Birthday Greetings, Messages, Celebration Ideas

Fun birthday greetings for friends and family can make someone feel special on their big day.

We all celebrate the day we were born; it is a way to recognize that we have lived and survived on this planet for another year. It’s only appropriate to revel in the gift of life, your parents brought you into this world, and that is cause for celebration.

So, please don’t hold back; party like it’s 1999. Spend a day remembering you and the person you have become—a whole day all about you.

Find a greeting or message that comes from you, reflects your relationship with the birthday celebrant, and comes from the heart.

The Poet’s Picks: Top Ten Birthday Greetings

If you’re in a hurry, we’ve made it easy for you by identifying our ten favorite birthday greetings.

1.) Yes, it is your birthday, and yes, you are still older than I am. Happy Birthday!

2.) Surprise, you’ve aged yet another year. Cheer up. Some things get better with age!

3.) Friends tell other friends when it’s their birthday. It’s your birthday; permission to celebrate!

4.) I hope your birthday is a huge deal because, frankly, you’re a huge deal!

5.) Each birthday we spend together reminds me that we’ve been glued at the hip for a long time.

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6.) Remember, on your birthday, you’re only as old as you feel. How old do you feel today?

7.) Enjoy your birthday, and consider it a long voyage. A very long journey over rough seas with a lack of food and sun. Sorry about that, Happy Birthday!

8.) As we, your friends, gather to commemorate your special day, we just all wanted to tell you…there’s no turning back now. Enjoy your birthday!

9.) It doesn’t matter what your age is on your birthday. You can do whatever you want but remember you’re not as young as you used to be, so no somersaults. Happy Birthday!

10.) All of that hard work and perseverance has paid off; you survived another year. Enjoy your special day!

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Birthday Messages to Me

It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to. Happy Birthday to me.

Happy Birthday to me (repeat twice). Three times a charm.

Voices are talking to me, and they are saying Happy Birthday! Is it okay to hear voices?

I realize it is my birthday today. So, I’m going to spend the whole day pampering myself. I’ll take a bath, have a leisurely lunch, and then take a nap. Whew, I’m exhausted already.

Look, I know it’s my birthday and everything, but those are way too many candles. Happy Birthday to Me anyway!

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On the day of my birth, I deserve something special, like a do-over.

All I want is a lot of laughter and love on my birthday. No presents, no party, no cards, no gifts… wait a minute, maybe gifts are okay.

I wish myself the best birthday ever!

Here’s to my next year of unwanted surprises, heartbreaks, setbacks, and stumbles. On second thought, a simple Happy Birthday to Me will suffice!

If I was a used car, I could turn the odometer back. Oh yeah, it’s my 29th birthday again!

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Birthday Greetings to Friends

I treasure you for being an “old friend,” and when I say an old friend, I mean old. Happy Birthday!

Hard to believe it’s your birthday again. It seems like you just had one, my friend.

My friend, as we celebrate your birthday together, let me remind you of the words of an ancient wise sage, ” getting old sucks.”

May your birthday be awesome because you are the most extraordinary person I know. Next to me, of course. Happy Birthday!

I wish your birthday would be filled with joy, happiness, love, partying, food and drink, and me!

Your birthday today will be great, but I think the rest of your life will be even better, and I hope to spend it with you, my friend.

Are you sure you can blow out all of those candles? If you need help, just let me know. I’ve got your back. Happy Birthday!

I hope today is as awesomely fantastic as you are!

Happy birthday, greetings to my colleague in crime!

I can’t lie: you’re a poster girl for aging well. HBD!

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Birthday Wishes for Your BFF

While I may not always live up to your high standards, today, on your birthday, let me say Happy Birthday to you, my BFF.

The dearest of friends has a friendship that will last forever. Happy Birthday and Thanks for being my forever friend.

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you a profoundly Happy Birthday! Pretty deep, huh?

It’s too bad we can’t be together on your birthday Buddy, but now I’m thinking of you and raising a glass for a toast. Cheers!

Girlfriend, you are more like a sister to me, and I am so happy to spend your birthday with you. Let’s Party!

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Happy Birthday Meme

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For Relatives

Hey Sis, just for today, let’s skip the health food and kale smoothies and have a Margarita and Tacos. Happy Birthday!

We always used to say, “Father Knows Best,” but today, we know best, and we wish you all the best on your birthday!

To my wonderful sibling, you were always so good to me growing up. On your birthday, all I can say is thank you for being my brother.

I was so happy when my brother married you because not only did I get a great new sister-in-law, but my brother got a great wife. Happy Birthday!

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As our son, we couldn’t have hoped for all you have become as a man. We’re very proud of you. Happy Birthday to our baby boy!

Mom, you made us feel safe when we were growing up, you fixed our bumps and bruises, and you always made the best food on your birthday. Let us take you out to dinner.

Hey Cuz, it’s great to see you on your birthday; oh heck, it’s great to see you anytime. Happy Birthday!

You couldn’t be a better brother-in-law; you’re always there when we need you, you pitch in when help is required, and you married well. Happy Birthday, Man!

We still remember you, our beautiful daughter, as a toddler walking hesitantly around the house now. On your birthday, we see an incredible woman.

As your parents-in-law, we feel very fortunate to have you as our son-in-law; on your special day, we want to say Happy Birthday!

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HBD Image

HBD Image

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Birthday Celebration Ideas

1.) In Germany, a child’s first birthday is called a Kinderfeste, and a special cake is baked for the child. We’ve come to expect a birthday cake, but what if we think outside the box? Are there other ways to celebrate a young person’s birthday that would have different elements and be just as fun?

2.) Some parents shell out as much as $30,000 or more to create and celebrate a birthday party for their child. With small children, birthday parties can be like herding wild horses and straining parents and guardians. Alternative celebrations can make things easier for mom and dad and can be just as fun!

3.) Instead of a party, make a family trip. It doesn’t have to be a cruise or a trip to Disneyland, a simple day trip to the zoo or a park with a picnic or a beach. A day just for the birthday boy or girl and the family. This idea could include night and day spent in a friendly, conveniently located hotel (preferably with an indoor pool).

4.) Attending a sporting event like a baseball or football game, a car race or demolition derby, or even a golf tournament if that is of interest to your child. This is a great way to bond over the birthday, and the birthday boy or girl might even get mentioned on the scoreboard.

Make It A Special Day

5.) Have a ‘family only” dinner that includes the birthday boy or girl’s favorite food and, of course, a cake dedicated just to them. Spend the time at dinner to discuss the great memories from the last year and discuss future plans. It’s a way for a family to create a birthday tradition that can be their own.

6.) Make your child part of the decision on what you are going to do and find out their wishes. By including them in the process, you can ensure that they will be happy with the outcome. After all, it was their plan and idea.

7.) As long as there is not much sugar involved, a sleepover can be a good option. Get an appropriate movie to watch and plan a few games and establish a realistic bedtime. The kids will have and the parents less stress.

Whatever you do for your child’s birthday, put a little thought into it and make it special, it’s their day, and they, like you, love celebrating it.

Clever Ideas for Parties

Check out these ideas.

1.) Fill the inside of the birthday celebrant’s car with flowers or balloons. For flowers, you can fill them in with green plants or even a bush.

2.) Combine the party with a Murder Mystery where each of the guests plays a role. You can purchase pre-packaged kits at game stores, or if you do a little research, you can even create your personalized mystery that features all of the birthday boy or girl’s friends.

3.) Play a game of “guess who is attending the birthday party?” All the guests wear a hat with the name of someone famous or infamous written inside. The wearer knows who they are but not who anyone else is. By asking only yes or no questions, the party-goers must guess and write down everyone they think is at the party. The player with the correct answers wins a prize.

4.) Book a food truck for the party. Many food trucks are available for private parties, and you good get the favorite food of your birthday buddy or book a dessert truck, always a favorite.

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A Surprise Guest

5.) Bring in a surprise guest. With sneaky questions, find out the name of someone the birthday boy or girl hasn’t seen in a long time. You may get other friends to “chip in” on travel expenses if they live out of town. Hide the guess, blindfold the birthday boy or girl, bring in the surprise guest, take off the blindfold, and watch the fireworks.

Outrageous Themes

6.) Pick a theme for the surprise party and stick with it. The theme can be outrageous, like Togas, Famous People, Pirates, the Jungle, a Deserted Island, or Sports. Or the theme can be whimsical, like Princesses, Knights of the Round Table, Unicorns, Superheroes, cave Men, a DIY Craft Party, or a Cook-Off. Just go for it.

Fun Ideas for Surprise Birthday Parties

So pretty much everyone loves a good birthday party, so what could be better? How about a birthday party filled with surprises or maybe just a good old-fashioned surprise party? If you have a close friend or relative you want to go the extra mile for, then perhaps surprises and a surprise party are the way to go. After all, who doesn’t like a good surprise?

We’ve assembled some fun ideas to make the party you are arranging more than exceptional and get the birthday celebration off to a bang. In no particular order, here are some surprise and surprise party thoughts for you to ponder:

1.) Plan the party at the place where the two of you first met. It could be anywhere but get the invited crowd to show up all at once or, even better, have their friends arrive randomly to spread out the surprise.

2.) As part of the celebration, give the birthday boy or girl small gifts throughout their birthday day, culminating with a special gift at a party that night. It provides fun and joy for the whole day and will create a great memory.

Birthday in a Box

3.) If you are not going to be with your birthday buddy for their birthday, create a “birthday in a box” package that you can ship to them. Include everything they need for a birthday party for one. A cupcake (a stand-in for a whole cake), confetti, balloons, a gift, and maybe a card that plays the Happy Birthday Song.

Color-Themed Party

4.) Pick a color and make the entire surprise party that color. So, the guests all dress in blue, for example, and the gifts are intended to be in color blue, make hand-made blue cards, a blue cake, blue balloons, blue decorations, you get the idea. It’s even better if the color is the birthday boy or girl’s favorite.

Why We Celebrate Birthdays?

The history of why and how we celebrate birthdays is a little blurry. In all likelihood, it started with the Egyptians. There are references to the “Pharaoh’s Birthday” in the Bible. When a pharaoh was crowned, that day became a day to celebrate the pharaoh becoming a god or the day of his “god’s birth.” Different from our birthdays, but still a reason to party hardy.

The Greeks and Romans got involved with Greeks baking cakes and placing candles on them to serve as a tribute to the lunar goddess Artemis. The Romans were the first to commemorate the birthdays of “mortals. The catch, only the birthdays of men were celebrated. Celebrating the birthdays of women didn’t start until approximately the 12th century.

Because they believe in “original sin,” Christians did not initially celebrate birthdays, considering these celebrations something evil. Eventually, the Christians came around and began celebrating birthdays like everyone else.

Birthday Cake Tradition

The “birthday cake” tradition started in Germany, where bakers made a special cake, usually for children, that had a candle for each year they had been alive and an extra one to symbolize their future.

The Germans also added that blowing all the candles out would bring the birthday boy or girl good luck. As the ingredients to make cakes became more affordable for the masses, people could make their birthday cakes at home, and the tradition became widespread worldwide.

The music and melody for the original Happy Birthday song were written in 1893 by Patty and Mildred Hill. Their song was called “Good Morning To You.” If you think about it, you can hear where this is going.

In 1924 a gentleman named Robert Coleman put together a songbook of standards and included “Good Morning To You,” but he altered the lyrics. The new rendition became the more popular one, and “Happy Birthday To You” was born.

So today, we celebrate birthdays with cake and candles and sing the birthday song. It appears that this ritual and these customs will continue for the foreseeable future.

Enjoy all the birthdays in your life, and remember to have as much fun as possible when celebrating these special days!

By Tim Moodie

Tim Moodie wrote funny greeting cards, coffee mugs, and even toilet paper for Recycled Paper Products. He works as a creative director, copywriter, and toy inventor. He has celebrated many birthdays despite his youthful appearance.


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