National Ice Cream Cone Day

I scream, you scream, and we all scream for ice cream. The ice cream cone is a delicious treat loved by both children and adults.

National Ice Cream Cone Day celebrates this fan favorite every year. Read on to learn more!

When is National Ice Cream Cone Day?

National Ice Cream Cone Day is celebrated on September 22 every year.

Ice Cream Cone Day.


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What should I do on National Ice Cream Cone Day?

For an exciting and delicious activity, you can try making your ice cream cone. If you don’t have enough time, you can get some from an ice cream parlor and enjoy it with your friends! Finally, you can get a pack of sugar cones and decorate them yourself with chocolate or sprinkles.

When were ice cream cones invented?

Unlike regular ice cream, which was invented in the 7th Century AD, these came around later. Many historians believe that Italo Machinio in New York created the ice cream cone. He first produced the cone in 1896 and received a US patent for the invention in 1903.

What are the most famous types of ice cream cones?

Cake cones, waffles cones, sugar cones, and pretzel cones are known to be the most famous ones around the world.

Are ice cream cones healthy?

Calories in an ice cream cone vary greatly but are low but have high sugar content.

Fun Facts

It takes around three gallons of milk to produce just one gallon of ice cream.

The most popular ice cream flavor is vanilla, followed by chocolate.

On average, ice cream cones take just 50 licks to finish.

Ice cream waffle cones were made accidentally by a Syrian waffle seller named Ernest E. Hamwi. A vendor ran out of ice cream cups. So, to meet the demands of his customers, he turned to the waffle seller and rolled the waffles instead.

Around 90% of American households eat ice cream regularly.

The “Billionaire Soft Serve” by Snowflake Luxury Gelato is an expensive dessert sold at Selfridges, London. Costing $130, this is the most expensive ice cream cone in the world.

The tallest ice cream cone ever was produced in Italy and was over 9 feet tall.

Every Ben Jerry’s waffle cone has around 259 little squares.

The United States consumes the most ice cream, followed closely by Australia and Norway.

In the beginning, cones were rolled by hand. Then, in 1912, Frederick Bruckman patented a machine for rolling cones. He later sold it to Nabisco in 1928, which still produces ice cream cones.

Being the largest ice cream cone maker, Joy Ice Cream Cone Company was founded in 1918. It currently sells around 2 billion ice cream cones a year.

See 137 Ice Cream Quotes and Captions.

Ice Cream Jokes

I can’t cone-trol my sweet cravings.

My relationship with ice cream cones is unhealthy because it’s so cold.

I’ve already had one ice cream today, so this is my secondairy.

When people dessert you, eat ice cream cones.

I was able to explain taxes to my kids by eating 38 percent of their ice cream cones.

A balanced diet is an ice cream cone in each hand.

Thankfully the Supreme Court ruled the ice cream ban un-cone-stitutional.

I love all types of ice cream. I don’t play flavorites.

Dracula’s favorite ice cream flavor is vein-illa

One Liners

That ice cream is so overpriced. The guy selling it is a real cone artist.

I love to eat ice cream a waffle lot.

One thing that all ice cream cones love to do is chill.

I love ice cream cones so cherry much.

I just had some green-colored ice cream. It was mint.

Ice cream cones as parents are just big softies.

If you want to become successful in the ice cream business, do not go sweeting the small stuff.

I just wanted to say cone-gratulations on winning the ice cream eating contest.

Having my ice cream shop is a real cream come true.

Riddles Related to Ice Cream

Did you hear about the ice cream bandit
He’s one smooth cream-inal.

How is ice cream as a girlfriend
The sweetest

How did Reese eat her ice cream?

Why do ice cream cones always carry an umbrella
There’s a chance of sprinkles.

What does an ice cream lawyer say
You got served.

What do you call an ice cream cone with a surprise flavor in the bottom
A twist cone!

Why will you never meet an ice cream workaholic
They know how to chill out.

How does an ice cream cone congratulate you on the anniversary of your birth
It’s sherbert day!

What is ice cream’s favorite TV show
Game of Cones

What flavor of ice cream do deers go for
Chocolate chip cookie doe!

What did the ice cream cone write on his Valentine card
You make me melt.

Why doesn’t anyone invite an ice cream cone to their party
They’re a drip.

What did the newspaper say to the ice cream
What’s the scoop

Life is Like Ice Cream

Ice Cream Quotes

Forget art. Put your trust in ice cream.
Charles Baxter

Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone.
Jim Fiebig

Life is like an ice-cream cone, you have to lick it one day at a time.
Charles M. Schulz

I go running when I have to when the ice cream truck is doing sixty.
Wendy Liebman

Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos.
Don Kardong

The only thing that ultimately matters is to eat an ice-cream cone, play a slide trombone, plant a small tree; good God, now you’re free.
Ray Manzarek

To maintain a youthful mind, write down two or three things you can do that are totally childlike, such as eating an ice cream cone, coloring a picture, or jumping rope.
Deepak Chopra

For a thorough use of ice cream cones, buy two; eat one and drop the other.
Claes Oldenburg

Ice cream is exquisite. What a pity it isn’t illegal.

Tomorrow, we can eat broccoli, but today is for ice cream.
Malory Hobson

Do you want a drumstick? Like an ice cream cone or a chicken wing!
Billie Joe Armstrong

We thread our way through a moving forest of ice cream cones and crimson thighs.

Jean-Dominique Bauby

I saw a young boy eating an ice cream cone and smashing it in his face. You know that kid is going to remember me when he’s 50.
Dane Cook

Captions for Instagram

My cold heart runs on ice cream!

Ice cream season goes from age one until death!

Fueled by ice cream cones!

The best time for an ice cream cone is always.

A day without ice cream is a day wasted.

Any time is ice cream time.

Put all your trust in ice cream!

I never say no to an ice cream cone.

Why stop at one cone, right?

Abs or ice cream? I think I’ll go with ice cream!






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