Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is among the most important holidays in Mexico and is widely celebrated in the US, but many wrongly believe this to be Mexico’s Independence Day. Read on to know what this day represents and how you can celebrate it!

When Is Cinco De Mayo Day?

Cinco De Mayo Day is celebrated on May 5 each year.


There are many incorrect beliefs about the day, and these FAQs are meant to correct just those. So, let’s get started!

What is Cinco De Mayo, and why is it celebrated?

Cinco De Mayo is a holiday celebrated in Mexico and the US in honor of a military victory over the French forces of Napolean III in 1862.

What food is eaten at Cinco De Mayo?

Typically, people all over the US and Mexico celebrate the day by eating tacos and consuming margaritas.

How do you say Happy Cinco De Mayo in Spanish?

It would help if you gave “Feliz Cinco de Mayo” a try in place of “Happy Cinco De Mayo.”

Where is Cinco De Mayo celebrated the most in the US?

Cinco De Mayo is celebrated in Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Antonio. The holiday is also celebrated in many other cities in the US.

How should you celebrate Cinco De Mayo?

Eating Mexican food or visiting a Mexican restaurant are some common ways of celebrating the day. Similarly, you can support Hispanic Businesses and Museums or visit a festival meant for this particular day.

Fun Facts

Though this wasn’t a significant victory, during the Battle of Puebla, the Mexican army of around 2,000 soldiers valiantly fought to defeat the larger French army of over 6,000 soldiers.

Even though the town was again lost to French forces a year later, the general of the battle was awarded by renaming the city after him, now called Puebla de Zaragoza.

While there are many feasts in the US, it is celebrated differently in Mexico, particularly in Puebla. So, on this day, they hold military parades with the locals dressed up as French and Mexican soldiers.

The main dish in the Mexican festivals for Cinco De Mayo is, in fact, Mole Poblano, a sauce made with several ingredients and not tacos.

Even though this used to be one, Cinco De Mayo is no longer a holiday in the US or Mexico.

Lon Angeles holds the biggest celebrations for the day in the entire USA, with huge celebrations like Fiesta Broadway and Cinco De Mayo at Olvera Street.

Trivia for Cinco De Mayo

According to recent research, Americans eat a lot of guacamole daily. Over 80 million pounds of Avocados are sold yearly on Cinco De Mayo in just the US!

Many believe that Napolean III wanted to turn the town into a military base to support the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. And, had he succeeded, the outcome of the war could’ve been very different.

In the 1960s and the 1970s, Cinco De Mayo was closely linked with the Chicano Rights Movement in the US.

In Washington DC, the day is celebrated by the Running of the Chihuahuas, a native Mexican breed.

May 5 also celebrates the anniversary of NASA launching the first American-manned space flight in 1961 and the opening of Carnegie Hall in 1891.

Cinco De Mayo Quotes

Cinco de Mayo has come to represent a celebration of the contributions that Mexican Americans and all Hispanics have made to America.
Joe Baca

Cinco de Mayo is an important day. The Mexicans had to defend themselves from the French. It is historically significant, but it is not Mexican Independence Day.
Kuno Becker

Wishing you a Cinco de Mayo that is pretty much as shimmering and wonderful as a cosmic explosion. Appreciate this extraordinary day with all the pride your heart can contain.

For children, diversity needs to be real and not merely relegated to learning the names of the usual suspects during Black History Month or enjoying south-of-the-border cuisine on Cinco de Mayo. It means talking to and spending time with kids not like them so that they may discover those kids are, in fact, just like them
John Ridley

Taco Party for Cinco de Mayo.

Captions for Instagram

  • Cinco De Drinko.
  • Tequila made me do it!
  • If you don’t like Cinco De Mayo, then Cinco De Bye-O.
  • After this, we are getting tacos.
  • Let the fiesta begin!
  • It’s Cinco de Mayo. Just in queso, you didn’t know.
  • Until further notice, celebrate everything.
  • Life isn’t all tacos and tequila, but it should be.


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