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Trick or Treat Trivia

Our Trick or Treat Trivia game is a fun way to kick off the Halloween season.

Every year, kids dress in their favorite costumes, grab a bag or a bucket, and go door-to-door to receive candy and goodies. It’s a Halloween tradition known as trick-or-treating.

For many kids, it’s the best holiday of the year. But how much do you know about trick-or-treating?

The following 31 trick-or-treat questions will put your knowledge to the test. Good luck, and let’s give ’em pumpkin to talk about.

Best Trick-or-Treat Trivia Questions

1.) From pointed-end to base, what are the three colors of candy corn in order?

2.) What city is known as the “Halloween Capital of the World”? Is it A.) Anoka, Minnesota, B.) Halloween, Nevada, or C.) Boston, Massachusetts?

3.) Are pumpkins a fruit or a vegetable?

4.) According to a survey of 17,000 Candy Store customers, what candy was voted the worst Halloween candy?

trick or treat trivia.

5.) From which country did Halloween originate? Was it A.) England, B.) Ireland, or C.) Germany?

6.) What are widely considered the two Halloween colors?

7.) According to Google, what is the most popular Halloween costume in the U.S.?

8.) Every Halloween, who does Linus – of Charlie Brown fame – wait for to appear?

9.) What is the most popular candy bought for Halloween?

10) What famous magician died on Halloween night in 1926?

11.) This candy was initially called “chicken feed” and “butter cream candies.” What is it called now?

12.) Before pumpkins, what was used for the first Jack-o’-Lanterns?

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Halloween Candy Questions

13.) Approximately what percentage of candy sold in the U.S. is for Halloween? Is it A.) 5%, B.) 10%, or C.) 25%?

14.) What were Sour Patch Kids initially called? Was it A.) Kiddy Delights, B.) Sour Power, or C.) Mars Men?

15.) This candy bills itself as the “#1 cinnamon flavored candy brand in the U.S.” What is it?

16.) About how many peanuts does a regular Snickers bar contain? The closest without going over wins.

17.) What is the narrow, white piece of paper that sticks out of the top of each Hershey’s Kiss? Is it A.) Hug, B.) Sticklet, or C.) Plume?

18.) How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? The closest without going over wins.

19.) What is the rarest M&M color in a standard pack?

20.) What are the two essential ingredients of Bit-O-Honey?

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Halloween Books and Movies Trivia

21.) In 1818, the book Frankenstein was published. Who is the author?

22.) Who wrote the popular series, Twilight?

23.) What is the name of the movie series that Jamie Lee Curtis starred in with seven different movie appearances?

24.) Which bewitching movie did Bette Midler say was one of her favorite movie roles of all time?

25.) From what literary work does the oft-used Halloween phrase “Double, double toil and trouble” come?

General Halloween Questions

26.) In what decade did the giving out of candy at Halloween begin in the U.S.? A.) 1920s B.) 1930s C.) 1940s D.) 1950s.

27.) What is the male equivalent of a witch?

28.) About how much does the average American spend on Halloween, per the National Retail Federation? A.) $50 B.) $75 or C.) $100

29.) Is finding a spider on Halloween considered good luck or bad luck?

30.) What bird is recognized in the month of October and is linked to Halloween due to its nocturnal nature?

31.) Which term is not another name for Halloween? A.) Lambswool B.) Snap-Apple Night C.) Gobble Gook D.) Summer’s End.

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Answers to Halloween Trivia

Let’s creep it real. Here are the answers to the fun Halloween questions above.

1.) White, orange, and yellow.

2.) The answer is A.) Anoka, Minnesota, is the “Halloween Capital of the World.”

3.) A pumpkin is a fruit.

4.) Candy corn was voted the worst Halloween candy.

5.) The answer is B.) Ireland.

6.) Orange and black. Orange represents pumpkins and harvest, and black represents night and death.

7.) A witch.

8.) The Great Pumpkin.

9.) M&Ms.

10.) Harry Houdini died on October 31, 1926.

11.) Candy corn. (Cattle feed because corn was fed to cows.)

12.) Turnips. Irish kids would carve out turnips and place a lump of lit coal. This lantern commemorated “Stingy Jack,” who fooled the devil but was forced to walk with only a lump of burning coal in a turnip to light the way. The Irish called him “Jack of the Lantern” or “Jack-o’-Lantern.”

Sweet Answers

13.) The answer is C.) About 25%.

14.) Founder Frank Galatolie designed the candy to take advantage of the interest in space and called them Mars Men. In a likely attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Cabbage Patch Kids, the company changed the name from Mars Men to Sour Patch Kids when introduced to the U.S. market.

15.) Hot Tamales.

16.) The answer is 16.

17.) The answer is C.) Plume.

18.) 1,000 licks. Mathematicians at New York University helped solve this age-old question.

19.) Brown.

20.) Honey (duh) and almonds.

21.) Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein.

22.) Stephenie Meyer wrote the Twilight series.

23.) Jamie Lee Curtis starred in the Halloween movie series.

24.) Bette Midler was describing Hocus Pocus.

25.) “Double, double toil and trouble” comes from Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

26.) It wasn’t until the 1950s that candy was given out. Prior to that, fruit, nuts, and little toys were commonly dispersed.

27.) A male witch is a warlock.

28.) The answer is C.) $100.

29.) Spotting a spider on Halloween is considered good luck. The theory holds that it means a loved one is watching over you.

30.) October is Owl Month. By the way, a bat is not a bird.

31.) The correct answer is C.) Gobble Gook. All of the other terms are alternative names for Halloween.

Trick or Treat Trivia Scoring Guide

scoring guide.

Give yourself 3.23 points for each correct answer. The maximum score is 100 (31 questions x 3.23 points).

Below 40 points = There’s a hole in your Halloween bag of knowledge, but nothing that a little reading couldn’t fix.

41 – 60 points = Solid effort.

61 – 80 points = That’s a good haul of Halloween candy! Well done.

81 – 100 points = You’re spooky good at this game. You know your stuff!

By Mike O’Halloran

Mike is the founder and editor of Greeting Card Poet.


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