101 Friendship Messages, Texts, Greetings

Friendship messages and texts can mean a lot to some of the most important people in your life.

Chances are you send instant messages. But when messaging a friend, “instant” isn’t always best. Your friend means a lot to you, so you want to choose your words carefully.

What makes it more challenging is that friends come in wide varieties. Some are humorous. Some are serious—some like traditional messages, and some like texts.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could browse through a handy catalog of friendship messages and find the perfect thing to send to that ideal friend? We’ve got you covered. We started with the best friendship messages we could find. So start browsing!

Best Friendship Greetings

1.) I’ve found the perfect apples and bananas in my life. I never expected to find a perfect friend.

2.) You say we don’t agree on much. I beg to differ.

3.) In my Friends Halls of Fame, you’ve got a room all to yourself.

Friends hall of fame.

4.) As long as I’ve got you, I’ll never need a selfie stick.

5.) We have similar tastes — and I always respect my taste buddies.

6.) I can count my friends on the fingers of one hand. And you’re the pinkie.

7.) We don’t have to travel a thousand miles on a cruise ship. We’ve gone further than that on a friendship.

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Going far on a friendship.

8.) A friend like you is worth all the money in the world. By the way, can you loan me five bucks?

9.) We’re friends because you always knew where I came from — even before I told you my home address.

10.) It’s fun horsing around with you — because you’re a pal-o-mine-o.

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horsing around.

Friendly messages

11.) An acquaintance keeps you from being alone. A friend keeps you from being lonely.

12.) What is a friend with benefits? Laughing, listening, loyal.

13.) Better to have a friend who complements you than a friend who compliments you.

14.) Friends are more valuable than money. But friends with money — omg!

15.) The only thing between friends like us is the chocolate sitting on the table.

16.) I’d follow you anywhere – on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – anywhere!

17.) A good friend has your back — and is not waiting to stab you in it.

18.) A fake friend stabs you in the back. A true friend pokes you in the back.

19.) I’ll turn into a blubbering mess without you.

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Friendship Messages and Texts.

Message for Best Friend

20.) I thought I had many friends until you showed me what a real friend is.

21.) You know me better than anybody. And you still like me!

22.) I can’t imagine the argument that would threaten our friendship.

23.) You know it’s a real friend when you have three strikes against you, and they don’t call you out.

24.) They say a guy and a girl can’t stay best friends. Who are “they” anyway?

25.) I wouldn’t trade you for 500 Facebook friends.

26.) We’re like Thelma and Louise. Want to take a drive together?

27.) Finding a friend like you? Improbable. Losing a friend like you? Impossible.

Messages for best friends.

Cute Things to Say to Your Best Friend

28.) You may not be my BFF. But you are my BFFFF (best friend for the foreseeable future).

29.) My family may have raised me. But you’re the one who lifts me.

30.) Our friendship is fleeting. One lifetime and it’ll be over.

31.) Several people understand relativity theory. A few understand quantum physics. Only you understand me.

32.) You’re the last person on earth I’ll be friends with (when everyone else falls by the wayside).

33.) Our friendship is perfection. And it can only improve from there.

34.) No-brainer: Putting you down as my emergency contact when I went to the doctor’s today.

35.) We’re like gin and tonic. Once we’re together, there’s no separating us.

36.) There are friends, and then there are F*R*I*E*N*D*S. You’re the latter.

37.) My parents brought me up. But you never let me down.

Funny friendship messages.

Happy Friendship Greetings

38.) Wasting time with a true friend is never time wasted.

39.) A friend is someone who talks behind your back — about how terrific you are.

40.) When you grow up with a childhood friend, you stay in touch with your inner child.

41.) Kid a casual friend about some idiosyncrasy, and the friendship grows shaky. Kid a close friend about some idiosyncrasy, and the friendship grows.

42.) Good friends can talk for hours and never speak a word.

43.) Alone, you’re an island. With a good friend, it’s an island paradise.

44.) The perfect friend argues with you about lots of stuff but agrees with you about the important stuff.

45.) Unlike a lasting marriage, a lasting friendship succeeds without a contract or exchange of vows.

46.) Best friends are like lovers, except one hug is always enough.

47.) When you have many friends, losing one won’t be the end of the world.

48.) The silver lining in being down and out is: It lets you know who your friends are.

49.) A friend lights the way when life seems like a dark tunnel.

50.) Kids are real geniuses when it comes to making friends.

51.) You can’t be sure of your BFF until you reach forever.

For Friends at Work

52.) It’s only natural that we became close — we share a tiny cubicle.

53.) Our friendship has gone a long way — thanks for driving to work daily.

54.) It’s sad that we only get high together when we take the elevator to the office.

55.) A sandwich always tastes better with a side of a friend. Let’s grab lunch.

56.) They say a dog is a man’s best friend. But my dog has lunch plans today. How about you?

Texts For Friends

57.) Because we didn’t go to school together, we’ll never reunite at a high school reunion. So we’d better stay friends.

58.) There are friends, and there’s family. And then there’s you — frie-mily.

59.) I like you cause you’re like me.

60.) Spending time with you beats spending money on somebody else.

61.) We’ve been friends since we were young. We’ll stay young as long as we remain friends.

62.) You’re a fair-weather friend — it always seems like fair weather when you’re around.

63.) Bumming around with you makes me feel more like a king than a bum.

64.) Can the “In” Crowd consist of two people? Because I think we’re “In.”

65.) Friends like friends like you.

66.) We’re like the friends on Friends, except we don’t need any writers to get us into crazy situations.

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friendship text ideas.

Best Friend Text Messages

67.) Friends like us are – hey, wait for a second – there are no friends like us!

68.) I can’t remember ever having a friend like you. (Of course, my memory isn’t the greatest.)

69.) You’re nothing like me. (And that’s an honest compliment.)

70.) We’re friends even though we root for different teams. (Luckily, they’re in different leagues).

71.) Hanging out with you shortens my life — hours go by in minutes.

72.) You used to be a friend of a friend. Glad you graduated from just a friend.

73.) We have a long-distance friendship: From here to eternity.

Friendship Text

74.) What’s wrong? Was it something I texted?

75.) I need some hang time with my BFF PDQ.

76.) Facetime is not quality time. Let’s meet in the real world.

77.) A friendship can’t survive on texts alone. Let’s get offline together.

78.) Why is a video always funnier if I watch it with you?

79.) You’re always there to defend me, not just on social media!

80.) Let’s get crazy tonight. Yolo.

81.) Btw — and all along the way — I treasure our friendship.

82.) I’m BOOMS. Any suggestions?

83.) Glad I accidentally ran into you today. Next time I hope it’s on purpose.

84.) 2 much 2 say to text. I’m going to phone you.

85.) Tonite’s gonna be a good, good nite.

Funny Friend Texts

86.) Let’s go out and do something we’ll laugh about 50 years from now.

87.) We could never duplicate last night. But we’ve got to try.

88.) About last night – I can’t even.

89.) Last night was karaoke-dokey.

90.) Other than drones, helium balloons, and the stock market, what’s up?

91.) You’re such a good friend that I may send you an actual letter instead of a text one of these days.

92.) I value our friend-chip because you guac my world!

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Loyal Friendship Messages

Check out these friendship messages for your most loyal of allies.

93.) The others are less than truthful when they say they have a best friend… because there’s only one you, and you’re the best!

94.) I’m here, and I care.

95.) So that you know, I have total faith in you.

96.) I’m here for you no matter what. Be brave!

97.) You inspire me to greater heights.

98.) I will destroy anyone that ever hurts you.

99.) You have no idea how wonderful you are.

100.) All of your selfies belong in a book on modeling.

101.) I wish everyone were like you.

Being a Good Friend

To be a good friend, share your feelings with those who make you feel special. If one of your pals is going through a rough stretch, reach out to them with a text message or note featuring one of the sentiments from those listed above. Or come up with your message. It’s truly the thought that counts.

By Art Novak

Art Novak is a novelist, Emmy-winning writer, and Professor Emeritus at Savannah College of Art and Design.


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