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Goodbye Quotes

Many folks think that goodbye quotes tend to be sad, and some are. But, some are more positive and speak to the good times enjoyed and the promise of meeting again.

Saying farewell can be quite tough, especially when it is to someone close to you. Everyone faces these moments at different times in their lives. Sometimes, you have to say goodbye to your friends and sometimes to your colleagues.

Saying goodbye to your partner can be one of the most painful experiences of your life. Departures can be the hardest whenever hearts are involved.

Best Goodbye quotes.

Saying Goodbye Quotes

1.) Your farewell marks the end of our team’s glory days. Because you are the best boss there could ever have been, goodbye.

2.) A memory lasts forever, and it will never die—true friends stay together, and they will never say goodbye.

3.) No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth.
Robert Southey

4.) It may be hard to say goodbye. But the good with it is a promise of something better.

Goodbye quotes.

5.) How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.
Winnie the Pooh (More Winnie the Pooh quotations)

6.) Memories may be beautiful and yet what’s too painful to remember we simply choose to forget. So it’s the laughter we’ll remember when we remember the way we were.

7.) I thought I was stronger than a word, but I just discovered that having to say goodbye to you is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.
Colleen Hoover

8.) Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.

9.) The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye; the story of love is hello and goodbye…until we meet again.
Jimi Hendrix

Goodbyes are not forever quote.

Funny Goodbye Quotes

10.) A man never knows how to say goodbye; a woman never knows when to say it.
Helen Rowland

11.) If you leave without saying farewell, I will hunt you down, I will find you, and I will hug you.

12.) 90% of men kiss their wives goodbye when they leave the house. 10% kiss their house goodbye when they leave their wife.

13.) While we bid farewell to you, we feel pity for your new colleagues today. They have no idea the kind of wrath they have got coming their way. Goodbye boss.

14.) It’s time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad, and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure.
Ernie Harwell

15.) Company procedures taught us how to make good decisions by following operational manuals. You taught us how to how to make good decisions by following our hearts. Farewell to a true leader.

16.) You may have left for greener pastures, but in doing so, you have made us go blue. Goodbye, boss, we will miss you.

“Goodbye” – Jason Derulo x David Guetta Video

Saying Goodbye To Coworker

17.) Goodbye. It was a pleasure being your boss because you took all my worries off my shoulders. As you leave, I want to lay my heart bare and tell you that employees like you are really rare. Goodbye.

18.) Never in my life have I thought that I would want to work with a colleague forever—until I started working with you. Goodbye; I will miss you.

19.) Instead of saying farewell to you, I wish I could say fare-bad so that you can come back and continue working with us. But I won’t… because I always wish the best for you. Farewell.

20.) I want to hunt down the head hunter who hunted you and tell him that he has managed to hunt the best hunt ever. Adios, my friend.

Good-bye quotations and sayings.

Farewell To Colleague

21.) You have always been… more of a friend, less of a colleague, more of a leader, less of a boss. Farewell to a caring leader.

22.) As a colleague, you are a shield that protects us from the boss’ rants and a weapon that helps us in our war with monthly targets. So long.

23.) On the outside, I may smile while wishing you goodbye. But on the inside, I desperately pray that you will quit your new job and return soon.

24.) Having awesome colleagues is a bad habit because it’ll be impossible to work with someone else now that you’re leaving. Goodbye.

25.) I know that you are going to get an awesome salary for your new job, but there is no guarantee that you will get awesome colleagues like us. Do you still want to go? Be well.

26.) The departure of a long and important work is always more sad than pleasing. Goodbye, my friend.

Quotations about saying farewell.

Goodbye Quotes For Friend

27.) History never really says goodbye. History says, ‘See you later.’
Eduardo Galeano

28.) Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes.
Henry David Thoreau

29.) We started here together and are leaving the same way. The funny thing is you never appreciate what you had yesterday until it is gone today.

30.) Don’t be dismayed by goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.
Richard Bach

31.) Nothing,” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s hand. “I just wanted to be sure of you.” “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.
AA Milne


32.) Saying goodbye doesn’t mean anything. It’s the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it.
Trey Parker

33.) Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting.
J.M. Barrie

34.) From all my dreams where you felt everlasting to all my clothes your words used to wear, to the old end, to the new beginning, you have lost me everywhere.
Khadija Rupa

35.) True friends don’t say goodbye; they just take extended leaves of absence from each other.

36.) Adieu! I have too grieved a heart to take a tedious leave.
William Shakespeare, “The Merchant of Venice”

37.) The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again.
Charles Dickens

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Goodbye sayings.

Farewell Sayings

38.) And the relationships that happen become so intense, deep, involved, and complex and really hard to say goodbye to. The hardest part of the show is saying goodbye when it’s all done. It really breaks you.
Genevieve Gorder

39.) When best friends say goodbye to each other, what they are really saying is ‘Hold that thought, I will be back soon, So I will hold my thought until you return to hear the rest.

40.) A farewell is necessary before we can meet again, and meeting again after moments or a lifetime is certain for those who are friends.
Richard Bach

41.) Good friends never say goodbye; they simply say – see you soon, buddy.

42.) The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last.
Moira Rogers

43.) The world will come to an end as I say goodbye to my Dear Lovely friend. But I know I’ll pull through this pain because We know we’ll surely meet again.

44.) It’s sad, but sometimes moving on with the rest of your life, starts with goodbye.
Carrie Underwood

Goodbye Instagram Captions

45.) Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.
Garrison Keillor

46.) This is not goodbye, my darling; this is thank you.
Nicholas Sparks

47.) See you later, alligator. 
Bill Haley and the Comets

48.) Goodbye always makes my throat hurt.
Charlie Brown

49.) Goodbyes, they often come in waves. 
Jarod Kintz

50.) Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow. 
William Shakespeare

51.) Life is a journey, not a destination. 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

52.) Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.
J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Uplifting Farewell Quotes

53.) If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello. 
Paulo Coehlo

54.) It’s not the days in life we remember, but rather the moments.
Walt Disney

55.) Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

56.) They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom. 

57.) We’ll meet again, Don’t know where, don’t know when, But I know we’ll meet again, Some sunny day. 
Vera Lynn

58.) So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good.
Helen Keller

Deep Goodbye Quotes and Sayings

59.) Only in the agony of parting do we look into the depths of love.
George Elio

60.) Sadly enough, the most painful goodbyes are the ones that are left unsaid and never explained.
Jonathan Harnisch

61.) Man’s feelings are always purest and most glowing in the hour of meeting and of farewell.
Jean-Paul Richter

62.) It is so hard to leave — until you leave. And then it is the easiest thing in the world.
John Green

63.) There’s nothing good about goodnight when it means goodbye.
Jeff Thomas

Inspiring Goodbye Quotes

64.) You have been my friend. That in itself is a tremendous thing. 
E.B. White (Charlotte’s Web)

65.) Thank you for everything you’ve accomplished so far, and good luck with everything you will do.

66.) Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.
Oscar Wilde

67.) Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

68.) May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.
Irish Blessing

69.) Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending. 
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

70.) The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.
Wendy Wunder

71.) Anyone with a heart, a family, has experienced loss. No one escapes unscathed. Every story of separation is different, but I think we all understand the basic, wretching emotion that comes from saying goodbye, not knowing if we will see that person again, or perhaps knowing that we will not.
Luanne Rice

Goodbye, My Friend Insights

72.) If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.
Paulo Coelho

73.) Goodbyes make you think. They make you realize what you’ve had, what you’ve lost, and what you’ve taken for granted.
Ritu Ghatourey

74.) It’s sad, but sometimes moving on with the rest of your life starts with goodbye.
Carrie Underwood

75.) Man’s feelings are always purest and most glowing in the hour of meeting and of farewell.
Jean Paul Richter

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