Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Birthday Wishes for Cousin page give you several ideas for wishing your favorite cousins a happy birthday.

These wishes are frequently communicated on social media nowadays. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram captions are on a significant upswing, while cards seem to be tailing off. The messages below work in nearly all situations.

The relationships between blood relatives are unique. The relationship becomes much more vital if you spend some time growing up with them. Just like your sibling, this is one relationship that can last a lifetime.

But there is still some difference between a cousin and any other relationship in your family. Your aunt or uncle’s kids understand you like a friend while also being family.

So when it’s their birthday, you want to wish them the best. Here are some happy birthday wishes for your cuz to tell them how much they matter to you.

Happy Birthday Cousin Wishes

You are awaited eagerly at every family reunion because you make all occasions more special. Always stay awesome!

We may be cousins, but I am so thankful and glad to know you as a person. You are one of the coolest folks I know.

I wish you a great birthday, dear Cuz! May you always get the love you deserve from your loved ones and that all your dreams may come true!

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Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Messages for Cousin’s Birthday

I wish you never change (unless it is for the better). You are already impressive. Ok, stay the way you are. Happy birthday, cousin!

Although much time passes between our visits, it always felt like we are together – maybe just in spirit. It is excellent being your cousin!

This is the day to celebrate the company of your family. I wish you all the happiness on this special day! May all your dreams come true!

You are a treasure to our family, and you don’t know how much we all are proud of you! May your star always shine as bright!

It’s the day to reflect on all the beautiful things life has bestowed upon you! As you look forward to the future, count me too in it!

The celebrations of this day may be short, but the love we all feel for you will last forever. I wish you a memorable and fun-filled birthday! From one crazy to the next.

Our family is special; you’re a big part of that for me. Have the time of your life!

Your birthday is here again, and I love the opportunity to tell you how great a cousin and friend you have always been!

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Funny Happy Birthday Cousin Messages

You laugh, I laugh.
You cry, I cry.
When you jump off a cliff,
I tell you to do a flip.
I hope your birthday has you doing more flips — have a great one!

When I count all the blessings in my life, I count you twice. Not necessarily because I like you more, but because you’ve put on some weight. Yeah, a few pounds. Just kidding, Happy B-Day, Cuz!

Love will keep us together. Well, that, Grandma’s cooking, and family reunions. All the best to my funniest cousin!

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Birthday Wishes and Messages Video

Happy Birthday to my Cousin

Having you as a beloved cousin is among the best gifts I have in my life. You are an inspiration to me. I wish you a wonderful birthday celebration!

May all the joy and happiness in the world be yours on your bday!

Today is a special day because it’s your birthday! I hope you have a great birthday where all your dreams come true, and all your sorrows vanish. Or at least some of them. You need to have a reason to wake up each day, after all.

It’s important to send you a sincere message on your big day: Wishing you an amazing birthday from afar! Although we can’t be there in person to celebrate with you, please know we’ll be thinking of you on this special day.

Have a wild and wonderful birthday, my sweet cousin! You deserve it.

Happy birthday dear cousin – I hope you have a splendid day!

You’ve always been a source of joy – have a magnificent celebration!

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HBD Wishes

To my fantastic cousin, as you turn 21, we have a very special day to celebrate – yeah, it’s your birthday. As you step into this very important “adult” phase in your life, I wish this birthday is among the most memorable and FUN! Have a blast!

To my dearest cousin – you are a great source of happiness and inspiration in my life! Happy birthday and remember all those goofy things we wished for when we were young – I hope you obtain them all.

I can never forget the unforgettable moments we have shared. And I am sure that we will continue having many great ones!

May the sun shine brighter today
and the birds sing louder today,
because this is a special day,
it’s my cousin’s birthday!

If God gave me the power to gift immortality, you would undoubtedly be one of my first choices – assuming I could live longer too!

To say you’re the best cousin in the world is an understatement for an over-achiever like you!

Some say those that wait a day or two to express their birthday wishes extend the birthday to the celebrant. So, my waiting is of great benefit.

Wishing happy birthday to my favorite cuz, who is unbelievable! All my thoughts and good wishes are aimed your way. Can you feel the love?

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Inspirational Wishes

You’re one of the best gifts in my life! I am grateful for the inspiration that you are in my life. I wish you a fantastic birthday and that you live a long and great life!

Of all the birthday parties in the world, I’d rather be at yours. You’re just that fun! Have a great celebration!

You make me one lucky gal. I hope you find time to celebrate with family and friends and enjoy your day. Can’t think of anyone more deserving.

It’s another birthday, and it’s clear that time passes so quickly!
But dear cuz, my love for you will never diminish!
On your birthday, I would like to wish you all the best in life!

I dearly miss the days when I counted the days to your next visit. Even though we are grown up and live far away, I want you to know that you have always been one of my favorite people in the world!

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HBD Cuz!

If I could choose all my family members, you would be the first on my list because you are so special.

Birthdays are occasions for singing and celebration. But, you’ve heard my voice and know this is not a wise choice for others to hear. Now, I will help you with the celebrating part, though. Looking forward to your party.

My birthday gifts may be lost in the mail, but I still send all my best to you.

A birthday kicks off another chapter in your life. So far, your book has been an amazing read!

Beginning with this birthday, my wish is for you to know nothing but happiness, prosperity, and excellent health!

Remember the TV show “My Favorite Martian”? I’m coming up with my concept called “My Favorite Cousin,” and you’re the star!

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Definitions: What is a Second Cousin? What is a First Cousin Once-Removed?

A child of one person and a sibling’s child are first cousins.

The children of two people who are first cousins share a second cousin relationship.

Two people for whom a first cousin relationship is one generation removed are first cousins once removed.

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