t be kept at zoos, there are some that are but rarely. These include one like red pandas, common sawfish, hairy-nosed wombats, four-eyed turtles, and twin vervets.

Which Is The Rarest Animal Alive?

With only ten of its kind alive now, Vaquita is considered to be among the rarest of the animals alive and can be found in the Gulf of California, Mexico only.

Which Is The Most Expensive Zoo Animal?

Found in the zoos of China only, Giant Pandas are the most expensive zoo animals in the world. The expenses to house a Giant Panda are around a million dollars per year.

Fun Facts About Zoos

According to National Geographic, every year, more than a hundred million people visit zoos. This number exceeds the total attendance of all big-league basketball, football, and baseball games.

There are 350 zoos in the US.

Insurance populations are set up by zoos in order to protect species that are likely to go extinct.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, there are a total of 39 animals that are extinct in the wild and exist only in zoos.

The first public zoo in the US was opened in 1874 in New York and was called the Central Park Zoo.

Zoo Trivia Facts

Over 3.2 million people visit the San Diego Zoo alone every year, while Disney’s Animal Kingdom has around 10 Million Annual Visitors.

Globally, zoos have over 600 Million Visitors every year.

The Atlanta Zoo provides a live view of its pandas through its Facebook page, while the Cincinnati Zoo provides the service of virtual safaris.

There has been an array of movies set in zoos. Some of the most famous ones include Jurassic Park, Batman Returns, The Zookeeper’s Wife, Madagascar, Baby’s Day Out, Turtle Diary, Fierce Creatures, Zoo in Budapest, Elephant Fury, and Ape and Super-Ape.

There are over 2,800 zoos and aquariums all over the world.

29 of the most visited zoos and aquariums in the US each have at least one million visitors per year.

The average child entrance price for zoos in the US is $5.53, but the cost increases to a little over $9 for adults.

The Berlin Zoo of Germany has over 1,500 species of animals, the most in the world. However, the Monterey Bay Aquarium of California has the highest number of animals, around 124,000.

Animal Jokes & Zoo Humor

My grandfather has the heart of a lion…
And a lifetime ban from the zoo.

I went to the zoo and saw an antelope.
I had never seen an insect get married before.

An electrical fault at the zoo saw the entire tortoise population electrocuted.
It was a turtle disaster.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
A face like yours belongs in a zoo.
Don’t worry, I’ll be there too.
Not in a cage, but laughing at you.

I went for dinner with the zoo animals the other day.
They didn’t all bring their wallets, I ended up paying the lion’s share.

I saw a loaf in a cage at my local zoo.
It was bread in captivity.

When I was at the zoo, I saw something like a frog tapping things out on a piece of wood.
Turned out it was a morse toad.

Animal Riddles

What kind of snake would you find in a car?
A windshield viper!

What did the pinniped think of our last joke?
That’s the sealiest thing I’ve ever heard!

Why don’t leopards play hide and seek?
They’re always spotted.

Why can’t college students take exams at the zoo?
Too many cheetahs!

Why are tigers terrible storytellers?
Because they only have one tail.

Do you know why Karen was banned from the zoo?
She took a fence.

Did you hear about the aquatic sea mammals that escaped from the zoo?
It was otter chaos.

What do you get when you insert human DNA into a goat?
Ban from the petting zoo!

Can a wallaby jump higher than a building?
Of course… buildings can’t jump!

What do you call an alligator who solves mysteries?
An investigator.

What are the skimpy bathing suits that people wear at the zoo?

What did the cops do when 600 hares escaped the zoo?
They combed the area.

Zoo Quotes

People go to the zoo, and they like the lion because it’s scary. And the bear because it’s intense, but the monkey makes people laugh.
Lorne Michaels

Zoo: An excellent place to study the habits of human beings.
Evan Esar

What’s the reality of being inside a zoo, for the animals and for the people who love and care for those animals? There’s a lot of joy, and there’s a lot of loss.
Thomas French

People forget the good that zoos do. If it weren’t for zoos, we would have so many species that would be extinct today.
Betty White

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
Mahatma Gandhi

Sayings About the Zoo

We would consider it cruel to confine a dog permanently in a kennel. Yet we visit zoos where hundreds of wild animals are kept permanently in the equivalent of a kennel.
Virginia McKenna

It is a view of life we should promote in the Zoo. It is a view of life all mankind needs to tackle the problems of the environment, with an understanding that, by complex feedback loops, our actions can destroy us if we are not careful.
George Yeo

People want to see animals, and they want to see them doing stuff, living their lives.
Susan Chin

The life expectancy of zoo animals is three to four times greater than those creatures in the wild, who have to fight day after day to survive.
W. Dolder

Many people take to animals to escape from human beings – but often it turns out they find the animals so human.
Louis MacNeice

The caged eagle becomes a metaphor for all forms of isolation, the ultimate in imprisonment. A zoo is a prison.
Nadine Gordimer

Zoo Captions for Instagram

  • Zoos are a connection between kids and animals.
  • A day among the animals.
  • A day out in the wild.
  • A zoo-tiful day.
  • All this fun is making my voice a little horse.
  • Beasty beauty.
  • Explore the jungle creatures.
  • How cute; they give me butterflies.
  • Awww, get otter here!
  • Hush, the lion is asleep.
  • Bees and trees.
  • Just horsin’ around at the zoo.
  • Monkeying around.
  • Who knew there was so much to do at the zoo
  • Stop Girrafing me.
  • It’s a jungle out there.
  • To them, are we the animals?
  • How emusing!
  • All creatures, great and small
  • Your opinion is IrrELEPHANT.

National Zoo Lovers Day Hashtags

  • #NationalZooLoversDay
  • #AnimalLovers
  • #NaturePhotography
  • #ZooLife
  • #Cute

Future National Zoo Lovers Day Dates

2023; April 8; Saturday

2024; April 8; Monday

2025; April 8; Tuesday

2026; April 8; Wednesday


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