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Most Romantic Marriage Proposals Videos

Our most romantic marriage proposals videos showcase the groom-to-be hitting his knees and asking for his true love’s hand in marriage.

But first, to get there in these videos, there’s a flash mob and a romantic song to set the scene. After the performance, the groom steps to the plate and pops the question. The crowd explodes when the answer is a “Yes!”

What’s not to like?

Best Romantic Marriage Proposals

Romantic marriage proposals

1.) That Guy Can Sing Video

Violins in the background, a lead singer with the voice of an angel, and a lovely setting. What more can you ask for? Well, even the groom-to-be can sing! Plus, the video production is top-rate.

This proposal makes the John Legend “All of Me” song come alive. An incredible execution! By the time the music was performed, nearly everyone in the audience was ready to say, “Yes!”

2.) Just the Way You Are Wedding Proposal

This flashmob proposal plays out to perfection in a beautiful sidewalk cafe in Beirut, Lebanon. Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” is the perfect featured song to accompany professional dancers.

There isn’t a thing we’d change about this romantic wedding proposal.

3.) Beachside “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” Marriage Proposal

There’s a lot to love about this wedding proposal. Props for the Motown song selections like “I want you back” and “Aint No Mountain High Enough.” Of course, the finish had to include a Bruno Mars song. Did musical wedding proposals even happen before Bruno became popular?

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The casual vibe and the little kid’s giggles make this an even more memorable proposal. And, yes, if you’ve hired great singers, you might as well have them sing a few favorites for the kid before they leave.

4.) Lip-Dub Proposal – Bruno Mars

Clever idea to split-screen the reaction of the performance with the performance. Give this Romeo bonus points for including a marching band — well, kind of. Also, isn’t it great she’s sitting in the back of a Honda CR-V?

It appears the groom recruited 60 people to participate in the performance. By all accounts, it was worth it!

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A Proposal That Should Be In the Movies

Talk about a creative approach! This proposal took a lot of planning and work. But, you can’t argue with the results.

The groom-to-be’s move from being on film to appearing in real life reminds you of a David Letterman skit. And, it all works. Get the popcorn, sit back, and enjoy this one.

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Flash Mob Wedding Proposals

Flashmob wedding proposals that worked

6.) DJ’s Got Us Falling In Love Again

Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” makes for the perfect music as this flash mob does some serious dancing to set the plate for the proposal. Recorded just outside Target Field in Minneapolis, this proposal hits the bullseye!

7.) Family Day Out Marriage Proposal

The soon-to-be wife’s two kids steal the show in this wedding proposal in London on a family day out in the park. It only makes sense to conclude with Ed Sheeran’s “Evergreen.”

8.) Ikea Wedding Proposal — Some Assembly Required

You have to love incorporating Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” with the “If you like it, then you have to put a ring on it” lyrics. And, sure, Ikea may not be the most romantic location in the world, but it all works.

9.) Flashmob Proposal Featuring Charice Song

This flashmob proposal has over 38 million views, so folks worldwide are discovering who Charice is if they didn’t know earlier.

10.) Tony and Sara at Piazza Cordusio Milano

Apparently, this couple was “looking for something dumb to do,” and the groom-to-be selected the Bruno Mars song to propose. Good dancing, a fun venue, and another successful proposal. Bravo!

11.) Love Story With Taylor Swift

This probably happens a lot, but it doesn’t make it any less romantic.

We hope you enjoyed these romantic marriage proposals. Each video has the power to create a range of emotions. Now, it’s time for me to look for my box of Kleenex.

By Emily Johnson

Emily writes about literature, pop culture, and entertainment.


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