National Panda Day – March 16

National Panda Day is celebrated on March 16 of each year.

Who does not love a cute Panda Bear? Their fluffy black-and-white look makes you want to hug them. But don’t try to hug them. They have very sharp teeth and love to eat bamboo. Their bite can be deadly.

When is National Panda Day?

National Panda Day is celebrated every year on March 16.

National Panda Day - March 16.


Here are some frequently asked questions about National Panda Day.

How do I celebrate National Panda Day?

Here are some ideas if you are planning a party for National Panda Day:

Give all the people that attend your party a small stuffed or plastic panda as a party favor.

Create a game of Panda Charades. Create cards like ‘A Panda Eating a Bamboo Shoot’ and have party-goers act them out.

Throw a Kung Fu Panda-themed costume party. Everyone comes as their favorite character from the Kung Fu Panda movies.

Invite all your friends over to watch a Panda Documentary. ‘The Land of the Pandas’ is good and available on YouTube.

Have your friends dress up as Pandas and give a prize for the best costume.

Come together as a group and sponsor a Panda. Through the Smithsonian Institute, you can adopt a Panda for $75.00. The kit includes a plush Panda, a Certificate of adoption, pictures, and a postcard.

More Ideas

Set up a time to hold a Kung Fu Panda marathon. You can make or have catered Sweet Bean Buns and Pork Dumplings. These are Kung Fu Panda’s favorite foods.

Have party-goers wear clothing with Panda images. You can give a prize for the most outrageous outfit.

Pretend that a Panda has just given birth at the National Zoo. Hold a contest to name the new baby Panda.

Donate to the Worldwide Wildlife Fund (WWF). Any amount helps this worthy cause and can help save the panda’s habitat.

Who created National Panda Day?

No one is sure who created National Panda day or why March 16 was chosen. However, when the WWF was formed in 1961, the organization decided to use a Giant Panda as its logo. They picked the panda based on a panda named Chi Chi that lived in the London Zoo.

Are Pandas endangered?

In 2014, a survey showed only 1,864 Giant Pandas in the wild. They are definitely an endangered species. However, the population has grown 17% in the last decade. The Brown and Red Pandas are also on the endangered species list.

Where do Pandas live?

Pandas are only native to Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu provinces in Central China. Originally, they lived at lower levels in the mountains. But deforestation, farming, and people forced the Pandas to move higher up the mountain.

Fun Facts about Pandas

Here are some things you probably did not know about Pandas:

The big, furry black and white panda we know and love is the Giant Panda. In 1985, a second species was discovered, the Brown Panda. It is smaller but has the same markings as the Giant Panda, except brown.

There is also a Red Panda that is part of the same species. It is slightly larger than a domestic cat and has red markings similar to a raccoon. International Red Panda Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of every year.

Pandas do not hibernate; they simply move down the mountain when winter arrives. The lower altitude is warmer.

Pandas live almost entirely on bamboo, eating 26 to 84 pounds per day. As they eat the bamboo, they spread seeds across the forest that help repopulate the bamboo. Sometimes they will eat small animals and fish.

Ailuropoda Melanoleuca is the proper scientific name for a Giant Panda. What is the meaning of this strange name? Black and white cat food.

Understanding pandas

Female Pandas give birth to one or two babies every two years. The Pandas stay with their mothers for 18 months until venturing out on their own.

Pandas do not sleep through the night. Instead, they take a lot of naps. After eating and eating a lot, they will take a nap for two to four hours.

A newborn baby Panda is about 5 to 6 inches long and weighs approximately .2 pounds. That is 1/900th of an adult Panda. They are born completely blind, pink, and furless.

Giant Pandas have enlarged wrist bones that function similarly to our opposing thumbs. This makes it easier for them to eat. So technically, they have six fingers.

In the wild, Pandas live about 20 years old. In captivity, they can live much longer. Jia Jia is the oldest recorded Giant Panda, and she lived to be 38 years old.

Panda Jokes

Today I saw twin pandas.
That bears repeating.

What did a panda cook with?
A pan, duh!

What do ghost pandas eat?

What do you call a confused panda?

Sorry I haven’t got back to you for a while as I’ve been handcuffed to a panda
So, bear with me.

Panda Joke Meme

Good panda jokes

Panda Captions for Instagram

  1. Is it real?
  2. They’re so cute!
  3. I am not fat; I am fluffy.
  4. Can I hold one?
  5. Let’s cuddle.
  6. I can eat a lot of bamboos.
  7. I am cuter than you.
  8. Hi, I am a Panda.
  9. Keep Calm and Hold a Panda.
  10. I am Black, White, and Asian, and everyone loves me.

National Panda Day Hashtags

Use these hashtags when you are posting pictures or sending tweets:

  • #socute
  • #bamboome
  • #cuddly
  • #saveme
  • #blackandwhite
  • #mountainhome
  • #brownandwhite
  • #redpanda
  • #sixfingers
  • #endagered

Pandas and branding

Pandas’ distinct looks and seemingly playful demeanor make them ideal icons to represent the animal kingdom. They are always associated with China and were used as a mascot for the 2000 Beijing Olympics.

They are also the logo for the World Wildlife Fund, now called the Worldwide Wildlife Fund for Nature (except in the United States and Canada).

The WWF was established in 1961, and its mission is to protect habitats and species that are at risk. It is the largest conservationist organization in the world, with over five million supporters overseeing 3000 projects in over 100 countries.

By Tim Moodie

Tim is a writer, creative director, and inventor.


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