May Day

May Day could bring back memories of leaving May Day baskets on doorsteps or dancing around the May Pole. This holiday is celebrated differently around the world, with customs unique to each area.

When Is May Day?

May Day is celebrated on May 1 each year.

May Day is May 1


To know more about this day and learn about its different observances, read the frequently asked questions below.

What is May Day?

May Day is a public holiday, celebrated either on May 1 or the first Monday of the month. It has been celebrated for centuries now as part of the ancient festival of spring in Europe. It can also be associated with the Floralia, the festival of flora, of the Roman Republic era.

Over time, this developed to include various customs and soon spread to the Americas, Asia, and Africa.

How to celebrate May Day?

Even though the day’s celebrations widely vary throughout the world, some common observances include dancing, singing, and parades. Parties with cakes are also often planned, and bonfires are also a common practice. Because it is meant to celebrate the beginning of spring, many people also plant trees.

Bulgarians also perform Irminden while the Estonians celebrate Walpurgis Night. Similarly, carnival-style festivals are held in Finland, where it’s considered the fourth biggest celebration, after Christmas, Midsummer, and New Year’s Eve.

In Germany, Walpurgisnacht celebrations take place, and Ireland is famous for celebrating it as the feast of Beltane. If you are a Serbian, you should know about Prvomajski uranak, and May Day is celebrated as Los Mayos in Spain.

Fun Facts

In Ancient Greece, they celebrated the Festival of Chloris, the Goddess of spring.

The Ancient Romans celebrates the Goddess Flora on this day,

Morris Dancers of England wear hats with flowers, ankle bells, and suspenders. They stomp their feet, wave handkerchiefs, and bang sticks together during the May Day Fair. “Cumberland Square” is one of the dances.

A Maypole, which was often made from old ships’ masts, has been standing in Inkwell, England, since 1894.

Considering these to be immoral, the May Day festivities were banned by the Church in 1640 but brought back by Charles II four years later.

Some believe that this was the last day for the fairies to travel back to earth.

Some say that washing the face in May morning’s dew can beautify the skin.

In Italy, May Day is recognized as the happiest day of the year by many.

Spring Jokes

What did the tree say to spring?
What a re-leaf!

Why is spring a great time to start a gardening business?
Because it’s the season when you can really rake in the cash.

What did the summer say at the beginning of spring?
Help! I’m going to fall!

Can February like March?
No, but April May!

Why are trees very forgiving?
Because in the Fall, they “Let It Go,” and by May Day, they “turn over a new leaf”.

What do you get when you plant kisses?
Tu-lips (two-lips).

May Day Riddles

What do you get if you cross a sheepdog with a rose?
A collie-flower!

What did the bee say to the flower in May?
Hello honey!

What season is it best to go on a trampoline?
Spring time.

What month of the year is the shortest?
May (only 3 letters).

Why do doctors hate popular Instagram accounts that only post in the spring?
Because they’re seasonal influencers!

A townie was looking for the May Day Fair; he stopped and asked Jethro. ‘Will this road take me to the May Day Fair?’ ‘Oh no,’ said Jethro. ‘You’ll have to go by yourself!’

My winter fat is finally gone!
Now I’ve got spring rolls.

May Quotes

Sweet May hath come to love us,
Flowers, trees, their blossoms don;
And through the blue heavens above us
The very clouds move on
Heinrich Heine

If we had no winter, May Day would not be so pleasant.
Anne Bradstreet

The world’s favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May.
Edwin Way Teale

As full of spirit as the month of May and as gorgeous as the sun in midsummer.
William Shakespeare

You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep spring from coming.
Pablo Neruda

Among the changing months, May stands confest the sweetest and in fairest colors dressed.
James Thomson

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.
Hal Borland

Ah! my heart is weary waiting; Waiting for the May; Waiting for the pleasant rambles; Where the fragrant hawthorn brambles; Where the woodbine alternating, Scent the dewy way; Ah! my heart is weary, waiting; Waiting for the May.
Denis Florence McCarthy

Also known as May Eve or Walpurgis Night, May Day happens at the beginning of May. It celebrates the height of spring and the flowering of life. The Goddess manifests as the May Queen and Flora. God emerges as the May King and Jack in the Green. The danced Maypole represents Their unity, with the pole itself being God and ribbons that encompass it, the Goddess. Colors are the Rainbow spectrum. Beltane is a festival of flowers, fertility, sensuality, and delight.
Selena Fox

Hebe’s here, May is here! The air is fresh and sunny, And the miser-bees are busy Hoarding golden honey.
Thomas Bailey Aldrich

I thought that spring must last forevermore; for I was young and loved, and it was the festival of May Day.
Vera Brittain

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