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Romantic Thinking Of You Messages

Surprise your loved one with romantic “thinking of you” messages. Funny, short, and best “thinking of you” messages can help you share how you feel about the special person in your life.

These messages and thoughts are perfect for him and her and can rekindle an old flame or strengthen your bond. Here are some of the most popular and romantic “thinking of you” quotes:

Short Romantic Thinking of You Messages

Even if you are not with me, you are always in my every thought. All I do, I do thinking of you!

It’s funny how life is. Yesterday my mind was filled with different thoughts, different people, and different tasks. Now, it’s just you and you alone in all my thoughts.

I thought it was hard to think of just one person. It is not. It is fulfilling and satisfying and makes me smile with pride. I think of you. I love you. And, I miss you.

I miss you with every beat of my heart as I think of you every moment. It’s all about you, my love.

You are in my thoughts since I wake up in the morning until I go to bed at night. I’m happy to call you mine.

You were made for me, and I was made for you. You live in my thoughts, in my heart, and in my soul for all eternity.

Best romantic thinking of you messages.

I’m Loving You Thoughts – Romantic Thinking Of You Messages

I was afraid to admit it to myself, but now I’m ready to shout it to the world. I think about you all the time. Because I love you. Because I want you to be mine.

I knew I loved you when you started featuring in all my thoughts and dreams during the day and night!

There’s nothing scarier than love. At least, this is what I thought. Until you crept into every one of my thoughts. Now I think of you, and I am brave enough to say it out loud!

I think of you all day. I talk to you in my head when you are not around. Know this: I love you so much.

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Funny Romantic Thinking of You Messages

I wish I were with you instead of always thinking about you. I love you, babe! More and more each day.

Thinking about you all the time only makes me miss you more. Come back to me quickly!

Thinking of you. All day. All night. And, all week. All month. All the time.

One time I caught myself smiling without reason. But thinking about it more made me realize I was actually smiling because I was thinking about you.

When I want to smile or feel better, I know exactly what to do: I close my eyes and think of you!

Since you are in all my thoughts throughout the day, even my thoughts became better because of you.

You made me a better person, and just thinking about you makes me want to be good and do good. Just for you. For you to be proud of me.

There are people who just come in and never leave. This is what you did. And now you are always in my thoughts. But I never want you to go.

I thought I was good before I met you. Now I know I was missing a reason to live a better life. Now I think of you whenever I need to make a hard decision. And you always guide me right.

I think of you when life gets hard, and I think of you when I’m winning. I think of you all the time. It makes me happy and brings you closer to me.

Your love is electric.

Thinking of You Sayings for your Partner

When I think of you, it makes life worth living. It makes troubles seem less scary, and it makes fun moments much happier. Thinking of you is my favorite activity nowadays.

If thinking of you were an Olympic sport, I’d definitely be an Olympic champion because I do it all the time, and I got really good at it.

I think of you when you’re not around, wishing you were with me. But this only makes me miss you more and think of you more. It’s a circle, but I like going round and round, thinking about you!

My favorite moment of the day is when I wake up, thinking about you and wanting to tell you about my dreams, only to find you in bed with me.

Having you in my life didn’t make me think of you less. I think of you on my way to work, at work, on my way back from work. I think of you when you’re not around, wishing to be home with you instead.

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Thinking of You Messages for Him

I can’t even imagine my life without you. I am thinking about you day and night, with my each and every breath. You are my life and soul, and I am lucky to have you in my life!

The more I think about you, the more I realize how blessed I am. God must love me so much to give me a man like you in my life. Thank you for being you, my love!

There is nothing more important for me than you. I think about you every day, every hour of the day, every minute, every second. You are in my mind, in every fiber of my being, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I want you beside me every day and every night. You are in my thoughts, and I desire you in my heart. I think about you and want to share my life with you. I hope we’ll be together soon!

You are my best decision ever. Being with you feels my heart with joy and happiness. I think about how much you mean to me every day, and I am grateful for all the moments we share together. Hopefully, we’ll have many more of these!

I think of you non-stop. Not because I can’t stop it (I really can’t!), but because it makes me happy. I think of you and smile at something you did. I think of you, and my heart feels with warmth and so much goodness sometimes it’s hard to bear. You are my one and only, my everything.

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Thinking of You Message for Her

There are very few things in life I enjoy as much as I enjoy thinking of you. It’s a very rewarding activity, which is why I always do it. Also, it makes me feel closer to you when you’re not around.

If you start smiling for nothing in the middle of the day, don’t worry! You are smiling because I’ve thought of you, and I’m smiling too.

There is not a day that goes by without me thinking of you. I’m sending you positive vibes and happy thoughts to make your day as good as you make mine.

You may be out of my sight, but you are never out of my mind as I always think about you!

Romantic Thinking Of You Notes

When you’re wondering if I’m thinking of you, know that I always think of you.

Words fall short when I am trying to tell you how much you mean to me. So I’ll just say that you are in my every thought. All day long.

I only stop thinking about you when I am asleep because this is when I start dreaming about you.

If I don’t think of you for a while, I start questioning my whole world.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. I am always thinking about you.

I really like thinking about you. It makes me smile.

All my thoughts belong to you—all my hopes for the future, my dreams, and my desires. You are the master of my world, and I am forever grateful for such a gentle lover.

My love, my heart, my soul, my every thought is for you. I love you, babe!

Just thinking about you for a second makes me feel great about the whole world for at least an hour. This is why I always think of you throughout the day!

Thinking of you all day and all night.

Flirty Thinking of You Text Messages

Before you, I used to think about food, parties and my friends for hours. Now I just think about you, and I don’t need food or parties or anything else for that matter.

Just thinking about you, and I get goosebumps! Can’t wait to see you again. I hope it’s really soon.

How do you call someone who thinks about you pretty much non-stop? You call him {your name}.

I heard that if you love someone, you can’t stop thinking about this person. I can’t stop thinking about you. Do you think it means something?

Babe, you are always the first and the last in my thoughts. My day doesn’t start until I wish you “good morning” and never ends before saying “good night” to you. You are so important to me.

When I think of you, I get this feeling that everything is ok. That I’m right where I should be now in my life. I am with you.

I think of you so much. But it’s good; I like it. The only thing I’d like better would be for you to kiss me whenever I think of you.

I wake up and think about you. When I go to work, I think about you some more. I return home with you in my head. I think I’m addicted to you. Wanna go out with me someday?

If someone had told me that I’d find someone that would be in every one of my thoughts and dreams, I wouldn’t have believed that person. But after I met you, this is my life. And I am happy to live it with you.

Best Romantic Thinking of You Messages

I want you to have romance, and love, and all the best things in the world. I want to give you the world. But all I can do is cherish you in all my thoughts, all day long.

You’ve stolen my heart, but it’s ok; I can live with this. But now you’ve also stolen all my thoughts and dreams. I think of you all the time, my love!

My days are full of thoughts of you, and my nights are filled with dreams of us. Until we meet again.

I feel calm, safe, and happy when I think about you. And it makes me want to do everything it takes for you to feel the same when you are with me.

I won’t let any day pass by without you hearing from me. It might be a text, a message, or a video call, as you are always in my thoughts.

It doesn’t matter how much I focus on work or anything else, my mind is invaded with thoughts of you, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I miss you!

Can you imagine a day without love? Because I can’t imagine a day without thinking of you!

They say you attract what you think about. I only think of you. Do you feel attracted yet?

I first thought you were in my thoughts because you like me. But the more I think about you, the more I realize I love you too.

You Are Always on My Mind Messages

I keep thinking about you since we first met. Sometimes, I obsess over our first kiss in my head. I relive it over and over again, and I feel intoxicated at the thought of you in my life. Forever.

You mean the world to me. More than the world. My everything. You are in my thoughts and dreams and create my reality every day.

The more I think about you, the more I feel blessed. You are one in a million, babe! I’m so happy that you are mine! Love, you complete me in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. My life is with you; you are always on my mind and in my thoughts.

Romantic Thinking of You Captions

You’re making my dreams come true.

The more I see you, the more I love you.

All of me loves all of you.

You make my heart smile every time I see you.

Can’t go a minute without thinking of you.

My heart would be empty without you.

If we were for sale, we’d be sold as a set.

Instagram Captions for Thinking of You

You are the center of my comfort zone.

You butter my bread.

I found paradise when I met you.

My heart still keeps a beat.

My heart goes boom when you’re in the room.

You are my favorite distraction.

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