National Pumpkin Day

Pumpkins are much more than a fun holiday accessory. To celebrate the versatility and popularity of the beloved gourd, National Pumpkin Day is celebrated in October. To learn more about what else they are used for, continue on.

When is National Pumpkin Day?

National Pumpkin Day is celebrated on October 26 every year.

National Pumpkin Day FAQs.


Dive into the frequently asked questions and fun facts below to enhance your knowledge regarding the day further.

What should I do on National Pumpkin Day?

To celebrate the day, you can try and prepare a new pumpkin recipe. Roasted spicy pumpkin soup, pickled pumpkin with cinnamon, and pumpkin smoothies are some great options.

Or, you can bake a delicious scone, bread, or pie. Finally, you can enjoy some traditional fun by carving your favorite character, slogan, cartoon, or image into a pumpkin.

What are some benefits of pumpkins?

Pumpkins are rich in potassium, reduce blood pressure, and contain high amounts of fiber and Vitamin C. Therefore, pumpkins can significantly help reduce the risk of stroke, protect against muscle mass loss, and preserve bone mineral density. Finally, pumpkins reduce kidney stone formation, while the antioxidants and vitamins can prevent degenerative damage to the eyes.

When were pumpkins discovered?

Pumpkins originated in North America around 9,000 years ago, and the name comes from the Greek word Pepõn, meaning “Large Melon.” It eventually became a French word, then an English one, and finally transformed into the American-English word “Pumpkin.”

Fun Facts

Pumpkins aren’t vegetables; they are fruits. They are also a member of the squash family.

Pumpkin seeds also taste great roasted and contain various medicinal benefits too.

The Pilgrims hollowed out the first pumpkin pie made in America. They then filled the shell with milk, spices, and honey before baking it.

Illinois grows over 12,300 acres of pumpkins every year, which is the most in the US.

Pumpkins are considered to be an excellent remedy for snakebites and freckles.

The heaviest pumpkin ever was grown by Belgium Mathias Willemijns, weighing 1,190.49 kg. However, in the US, the record is set at 2,517.5 pounds by Karl Haist of Clarence Center, New York.

On average, pumpkins produce around 500 seeds.

Pumpkins grow on all continents except Antarctica. The highest pumpkin-producing countries include China, Mexico, India, Russia, and Ukraine.

In the US, around 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins are produced per year.

Just one cup of mashed pumpkins contains around 245 percent of your daily recommended Vitamin A intake.

Two to eight-pound varieties of pumpkins are best for baking due to their flavor and density.

Pumpkin pies are America’s second favorite kind of pie.

A California-based farmer, Tony Dighera, in 2014, grew pumpkins shaped like the head of Frankenstein’s monster. This feat took him 27 varieties and a whopping $400,000, and he named them “pumpkinsteins.”

Pumpkin Jokes

Who helps the little pumpkins cross the road safely?
The crossing gourd.

What kind of animal loves pumpkins?

How do gourds get so strong?
By pumpkin iron.

What did the pumpkin say after Thanksgiving?
Good-pie everyone.

Why was the gourd so gossipy?
To give ’em pumpkin’ to talk about.

What is a pumpkin’s favorite sport?

What do you call an athletic pumpkin?
A jock-o-lantern.

What’s the ratio of a pumpkin’s circumference to its diameter?
Pumpkin pi.

What does a pumpkin pie say after a big meal?
That was filling.

What did the pumpkin say to its carver?
Cut it out!

What did the orange pumpkin say to the green pumpkin?
You look a little sick.


What kind of gourd grows on trees?

How do you mend a jack-o-lantern?
With a pumpkin patch.

Where do pumpkins hold meetings?
The gourdroom.

What did the queasy pumpkin say?
I don’t feel so gourd.

What did Cinderella say when her carriage turned into a pumpkin?
Oh, my gourd!

What is black, white, orange, and waddles?
A penguin with a pumpkin.

What’s the best thing to put into a pumpkin pie?
Your teeth.

What do you call a pumpkin that works at the beach?
A life-gourd.

Why are jack-o-lanterns so smart?
A candle makes them bright.

National Pumpkin Day

Pumpkin Puns

Say hollow to my little friend.

Gourd vibes only.

Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie.

I’m no Cinderella, but I know that pumpkins are magical.

I only have pies for you.

Gourd luck charm.

Gourd of the Rings.

Gone Pumpkin Pickin’.

Pumpkin patches turn me into a kid in a candy store.

Beauty is in the pie of the beholder.

You struck a gourd with me.

Gourd Out of my Mind.

Patch you later!

I love pumpkin spice a latte.

One pumpkin a day keeps the witches away.

Pun-kin patch!

Have a gourd time on Halloween.

Go big or gourd home!

We have nothing but gourd intentions.

I’m Ahead of the Carve.

The pumpkin of my pie.

What’s cooking, gourd looking?

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Funny Puns

Wow, this pumpkin is totally jacked.

You are the pick of the patch.

At this point, my blood type is pumpkin spice.

Orange, you pumped for Halloween?

You’re gourdgeous.

I’m a pun-king.

Let’s carve out some fun this October!

The smashing pumpkins.

Let’s spice things up.

Go big or gourd home!


Be of gourd cheer.


Give ’em pumpkin to talk about.

Pumpkin Quotes

Make pumpkin bread as the default gift for everyone. It is cheap; it is beloved, it is carbs.
Karen Bender

I will defend pumpkins until the day I die. It’s delicious. It’s healthy. I don’t understand the backlash.
Anna Kendrick

Talking about pumpkins doesn’t make them grow.
Alexander McCall Smith

I make a really good pumpkin pie with real pumpkin.
Morgan Saylor

Instead of doing cinnamon, nutmeg, and all those baking spices, I’ll have one spice that’s for sweets, and that’s pumpkin pie spice.
Sandra Lee

If you’re ever wondering what to wear, just dress like a pumpkin, and you’re good to go.
Devendra Banhart

Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.
Jim Davis

Most pumpkin dishes involve scooping out the seeds, cutting off the skin, and chopping up the flesh before cooking.
Yotam Ottolenghi

Pumpkin spice lattes are egg nog for morning people.
John Oliver

Let’s be honest: you can’t celebrate fall without its leading role – pumpkin! You can incorporate this flavor of the season in so many ways, from candles to lattes, pies to decorations.
Rachel Hollis

The pumpkin lies yellow beneath the cold skies; it’s luscious and mellow and ready for pies.
Walt Mason

Pumpkins are the only living organisms with triangle eyes.
Harland Williams

When life gives you pumpkins, make pie.
Elbert Hubbard

Only the knife knows what goes on in the heart of a pumpkin.
Simone Schwarz-Bart

My favorite word is ‘pumpkin.’
Harrison Salisbury

I can smell autumn dancing in the breeze—the sweet chill of pumpkin and crisp sunburnt leaves.
Ann Drake

Like many indelible family memories, carving a pumpkin begins with someone grabbing a really sharp knife.
Dana Gould

Captions for Instagram

  • Pumpkin kisses and harvest wishes!
  • Fall is my excuse for pumpkin everything!
  • Autumn skies and pumpkin pies.
  • I’m spicing things up!
  • You’re the pumpkin to my spice.
  • Autumn leaves and pumpkins, please!
  • I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.
  • I’m just here for the pumpkin pie.
  • Keep calm and enjoy Fall!
  • The cutest pumpkins in the patch.
  • Cute as pumpkin pie!
  • Pumpkin weather is better together.
  • Oh. My. Gourd.
  • Pumpkin spice and everything nice.
  • I think it is clear by now that I love pumpkins more than anything!








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