Truth or Dare

Good Truth or Dare questions can make the game really fun, and something players talk about for days.

The game of Truth or Dare, much like Hide-and-Go-Seek or Tag, is a universal game that is a right of passage of growing up. Everyone has apparently played. The uncomfortableness of revealing some truths and the adventure-seeking required to fulfill some dares create some lasting memories.

We’re taking a deep dive into the history of the game, an explanation of the rules, and most importantly: some questions and dares to use with your friends and family.

Best Truth or Dare Questions: Top 10

Here are the Poet’s Panel’s best ten questions for Truth or Dare.

1.) Who was your first crush?

The responses here can be sweet, romantic, and surprising. How long back does it go? To first grade or to sixth? There’s no way to know unless you ask.

2.) Give us a list of three things that you had to have, but never used.

In our consumption society, this shouldn’t be too hard for most to answer. And, please, no suggested answers like, “Your brain” or “a heart.”

3.) Who in the group do you think about the most?

Well, this is the type of answer that can be a revelation. You know your respondent will be coy unless they are already involved in an existing relationship. It’s the type of question that can easily bring on a dare.

4.) How many people have you kissed?

If you’re asked this question, you are faced with a dilemma. Reveal the truth, and it’s an overshare, or elect for a dare, and await the consequences. I’d opt for the latter every time.

5.) If you were magically transformed into a person of the opposite sex, what’s the first thing you would do?

Now, here’s a time for you to get creative. You have to take this question, and if in a mixed company, be very careful. Avoid stereotypes, and try to go the humorous route.

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Clever Truth or Dare

6.) Have you ever been in a bathroom stall and there was no toilet paper? What did you do?

Is there a question that’s more fitting for this day and age? No, I don’t think so.

7.) Since this is a game of truth, if you were given one million dollars right now, who would you share it with?

This is like a softball down the middle of the plate. You should be able to knock this out of the park. Maybe go for the share-some-with-everyone direction to avoid any friend feeling left out?

8.) Have you ever had a dream about any of the other players in this game?

The warning lights are coming on strong — BE CAREFUL! Any revelations here should not include a romantic direction unless you’re in an existing relationship with one of the players.

9.) If you could trade places with anyone famous, who would you trade lives with?

Creativity is king here. Remember, looks fade, and money is superficial. Go for someone who has led a terrific life and has great relationships with everybody.

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10.) What is your favorite physical feature?

Be humble. And it helps if the feature you select has at least a chance of being truthful. Eyes, smiles, and kneecaps are good answers. Yes, kneecaps.

Good Truth or Dare Questions.

Good Truth or Dare Questions

11.) What wouldn’t you do if you were offered a huge amount of money?

Responses here could be interesting and wide-ranging. Still, some easy answers won’t reveal much. But, with the right respondent, this could be a home run.

12.) Have you been on a date with more than one person in this room? If so, name all.

This is only a good question for someone who has dated quite a few people in the room. So, use it judiciously.

13.) If you could change any one thing about yourself, what would you change?

This is a good question for peeling back the layers of human interaction. An honest answer here could say a lot about the person. This one is for serious players.

14.) How many people in this room do you think have had an ice cube placed down their pants?

If the answer is zero, there’s one way that could change.

15.) Who in this room do you think would pick the truth, but not necessarily tell it?

So, essentially, your response indicates who in the room you think is the most likely to lie. Wow, heavy stuff. Use this one cautiously.

16.) Name a time that you were really embarrassed about shopping at the mall.

Answering “Any time I shopped with my parents” is not specific enough. Would you please make the respondent very specific? This game is all about storytelling. When folks respond, please encourage them to expand on their thoughts and make it a full story. We’re going for entertainment value here, people.

17.) Have you ever been unfaithful to your girlfriend or boyfriend?

This is in the hall of fame of T or D questions. Every session must include it.

18.) Have you ever played a practical joke on someone and it backfired?

Details please, while we send John to make the popcorn.

19.) If you have a fantasy, please share it with the group.

Save this one for the right person who is likely to share more than they should. Perhaps this is a good time to remind folks that there are no recording answers.

20.) You have the superpower of invisibility; how do you use it?

Remember that truth-telling is required here because you know someone doesn’t come with the truth and the whole truth.

Creative Truth or Dare Questions

What are some good truth questions?

21.) Who in this group dresses the sexiest?

22.) What is your biggest secret?

23.) What is something mean you have done to someone in this room?

24.) Is there anyone or anything you have gossiped about?

25.) What is the worst decision you ever made?

26.) Tell the group about a couple who is dating that you think shouldn’t be.

27.) Has a friend or a partner ever said something about you that you didn’t want public?

28.) Name three things that you would bring with you to a deserted island.

29.) Of the group playing this game, who has the hottest body?

30.) Who is the best dresser in the group?

Truth or dare game button.

Embarrassing Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers

31.) What is the worst lie you ever told?

32.) Have you ever done something stupid in front of a big crowd? What was it?

33.) Do you have a crush on someone? Who is it?

34.) Name someone that you just can’t stand.

35.) Have you ever tried to take a sexy selfie? Did you succeed?

36.) List the three people you have known the longest.

37.) What is the last photo you took with your phone?

38.) Have you ever had a dream where you were completely naked?

39.) If you drop a piece of food on the floor, do you eat it or throw it out.

40.) What’s the worst punishment your parents have ever given you?

41.) Have you ever blamed your fart on someone else?

42.) Do you read a book or look at your phone on the toilet?

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Truth or Dare Questions For Kids

43.) What is the scariest movie you have ever watched?

44.) Have you ever been interrupted while going to the bathroom?

45.) Do you ever talk to yourself while you are driving?

46.) Is there anything on your phone that you would be embarrassed to show other people?

47.) If you were singing in the shower, what song would you be singing?

48.) How often do you wash your clothes, including your underwear?

49.) Have you ever ripped your pants while trying to get them on?

50.) What do you consider your worst habit?

51.) Have you ever thrown up in public?

52.) Who do you think is the cutest player in this group?

53.) On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your looks?

54.) Have you ever peed in the shower?

55.) If you are not wearing white underwear, what color are you wearing, if any?

56.) Which one of the people in this group would you rescue from a burning building first?

57.) What were your exact words in your last text?

58.) How old do you think you will be when you get married?

Funny Truth or Dare Questions

59.) Do you think you sweat a lot?

60.) Name the most illegal thing you have ever done.

61.) If you could sell your sibling for one million dollars, would you do it?

62.) Are you a person that likes fame and money or prefers not to take credit for a job well done?

63.) Which group member would be the least fun to be trapped in an elevator with?

64.) Given the choice, which could you do without, internet or air conditioning?

65.) If you could come back at any decade, which decade would you choose and why?

Truth or Dare Questions Over Text

66.) Have your parents ever embarrassed you? If so, how and why?

67.) How long do you stay in the bathroom when you have to go #2?

68.) If you could magically erase something you did in the past, what would it be and why?

69.) When you are driving in a car, do you wave at other people?

70.) What is the thing that makes you cry the most?

71.) Describe the strangest date you ever went on; why was it so strange?

72.) What is something that you posted on social media that you regret doing?

73.) Are you afraid of the dark?

74.) If you could only wear one piece of clothing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

75.) Have you ever torn a tag off a mattress?

76.) What animal do you have the biggest fear of?

77.) If you knew that the world would end tomorrow, what would you do today?

78.) Would you wear your underwear on the outside of your pants for a whole day for $100?

79.) Have you ever had a dream that seems to come true?

Girl Truth or Dare Questions

80.) Have you ever had a crush on a good friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend?

81.) Did you ever make out with a boy at school?

82.) If you couldn’t wash your hair for a month or couldn’t wash your clothes for a month, which would you choose?

83.) Who is the worst kisser you have ever kissed?

84.) Do you have on a pair of granny panties right now or a thong?

85.) How many times a day do you look in the mirror?

86.) What do you think is the best quality in a boy?

87.) In total, how many boys have you kissed?

88.) Who is the hottest guy in your class?

89.) If you could marry any celebrity, who would it be?

90.) Do you think Harry Potter is hot?

91.) What is the sexiest outfit that you own?

92.) Is there a part of your body that you don’t like? If so, what is it?

93.) If you could change your hairstyle and/or color, what would you do?

94.) Have you ever turned someone down that asked you out on a date?

Boy Truth or Dare Questions

95.) Would you ever go on a date with someone you considered ugly?

96.) Who is the hottest girl in your class?

97.) Which member of this group would you make out with?

98.) If you could date one of your friend’s girlfriends, who would you date and why?

99.) Do you ever work out in front of the mirror?

100.) Describe the qualities of a perfect girl, all of them.

101.) What is your least favorite body part?

102.) Have you ever told someone that you loved them?

103.) If your girlfriend said she couldn’t stand your best friend, what would you do?

104.) What is something that makes you jealous?

105.) Have your parents ever said that they don’t like your girlfriend?

106.) What do you consider your biggest turn-off?

107.) Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?

108.) Which would you choose, rich and dumb or poor and smart?

109.) Have you ever had a crush on someone older?

Dares For Truth or Dare

We answer the question: what are some good dares?

110.) Choose any player and give them a three-minute massage.

111.) Eat a tablespoon of maple syrup or two tablespoons of Nutella.

112.) Sing a song and do a sexy dance for the group.

113.) Let another player tell you absolutely anything to do.

114.) Hug any other player.

115.) Trade shoes with any player.

116.) Whisper a secret to any player.

117.) Recite the alphabet backward twice.

Interesting Dares.

Interesting Dares

118.) Yell out the first word that comes to mind about the player to your right.

119.) Do an impression of any other player.

120.) Keeping your eyes closed, feel the face of any other player and give their name.

121.) Tell the group everything you have in your pocket or purse right now.

122.) For the rest of the game, start every sentence with the same word. What’s the word?

123.) Make up a story about the player across from you.

124.) Say something in a language other than English.

125.) Do your best impression of a monkey.

126.) Dance like one of the other members of the group.

127.) Pretend that your belly button is your mouth and make it talk.

128.) Write a naughty word on your hand (don’t rub it off).

129.) Let another player cut off a piece of your hair.

130.) Hold your breath for a minute.

131.) Have a staring contest with the player on your left.

132.) Pretend to pop a pimple.

133.) Play the bongos on the head of any other player.

134.) Randomly wave out the window.

Dares for Girls

135.) Stand on your head.

136.) Demonstrate a yoga position.

137.) Let any other player put lipstick on you.

138.) Tell the group who you think wears the most perfume.

139.) Drink a glass of water without stopping.

140.) Pick a guy in the group and sit on his lap.

141.) Call a pizza delivery place and ask where your order is.

142.) Make a naughty phone call to a guy you know.

143.) Randomly yell a curse word at the top of your voice.

144.) Lick another player.

145.) Fill your mouth with water and try to talk.

146.) Crawl around on the floor like a baby.

147.) Blow in any player’s face.

148.) Cover your mouth with tape and try to sing.

149.) Post a selfie on Facebook.

150.) Lick Someone’s nose two times.

151.) Do anything the player to your right tells you to do.

152.) Put your head in the freezer for 30 seconds.

153.) Call a random number and see if you can keep the person on the phone for two minutes.

154.) Change your Facebook status to something random.

155.) Run around the room with your underwear on your head.

156.) Rub a stick of butter on your face.

Good Dares

157.) Let the person across from you write something on your forehead in lipstick.

158.) Tell the group the size of your bra.

159.) Sing something sexy.

160.) Stuff some potato chips in your bra and leave them there for the whole game.

161.) Hold your nose while you tell a story.

162.) Using only hand gestures, get the group to say “gross.”

163.) Hug as many people in the group as you can in 15 seconds.

164.) Put your shoes on the wrong feet and try and walk a straight line.

165.) Have an interesting conversation with yourself in a mirror.

166.) See if you can make the group laugh by making a silly face.

167.) Do your best impression of an opera singer.

168.) Play the rest of the game on your knees.

169.) Tell everyone about the greatest tattoo you would get.

170.) Give any one of the players in the group a piggyback ride.

171.) Do as many sit-ups as you can in one minute.

172.) Using only your feet, get someone to guess what dance you are doing.

173.) Put some hot sauce on a marshmallow and eat it.

174.) Call your mother and ask her if you can sleep over at a boy’s house.

Dares for Boys

175.) Pick out any girls in the group and sit on her lap.

176.) Hop around the room on one foot.

177.) Try to talk with your tongue sticking out.

178.) If the host has a pet, eat a piece of dog or cat food.

179.) Call the hardware store and ask if they have a screw.

180.) Give a stuffed animal passionate kisses.

181.) Pretend like you are getting a tattoo.

182.) Carry any girl in the group around the room, don’t drop her.

183.) Talk with a made-up accent for the rest of the game.

184.) Write down your secret fantasy and pass it around to the group.

185.) Lick the toes of the girl sitting nearest to you.

186.) Put an ice cube in your mouth and keep it there for one minute.

187.) Go to the window, take off your shirt, and dance like a clown.

Best Dares

188.) Have any girl in the group put lipstick on you.

189.) Pretend like you are making out with a pillow.

190.) Show the group your most embarrassing selfie.

191.) Spread peanut butter under your nose like a mustache.

192.) Using only lipstick, make yourself look like a clown.

193.) Eat an egg off the kitchen floor.

194.) Make a pose like you are a bodybuilder.

195.) Tell the group a fantasy that you would never do in real life.

196.) Lay on the ground and have someone put an ice cube down your shirt and stay that way for two minutes.

197.) Stick your nose inside any players’ shoe and sniff for a solid minute.

198.) Walk around the room backward five times.

199.) Get on your hands and knees and bark like a dog.

200.) Show the entire group your toned abs.

201.) Make a pose like you are a male model.

202.) Put hot sauce all over a piece of toast and eat it.

Creative Dares

203.) Imitate an elephant eating a peanut.

204.) Give the person to your right, girl or guy, a kiss.

205.) Pretend that you are angry with any member of the group.

206.) Make a pose like you are a runway model.

207.) Have someone wrap your entire head in toilet paper.

208.) Stand on your head for two minutes.

209.) Lick any piece of furniture in the room.

210.) Do 30 jumping jacks.

211.) Pretend to be a lion and do your best and loudest lion roar.

212.) Pour a cup of water down your pants and leave it that way for the rest of the game.

213.) In five minutes, prepare, perform and post a TikTok dance.

214.) Call your crush and let them know you dialed the wrong number.

215.) Post the last photo in your smartphone album on Instagram.

216.) Do a headstand, have a friend take the photo, and post it on Facebook with the caption, “Head over heels in love.”

217.) Knock on your neighbor’s door and ask if you can borrow a cup of sugar in a Fargo accent.

218.) Walk around your block backward and if anyone asks what you’re doing, simply reply, “If I could turn back time.”

219.) With a permanent marker, have a fellow player write on your forehead, “Boy Crazy!”

Double Dare Dares

Oh, now you’ve done it. We’re pulling out the heavy artillery. It could get worse. We’re keeping the Double-Dog-Dare in reserve.

Double Dare Definition

If a dare has been set down, the darer can up the ante by double daring, which means if the darer fulfills the dare, the daree must complete the same task.

Good Double Dare Dares

220.) Change clothes with one member of the playing group. That means all the clothes.

221.) Approach a random person at the shopping mall and ask if they could tell you a good joke.

222.) Sing happy birthday to a person you don’t know.

223.) Brush the teeth of the person to your immediate right.

224.) Stick your arm into a full trash can as far as you can go.

225.) Pretend to be hula hooping for 3 minutes.

History of “Truth or Dare Game”

Would you believe that the classic party game Truth or Dare is literally hundreds of years old? In the early to late 1700s, it was known as “questions and commands.” If you failed to answer a question or the commander (host of the game) didn’t like your answer, often your face was smeared with mud or coal — it was not a kinder, gentler time.

The game has changed very little from its earliest versions except that the penalties for not telling the truth are a lot less harsh. Manu games are played with boyfriends or girlfriends, which can sometimes be awkward, especially if outcomes are shared on social media.

While it is mostly a game of truth, the dares make the game interesting. A dare like “pick your nose in front of the people in this room” is the perfect invitation to take a selfie. It’s a fun game that can be edgy if the players push things in that direction.

Truth or Dare Movie

The movie Truth or Dare (Pretty Little Liars) starred Lucy Hale, Violett Beane (The Flash), and Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf). It did over $95 million at the box office. The rough plot: friends go to Mexico, where a stranger convinces them to play a harmless game of Truth or Dare, and then the game with friends turns deadly.

The Truth or Dare Game.

Playing Truth or Dare

A game of Truth or Dare needs at least two willing players. It’s more fun if played with a larger group. The players make up questions, outrageous or simple, and ask other players to answer them. If the answering player chooses truth, that player must then answer truthfully, or if, for whatever reason, the player doesn’t want to answer, they can accept a dare. A player cannot quit the game. They must answer the question or complete the dare. If players lie or refuse to answer, penalties can be enforced with multiple dares or the like.

Once a player has picked to tell the truth or fulfill the dare, they cannot change their decision. Dares might include, “eat a piece of something with your eyes closed,” “sing your favorite song backward,” or “tell the person to your left something you don’t like about their clothes.”

Whether playing Truth or selecting a Dare, it’s a fun time to talk to your friends and maybe discover just how daring you are.

Where to Play the Game

The game can be played virtually anywhere, but here are a few ideas:

a.) At a home party.
b.) Outdoors at the neighborhood gathering place.
c.) Virtually via texts.
d.) At the cabin or while on vacation.
e.) Choose a local park.
f.) Try a nearby restaurant.
g.) School cafeteria.
h.) Coffee shops.

Find an age-appropriate space, and have some fun with it!

By Tim Moodie

Tim Moodie has spent many years writing funny greeting cards, coffee mugs, and toilet paper for Recycled Paper Products. In addition, he created the box copy for novelty gifts, including the Jesse Ventura Action Figures. He works as a creative director and copywriter.


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