World Introvert Day

World Introvert Day occurs on January 2 each year around the world. It is a day dedicated to celebrating introverts—the understated and retiring personality types that prefer to maintain a low profile and stay out of the limelight.

It’s easy to assume that introverts have a kind of behavioral deficiency, but in reality, they behave differently than extroverts. If you are an introvert, understanding how you think and behave can help you better cope with daily life and honor what makes you unique.

To find out more about World Introvert Day, what it means to be an introvert, and gain a better understanding and appreciation of introverts, take a look at the answers to these frequently asked questions.

When is World Introvert Day?

World Introvert Day is celebrated on January 2 each year.

World Introvert Day.

Introverts FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Introverts.

Why do we celebrate World Introvert Day?

Introverts have several positive qualities that make them stand out among the rest of the population.

Here is a list of traits of the introverted personality you may not know.

Introverts Personality Traits

Usually have a deep knowledge base, gained through study and observation.

Problem-solve effectively.

Exhibit a creative mind.

Place the team first – good team players.

Have deep and meaningful relationships.

Maintain an excellent vocabulary.

Don’t need constant attention.

Have a calming and understanding personality.

Exhibit caution in their risk-taking.

Think imaginatively.

Make great leaders.

How do we celebrate World Introvert Day?

Here are some great ways for introverts to celebrate World Introvert Day on January 2:

Stay in and watch movies.

Indulge a creative passion.

Enjoy a long bath with candles.

Have tea and a good book.

Order a nice meal online.

Go on a long walk with your dog.

A drink of wine with a friend.

Sleep in.

Visit a museum, park, or bookstore.

Cancel a social obligation.

What are the four types of introverts?

There are four types of introverts, according to Wellesley College psychologist Jonathan Cheek. You may be one type of introvert or a combination of all four.

1.) The social introvert – Social introverts may seem shy in certain social settings. But they actually have a preference for staying away from the crowd. For this type of introvert, there is not anxiety-inducing resistance to socializing. Instead, they merely feel drawn towards being with a few select friends or enjoying the comfort of staying home.

2.) The thinking introvert – Deep thinking, self-analysis, and rich inner life are hallmarks of the thinking introvert. Movies and books stimulate their thought processes, causing reflection, wonder, and imagination. These thinkers are not averse to social situations or groups of people.

3.) The anxious introvert – Anxious introverts, like the name, suggests, feel stress and anxiety with certain social situations, especially unfamiliar ones. These occurrences cause the introvert to feel awkward and painfully self-conscious around others. Isolation is not always a refuge either, as the anxious introvert broods over stressful social events and how they could have handled them better after they have happened.

4.) The restrained introvert – These lesser-known types of introverts prefer to ‘think before they speak.’ They are unlikely to energetically jump out of bed in the morning and require time to warm up to the day’s activities. Hence, these folks tend to be careful decision-makers and not spontaneous.

Solitude matters.

Are introverts rare?

It is estimated that the percentage of introverts in the world equals 25% to 40% of the population. But most people are ambiverts, meaning they display characteristics of both introversion and extroversion.

Who are some famous introverts?

These famous introverts are also among the most successful achievers in the world:

  1. Albert Einstein
  2. Abraham Lincoln
  3. Eleanor Roosevelt
  4. Bill Gates
  5. Dr. Seuss
  6. J.K. Rowling
  7. Steven Spielberg
  8. Elon Musk
  9. Barack Obama
  10. Mark Zuckerberg
  11. Charles Darwin
  12. Rosa Parks
  13. Mahatma Gandhi
  14. Hillary Clinton
  15. Sir Isaac Newton
  16. Larry Page
  17. Al Gore
  18. Michael Jordan
  19. Meryl Streep
  20. Warren Buffett

World Introvert Day fun facts

The Myers-Briggs Company found that 56.8% of all people prefer introversion.

The introvert’s brain exhibits levels of cortical arousal higher than extroverts’ brains, indicating over-stimulation. This possibly explains introverts’ tendency to avoid loud noises and avoid large groups.

The third week of March each year is National Introverts Week in the United States.

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung created the terms’ introvert’ and ‘extrovert’ in the 1920s.

It may seem like everyone is an extrovert. A study by Psychological Science showed that an “extroversion bias” exaggerates this impression among many people.


Check out these Introvert jokes for a laugh.

Q: How many introverts does it take to fix a lightbulb?
A: Why does it have to be a group task?

Q: How do you kill an introvert?
A: Starve him to death by putting another person in the kitchen

Q: What do you call introverted Hobbits?
A: Shyer folk.

Q: How can you tell whether a mathematician is introverted or extroverted?
A: The introverted mathematician will look at his shoes while telling you something. The extroverted will look at your shoes.

Q: How does an Introverted hypochondriac feel during the Coronavirus outbreak?
A: Validated.

Q: Why don’t introverted trees want to be chopped down?
A: They don’t want to dialog

Q: Have you met Post Malone’s introverted brother?
A: Leave M’Alone

Q: What do vegans and introverts have in common?
A: Both avoid meet.

Q: How to spot an introvert in a crowd?
A: Please don’t.

Q: Why did the introverted mushroom decide to go to more parties?
A: Because everyone told him he was a fungi.

Introvert jokes and puns.

One-liners for World Introvert Day

If half the population really are introverts, why haven’t I met any?

It’s a great time to be an introvert.

I’ve been practicing social distancing for so long that Sasquatch has a blurry picture of me hanging on his wall.

The First Rule of Introvert Club is… Don’t speak.

Two introverts walk into a room… One leaves.

An introvert walks into a bar… My bad, I was thinking of someone else. The introvert stayed at home.

I know an introverted entrepreneur in the coal industry.
He mined his own business.

Attendance at my monthly introvert meetup is at an all-time high…
It’s just that I feel like we’re attracting the wrong crowd.

Introverts Quotes

These introvert quotes display the wit and insights of some great introverts (and others).

As a child, I suppose I was not quite normal. My happiest times were when I was left alone in the house on a Saturday.
Charles Bukowski

Writing is something you do alone. It’s a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don’t want to make eye contact while doing it.
John Green

Telling an introvert to go to a party is like telling a saint to go to hell.
Criss Jami

My imagination functions much better when I don’t have to speak to people.
Patricia Highsmith

The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulate the creative mind.
Albert Einstein

I’m very picky with whom I give my energy to. I prefer to reserve my time, intensity, and spirit exclusively to those who reflect sincerity.
Dau Voire

I owe everything that I have done to the fact that I am very much at ease being alone.
Marilynne Robinson

I’m an introvert… I love being by myself, love being outdoors, love taking a long walk with my dogs, and looking at the trees, flowers, and the sky.
Audrey Hepburn

Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul.
Marcus Aurelius

Sayings for World Introvert Day

Solitude matters, and for some people, it’s the air they breathe.
Susan Cain

In an extroverted society, the difference between an introvert and an extrovert is that an introvert is often unconsciously deemed guilty until proven innocent.
Criss Jami

You may think I’m small, but I have a universe inside my mind.
Yoko Ono

I don’t believe anything really revolutionary has ever been invented by committee… I’m going to give you some advice that might be hard to take. That advice is: Work alone… Not on a committee. Not on a team.
Steve Wozniak

Without great solitude, no serious work is possible.
Pablo Picasso

Introverts treasure the close relationships they have stretched so much to make.
Adam S. McHugh

I think a lot, but I don’t say much.
Anne Frank

Captions for Instagram

  1. Sorry, I’m late. I didn’t want to come.
  2. Antisocial Butterfly.
  3. I was avoiding people before it became a state guideline.
  4. Introvert power.
  5. Introverts: Pioneers of Social Distancing.
  6. Yes, I’m having a good time.
  7. Back row seats available!
  8. GO AWAY!
  9. I peopled today.
  10. PJ’s over People!
  11. I’m not avoiding you; I’m avoiding everyone.
  12. My alone time is for everyone’s safety.
  13. Just here to observe.
  14. I just want to go home.
  15. Domestic Silence.
  16. Sorry, can’t talk. I spoke to three people yesterday.
  17. Whew… that was close, I almost had to socialize.
  18. Social Vegan: I avoid meet.
  19. Shh… I’m in my quiet place.
  20. Sorry, I can’t today.
  21. I’m not quiet; I’m plotting.
  22. It’s a beautiful day to leave me alone.
  23. Not antisocial. Just pro-leave me alone.
  24. Reduce your carbon footprint by staying away from me.
  25. Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.





So, go forth and replenish your energy at home. Hope you enjoyed it.

By Michael O’Halloran

Michael is the founder and editor of Greeting Card Poet. He previously worked as president of Magnetic Poetry.


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