Engagement Congratulations

Sending engagement congratulations to a newly engaged couple is a well-worn custom for everyone who wants to express their deepest joy for the soon-to-be newlyweds.

As far as timing goes, make certain you have sent your engagement card well in advance of the wedding. Sounds obvious, but you would be surprised. Once you hear the happy news, sending a card and well wishes is fair game to celebrate this exciting step.

What to Write in an Engagement Card

At Greeting Card Poet, our expert panel of Love Doctors has looked through hundreds and hundreds of appropriate phrases to write in an Engagement Card.

From that research, our panel has boiled it down to our 13 favorites you will find below. Your message can be funny or heartfelt, sincere or silly, but it should reflect your personality and the personalities of the happy couple on this special day.

Sometimes, it’s not as easy to come up with exactly what to write to express your feelings of joy for the future bride and groom. So, you may need a little help, and that’s where we come in. We hope one or more of these suggestions will inspire you to write the perfect thing in the card of a family member or friend.

13 Favorite Engagement Congratulations Greetings

1.) Congratulations on your engagement; let’s go celebrate! You can buy me a Margarita.

2.) It may look like just a ring, but an engagement ring is a symbol of undying love. Happy Engagement and nice ring!

3.) Way to go on your engagement, I never thought you would do it. No really. I thought you were too weird. Happy engagement!

4.) Have you come to the conclusion that this is not a dream, this is the real thing and it’s really happening? Best wishes on your engagement.

5.) The first dance is a big event at any wedding, just think now you have the chance to dance together for the rest of your lives. Happy Dancing and Great Engagement!

6.) When two great people meet something wonderful is bound to happen. Your engagement is pretty wonderful!

7.) I’m Not sure why they call it “tying the knot.” But, if two people deserve to be tied together for the rest of their lives, it’s you two. Happy Engagement!

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Engagement congratulations.

More Engaging Options

8.) It is a journey that the two of you take together, the adventure of a lifetime, and a cherished never-ending love. Best wishes on your engagement!

9.) Yes, there will be storms and rough patches and the realization that nobody’s perfect. But in between all that, there is love and joy! Congratulations!

10.) Congratulations on your wedding engagement! Looks like you two are ready to take the next step. Just be careful and don’t step in anything.

11.) I’ve watched your relationship grow and flourish from the very beginning and I am so happy for both of you that your love has reached this pinnacle!

12.) May your future be a bright star and your present be as memorable as you make it. Best wishes on your engagement!

13) It’s true, now you can stop trying so hard to look good for each other and just stare in each other’s eyes. Happy engagement!

Funny Congratulations Engagement Messages

Yes, I will be attending your wedding. That is, of course, if you invite me. Best wishes on your engagement!

You must realize you now have the chance to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. No, not me. Him!

I think when there is a ring involved it means things are getting serious, well, congratulations on getting serious, now go get married!

It’s a good thing you two found each other because otherwise who would have taken you? Just kidding, best wishes on a wonderful engagement!

Have a great honeymoon! Too soon?

They said it couldn’t be done, but you two did it!

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Congratulations on Your Engagement

Here is a collection of short congratulatory phrases that are appropriate for any engagement card. You want to make sure that you let the soon to be hitched bride and groom know how happy you are for them and how you believe they are doing the right thing. By starting with congratulations, you will set the perfect tone to convey your meaningful sentiment.

Congrats you’re on the same page and that’s a good start.

Congratulations, it seems like only yesterday that you two got engaged, oh wait, it was yesterday!

Your love is easy to spot, I saw it from the very beginning!

Celebrate each day together just like you are celebrating this engagement!

Congratulations, you found the one you have been looking for!

Kudos to a beautiful couple, you’re the perfect fit!

Congrats to the soon-to-be bride and groom, I’m excited for your life together!

Congratulations on finding each other, some people search forever and never find the right one. You two are lucky!

My heartfelt congratulations to two people who are ideal together and will now be linked forever.

Congratulations, I’m over the moon that you two found each other so soon!

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Engagement Wishes

How do you write meaningful engagement wishes? What do you say to two people who make a great couple? There are many ways to approach this task. If the happy couple is your close friends, maybe you want to be funny, or bring back a shared memory, or find an engagement wish that sincerely conveys your feelings.

If the newly engaged twosome are relatives, maybe you need a wish that harkens to family and good times or a fond remembrance of growing up. And, if you are a bridesmaid or groomsman, you may want to take a different approach that can be more involved with the wedding planning,

A good way to end your engagement card is to express a personal message from you about the happy couple, wishing them well in their impending lives together. As you wrap up your thoughts, you can pick just one wish or combine several wishes to let your engaged friends or relatives know they are truly loved.

Message Ideas for Recently Engaged

Here are some ideas:

Sending you great wishes on your engagement at the beginning of a celebration that will last a lifetime.

May the rest of your lives be blessed with the joy you are feeling right now.

Your upcoming wedding is filled with the possibilities of thousands of tomorrows. Best Wishes.

Remember, the wedding is just the start; the marriage will take you to the finish line. All the best.

There is a reason that weddings are sealed with a kiss. The kiss is a symbol of undying love and devotion. My very best wishes on your engagement.

If you know you can’t live without someone, then you should probably marry them. Congratulations and Best Wishes.

You’ve made the big step and committed to getting married. The ceremony is important, but it’s your love moving forward that will sustain you. Wishing you both the best.

Wishing you lots of joy and love for the rest of your lives together!

This really is a new chapter in your life. Think of it as the first chapter of the best book you’ve ever read. Congratulations on your engagement!

Congrats on Being Engaged Messages

Good luck with your engagement and this lovely life that you will build together, and may your building last forever!

May you be more than lovers; may you be best friends forever. Happy Engagement!

Best wishes to my brother for making the best decision of his life so far. Best Wishes, Bro. Happy Engagement!

All the best to my baby sister, it seems like yesterday that I was trying to boss you around. Oh wait, that was yesterday. Have a Great Engagement Sis!

May god bless you and give you a lifetime of joy, love, and happiness. Congratulations on your engagement!

So, look at you, you found the perfect guy/girl; I’m really happy for you and just a little bit envious. Way to go!

On this special day may you know nothing but love and happiness. Best wishes on your engagement.

Congratulations Engagement Greetings

Warm wishes on your engagement, and thank you for making me a part of the celebration as a bridesmaid. You’re the best, you deserve the best and you got him!

It is an honor to be picked as one of your groomsmen and by the look in your eyes, I know that you picked the right woman to be your bride. Happy Engagement!

On the news of your engagement, may your love strengthen each day as you live your lives together.

May you have a lovely life now that your relationship has reached new heights and you’re ready to take the leap. Happy Engagement!

He is bright and happy and filled with all of the joy of being in love. Congratulations on finding the right one. Best wishes for your engagement!

Engagement Traditions in Other Countries

The engagement traditions that you encounter around the world can be very different than the ones found in the United States. Many countries take a different more subdued approach to the engagement process. The events leading up to the wedding can vary dramatically. Here are some engagement customs from around the world:


In Chile, both the man and woman wear engagement rings on their right hands. On their wedding day they remove the rings and transfer them over to the third finger on their left hand.


Instead of an “engagement ring,” Germans give a “promise ring.” The promise ring signifies a promise from the groom-to-be to the bride-to-be that they will marry and that they continue dating. It is a more casual approach than the one in the U.S. and the friendship ring is smaller and more subdued.

In Japan a “Yunio” (translated as engagement ceremony) must be performed before the couple is considered engaged. The families of the bride and groom meet and exchange traditional gifts. The gifts signal well wishes and a blessing for things like health, long life, prosperity, and good children.


One of many countries that practice arranged marriages, in China the bride-to-be is often showered with gifts by the groom-to-be’s parents in an attempt to prove they are worthy of welcoming her into the family. There are many additional ancient traditions in China, some are still followed, others are not.


Thailand also has an engagement ceremony called a “Thong Mun,” (this translates from Thai to gold engagement). The groom gives numerous gold gifts to the bride-to-be including a gold engagement ring rather than a diamond one.


One of the interesting engagement traditions in India is that the father of the groom-to-be asks the father of the bride-to-be for his daughter’s hand in marriage. If the father of the future bride agrees, the two families enter into an elaborate contract that sets the date and plans for the wedding.


The tradition of asking the father of the bride’s permission to marry is alive and well in Greece. Once the father of the bride has given his approval the future bride and groom must attend counseling classes from a priest. Once the couple has completed the classes, there is a huge engagement party with family and friends.

What’s Next Before the Big Day?

You don’t necessarily have to send a gift with the card, especially if there is going to be one or more wedding showers. If you are just meeting the engaged couple for drinks or dinner, a card is a very appropriate thing to give them at the bar or restaurant.

Having a well-thought-out, hand-written, engagement card with your sincere congratulations is a thoughtful touch that will be remembered by the bride and groom. In this article, we’ll include ways to personalize your message and make it a little easier for you to come up with the proper message.

You’ve said your congratulations, sent an engagement card, and maybe even given the happy couple a gift; now what? Hopefully, you’ve picked out some messages and greetings from our Greeting Card Poet lists. You might consider inviting the happy couple out for a night on the town, dinner and drinks are always in good taste.

Talk it over with your friends and throw the soon-to-be newlyweds a party, maybe even consider a theme. A cocktail party, barbecue, surprise party, seafood boil, dinner party, or pool party are all good choices. Whatever you decide to do with your messages of congratulations, remember you will be helping create a lasting memory for two people that are madly in love.

By Tim Moodie

Tim Moodie is a Freelance Writer and Product Developer. He spent many years writing greeting cards of all kinds, including engagement cards for Recycled Paper Products. In addition, he has designed, developed, and invented numerous adult and children’s games and preschool and tween toys. Tim is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting.


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