National Scrabble Day

Being among the most popular and oldest word games, it was about time that National Scrabble Day got recognized.

To know more about how it started, its development, or how to celebrate it, among other things, drop below.

When Is National Scrabble Day?

National Scrabble Day is celebrated on April 13th every year.

National Scrabble Day.


Read the FAQs below, increase your knowledge, and boast in front of your friends!

Why is National Scrabble Day celebrated?

Celebrated every year on April 13, the day is to commemorate the birthday of Alfred Mosher Butts, the inventor of Scrabble.

Can I play Scrabble online?

Yes, there are various official and unofficial apps that allow you to play Scrabble online. Examples of such apps are Scrabble Free by EA and Words With Friends by Zynga.

Can you play Scrabble alone?

While you can also play Scrabble alone offline, there are one-player variations of the game online. Better yet, if you can’t find a partner, you can play online Scrabble against AI.

Are names allowed in Scrabble?

Unlike a few years back, Scrabble now allows proper nouns, making it easier and more enjoyable.

What are the highest-scoring seven and eight-letter words in scrabble?

The highest-scoring seven-letter word is “MUZJIKS,” while the eight-letter is “QUIZZIFY.”

Can blind people play Scrabble?

Unlike most games, Scrabble is available in Braille and can be played by blind and visually impaired people.

How do I celebrate National Scrabble Day?

Because games like Scrabble are meant to spread joy, the best way to celebrate the day would be to play games of Scrabble with your family. Better yet, you can host a Scrabble tournament with a little prize or play online for a fun and easy celebration.

How to Win at Scrabble Video

Fun Facts

The game is inspired by the Criss Cross game and was initially called Lexico before being renamed Scrabble by James Brunot in the 1930s, and the word means “to scratch frantically.”

NASPA has three levels of language for the game, with the school level including just the basic vocabulary, the adult level including some difficult and offensive words, and the international level including even misprints from Shakespear’s manuscripts or Syrian texts and even names of obscure plants and animals, among other things.

The Scrabble Dictionary now includes words like ‘vlog,’ ‘selfie,’ ‘hashtag,’ ‘mojito,’ and ‘selfie,’ etc.

The boards for the game were made by hand for the first two decades by James Brunot, who sold it in his garage.

Now, the game is available in over 29 languages.

Every hour, around 30,000 games of Scrabble are started over the world!

The overall look of the game has not changed since its formation at all.

NASPA uses different tiles on which Braille can’t be used to check if tiles are blank.

Scrabble Jokes

Scrabble is all fun and games until someone loses an “I.”

Sonny and Cher are playing scrabble when Cher asks Sonny what letter he drew. Sonny replies, “I got U, babe.”

Apparently, stating letters and their Scrabble values helps you at the game. I, for one, agree.

How many Scrabble players does it take to change a lightbulb?
I don’t actually know, but it’s on a triple-word score anyway.

Why did the directors of the performance ask for a stage made out of Scrabble tiles?
So they could have a play on words.

Why couldn’t the salad bowl play Scrabble?
It had run out of lettuce.

Where do Viking warrior Scrabble champions go when they die?

How do lexicographers compile dictionaries?
They Scrabble about for words.

How did I feel after winning Scrabble?

More Jokes

Always remember that there’s no “i” in “team.” I learned that the hard way during a game of Scrabble.

I suspect there will never be an edible version of Scrabble, but if there is, I’ll eat my words.

Yesterday I saw a guy spill all his Scrabble letters on the road. I asked him, “What’s the word on the street?”

I was playing Scrabble with my girlfriend when I put down AWORD. She protested, “That’s not a word!” I said, “It quite clearly is.”

My mom thought she could beat me at Scrabble.
But I wooden letter.

A friend of mine just lost a game of Scrabble. Didn’t look good from the word go.

Playing Scrabble with a 9-year-old takes the patience of a saint. Ipso facto, I’m a saint.

I am sallow because I was playing Scrabble and accidentally swallowed a W.

A Scrabble game got dumped all over the interstate highway. That’s the word on the street, at least.

Scrabble Quotes

Scrabble has always been immensely popular, so it’s easy to see why online Scrabble is just as lauded.
Jason Schreier

Whoever dreamed up Scrabble had an exaggerated idea of how many 7-letter words have five i’s.
Robert Breault

The other day I was playing Scrabble. I saw that I could close the space in D-E- -Y. I had an N and an F. Which do you think I chose? What was the word I made?
Amy Hempel

I like vocabulary and I actually read a book called ‘Word Freak,’ which is about a guy who basically went into competitive Scrabble for a year. But having a big vocabulary and being good at Scrabble are not the same thing.
Stephen Amell

Scrabble – The game is available in Braille. That’s a nice fact. This makes me feel better about humanity for some reason. I can’t really explain why.
A.J. Jacobs

Funny Quotes

Remember, when you don’t know what to do, it never hurts to play Scrabble. It’s like reading the I Ching or tea leaves.
Kelly Link

Art is weaker than life – in the end, I have a bag of letters to scrabble into order – rune tiles to cast my fate.
John Geddes

I joined Facebook purely so I could play online Scrabble. You have eight tiles instead of seven, so you tend to have a higher score. I’m somewhere between 400 and 500.

Floating in a lake, lying in a hammock, playing a bit of Scrabble that’s what I’m in need of.
Karen Walker

Playing ‘bop’ is like playing Scrabble with all the vowels missing.
Duke Ellington

Scrabble Captions for Instagram

Another Day. Another Scrabble Game.

What’s the highest-scoring word you’ve ever played in Scrabble?

The only thing I’ve ever loved is Scrabble.

I’m a terrible Scrabble player.

Scrabble – the best stress reliever in the world.

Who said Scrabble can’t be fun?

Good Scrabble Captions

How about a game of Scrabble and a hot cup of coffee?

The evening sorted with a game of Scrabble.

How many words can you make?

Sun in the sky, friends in the park, and a game of Scrabble for a happy weekend.

Scrabble night. Your move, buddy.

We know how to party with a game of Scrabble.







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