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Thanksgiving Puns

Our Thanksgiving puns make light of what many consider to be the most American of all holidays.

We get together with friends and family, we eat, watch some football, eat some more, and maybe, just maybe, get in a little post-meal exercise.

Oh, and one more thing – the most important – we express our gratitude and give thanks for all of our blessings in life. One of those blessings is the ability to laugh at ourselves.

Good Thanksgiving Puns To Fill Your Plate

1.) Getting the longer part of the wishbone is a snap.

2.) Eat, Drink, and Cranberry.

3.) Leftovers are for quitters.

4.) Don’t feed the turkey; it’s stuffed.

5.) Gobble, Gobble, until you wobble, wobble.

Funny Thanksgiving Puns.

6.) It doesn’t get any butter than this.

7.) It’s all fun and games until the pants don’t fit.

8.) I’m all about the baste, about the baste.

9.) The dinner doesn’t stop until I’ve tried everything.

10.) Is Thanksgiving dinner over?
You ain’t seen stuffing yet.

11.) Buckle up for a great Thanksgiving, Pilgrim. (With apologies to John Wayne.)

12.) Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings, not your carbs.

13.) What did the hipster say the day after Thanksgiving?
I liked the leftovers before they were cool.

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Funny Thanksgiving Puns

14.) Baby, I’m a maize at the way you feed me.

15.) Get stuffed!

16.) Already thinking about the leftovers.

17.) Don’t forget to set your scales back 10 pounds tonight.

18.) Don’t be jerky, eat some turkey.

19.) Eat hard, sleep harder.

20.) Roast assured this turkey is going to be cooked to perfection.

21.) Oh my gourd, I love Thanksgiving.

22.) Talk Turkey To Me.

Clever Thanksgiving puns.

23.) What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter? Pumpkin pi!

24.) When fitness means, “Can I fitness whole piece of the pie in my mouth at once.”

25.) Popeye’s Thanksgiving thought: I yam what I yam.

26.) Go ahead, bake my day!

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Clear eyes, full stomach, can't lose.

Thanksgiving Captions About Turkey

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27.) Butterballin’ on a Budget.

28.) Clear eyes, full stomach, can’t lose.

29.) You miss 100% of the leftovers you don’t eat.

30.) What is the key to a great Thanksgiving meal?
Tur-key! Duh.

31.) Nobody puts gravy in the corner.

32.) What does a turkey drink from?
A gobble-t.

33.) I’m giving up leftovers over time because I can’t quit cold turkey.

34.) An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Puns for Kids

35.) What do you get when you cross an octopus with a turkey?
Enough drumsticks for Thanksgiving.

36.) Where did the turkey learn to dance?
At the Butterball.

37.) Feast Mode: Activated.

38.) Thanksgiving = Not a good day to be my pants.

39.) I’m on a (dinner) roll.

40.) What always comes at the end of Thanksgiving?
The letter “g.”

41.) Black Friday purchases need to take into account the weight you gained on Thursday.

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Pilgrim Puns

42.) What did the pilgrim call his homeboys?

43.) Why didn’t pilgrims tell secretes in the cornfield?
The corn has ears.

44.) What happened to the pilgrim who was wounded by the Indian?
He had an arrow escape.

45.) If pilgrims were alive today, what would they be most famous for?
Their age.

46.) If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?

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Turkey Day Puns

47.) My cooking is so bad my kids thought Thanksgiving was to commemorate Pearl Harbor.
Phyllis Diller

48.) What role do green beans have in Thanksgiving dinner?
The casse-role! Or is that casserole? (Thank you — I’ll be leaving now.)

49.) Put on some Plymouth Rock and roll for the holiday.

50.) On Thanksgiving Day, all over America, families sit down to dinner at the same moment – halftime.

51.) Put your fat pants on…it’s time to eat.

52.) Can you cook a turkey dinner, dessert, and all the sauces?
Yes, you can!

53.) What’s a turkey’s favorite dessert?
Peach Gobbler.

54.) Why did the turkey cross the road?
To get to the other side dish.

55.) There’s a place for all of God’s creatures – next to the potatoes and gravy.

56.) What a bunch of turkeys!

57.) If a turkey runs away before Thanksgiving, does that make it chicken?

58.) Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Arthur who?
Well, Arthur any leftovers?

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It's all fun and games until the pants don't fit.

Thanksgiving Movie Puns

59.) What’s eating Giblet Grape?

60.) Bye, Bye Birdie.

61.) Poultry Fiction.

62.) Some Like it Hot.

63.) An American Turkey in the Oven.

64.) Gobbler on the Roof.

65.) Eat, Pray, Football.

66.) The Right Stuffing.

67.) The Dining King.

68.) Maltese Turkey.

69.) Turkey Darko.

70.) Fowl Play!

71.) A Sweet Potato Named Desire.

72.) Inglorious Basters.

73.) Cradle 2 Gravy.

74.) Leave it to Cleaver.

75.) Beauty and the Feast.

76.) The Silence of the Yams.

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Turkey Leftovers Humor

77.) When the turkey was told he would be surrounded by family for the holiday, it wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

78.) How to diet on Thanksgiving: Don’t!

79.) The thing I’m most thankful for: Elastic Waistbands.

80.) Thanksgiving dinner: How people used to communicate before social media.

81.) Dear Christmas, Wait for your turn. C’mon man!
Sincerely, Thanksgiving

82.) I was thinner before Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy Turkey Day Instagram Captions

83.) Call the girls, call the guys; we’re having peas, potatoes, and pumpkin pies.

84.) Give thanks, eat pie!

85.) People dress up on Halloween; we dress turkeys on Thanksgiving.

86.) The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day for plumbers.

87.) Let’s give ’em pumpkin to talk about.

88.) The poul-tree comes before the Christmas tree.

89.) Eat, drink and wear stretchy pants.

90.) Sweet as pumpkin pie.

91.) Don’t run a fowl of the cook!

92.) Pumpkin pie is essentially a vegetable, right?

93.) Ah, the life of pie.

94.) What do you call a rude turkey?
A Jerkey!

95.) No fowl language at the Thanksgiving table!

96.) What did the turkey say to the hunter?
Quack, quack, quack.

97.) You are the pumpkin pie of my eye.

98.) Families are like peanut brittle, it takes a lot of sweetness to hold the nuts together.

99.) What does a turkey with one leg say?

100.) Why were the fans tired of the Turkeys’ baseball team?
All they hit were fowl balls.

Grateful Thanksgiving Captions

101.) In all things, we give thanks.

102.) Talk turkey to me.

103.) The best attitude is gratitude.

104.) Eat, drink, and be thankful.

105.) My heart is as full as my plate.

106.) Love at first bite.

107.) I’m all about the baste.

108.) It’s Turkey Time!

109.) I’m very thankful for elastic waistbands.

110.) Pies before guys – no questions asked.

111.) Hey there, cutie-pie.

112.) Together is a wonderful place to be.

113.) When they whine, I wine.

114.) Too blessed to be stressed.

115.) TRUTH: you can’t answer your parents’ questions with food in your mouth.

116.) This white wine pairs nicely with my weird family.

117.) Choose to be grateful.

118.) I quit telling bad jokes cold turkey.

119.) Is it too soon to be thinking leftovers? Asking for a friend.

120.) Good vibes and pumpkin pies.

121.) Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

122.) Eat, drink, nap, repeat.

Funny Thanksgiving Puns

123.) Gravy, I love your ways… every day. (With apologies to Peter Frampton)

124.) You’ve foiled my plans for Thanksgiving leftovers!

125.) Please don’t make fun of the turkey.
He’s been roasted all day!

126.) Don’t stare at the turkey dressing.
It will make him blush.

127.) I shot my own turkey for this Thanksgiving.
Unfortunately, I’m no longer able to go within 100 feet of any Kroger store.

128.) What type of car would Pilgrims drive today?
Plymouth, of course.

129.) What kind of tan did the pilgrim get at the beach?

130.) No more Thanksgiving puns. I’m quitting cold turkey!

Final Thoughts

Is there anything better than a great Thanksgiving meal? Good friends and the spirit of gratitude. Family near us. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and more.

I can’t wait. Have a spectacular Thanksgiving!

By Mike O’Halloran

Mike is an author, founder, and editor of Greeting Card Poet.


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