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What to Write in a Father’s Day Card

With Father’s Day upon us, have you ever wondered what to write in a Father’s Day card?

We’ve created a list of ideas below for you to review and to glean ideas from. Hopefully, some of our suggestions will resonate with you or at least give you ideas for words of your own.

While everyone knows it’s the thought that counts, it frequently helps to have the right words. Have at it.

Witty Ideas for What To Write for Father’s Day

1.) I’d like to apologize for all of your gray hair. Genetics! That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

2.) I take some comfort in knowing that in my younger days, I set a family record for time-outs — signed, your #1 son.

3.) We share a love of sports that’s brought us closer, especially if we shove the recliners together.

4.) Dad, I notice in your wallet you have photos of where your money used to be. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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What to Write in a Father's Day Card.

6.) Hopefully, this Father’s Day will provide you with as much fun as before you had kids.

7.) Dad, you taught me how to fish, throw a baseball, and hammer a nail. I taught you how to be a good disciplinarian, a patient tutor, and how to pull out nails all over the house. Hmm, seems like a fair trade, right?

8.) To my Dad, my advisor, and one of my closest friends — Happy Father’s Day!

9.) You didn’t have to be so nice — but you always were. I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

10.) To the first and longest-lasting hero in my life – I love you, Dad!

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Messages for Father’s Day Card

11.) Dad, thanks for showing me how to play baseball. Don’t read too much into the fact that the few times I got to play, it was in the right field.

12.) I hope I’ve made you proud, Dad, and if not, hey, maybe you ought to lower your expectations.

13.) Dad, you’re the best banker I ever knew. Love, your favorite daughter.

14.) I have to salute you, Dad, for my Hollywood good looks. The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree!

15.) How is a baby bird like its dad? He’s a chirp off the old block! Happy Dad’s Day!

16.) I finally figured out where you store all of your dad jokes. In a dad-a-base!

17.) Do you know how I tell if a joke is a dad joke? It’s apparent and full groan!

18.) For your patience in answering the age-old question, “Are we there yet?” without losing your temper. Happy Father’s Day!

19.) When it comes to role models, you’re the leading man! Thanks for all you’ve done for us (and especially me)!

20.) You played a lot of roles growing up: handyman, storyteller, reader, guide, advisor, atm, and coach come to mind. But the best role you played was Dad!

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To Pop on Father's Day - What to Write in a Father's Day Card.

Fun Father’s Day Greetings

21.) Remember that old TV show “Father Knows Best.” They must’ve had you in mind when they titled it. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

22.) Dear Dad, I’ve always considered my progress in life to be a group project. You’ve been one of the biggest contributors. I appreciate all the help and love you’ve given me.

23.) You give Superman a run for his money. Here’s to you on your special day!

24.) You don’t realize what peace of mind you gave me by always being there to fix things, guide me on the path, and always know just what to do. I couldn’t have done it without you.

25.) I always tell my friends that I’m a “Dad Joke Survivor.” Just kidding, we all love your sense of humor. Happy Father’s Day.

Good Father's Day greetings.

26.) To the guy who always made Dadding look so easy.

27.) Thank you for teaching me how to fish. You know I love you hook, line, and sinker.

28.) May your days be filled with Bruce Springsteen songs and Mission Impossible movies — have a great day!

29.) To Father GOAT, And by that, I mean “Greatest Of All Time!”

30.) To the punniest dad in the land! Always smiling and quick with a joke are two traits I’ve always admired about you. You make life fun!

Father’s Day Traditions

Once a year, we celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June.

For many families, it’s all about traditions. A favorite meal is served. Dad gets a pass from chores for the week. Perhaps there’s a family golf outing, or Dad golfs with some friends — with no complaints from others.

Father’s Day came about in 1910, two years after Mother’s Day. A single father who raised six children was celebrated at a YMCA in Spokane, Washington.

Father’s Day Gifts

Traditional gifts for Father’s Day include a tie, socks, a book, a golf club, shirts, candy, and more. By the time a father has kids old enough to buy gifts, he might have many of the necessities met, so buying a gift for him can be a challenge.

Brookstone, the mall store with unique gifts, was apparently developed with Father’s Day in mind. Any great gift needs to be accompanied by a Father’s Day Card. Then the true challenge begins.

So, there you have it. Now you have some suggestions for what to write in a Father’s Day card.

By Mike O’Halloran

Mike is a father of four daughters, author, and founder of Greeting Card Poet.


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