National Sangria Day – December 20

We celebrate National Sangria Day on December 20 each year to honor the centuries-old custom of combining wine with sliced fruit and spices.

Nothing is better than some fruit mixed with wine to brighten your day. Sometimes Brandy or other spirits are added to make things more interesting.

When is National Sangria Day?

National Sangria Day is celebrated on December 20 each year.

History of the Holiday

It seems we can’t say who started National Sangria Day or exactly when it started with any certainty, but we do know we love celebrating it. Perhaps, some things are best left as mysteries.

National Sangria Day.

What is Sangria?

Sangria Definition: It’s a cold, alcoholic beverage typically features wine mixed with sliced fruit, lemonade or soda water, and spices. However, there are many variations.

Sangria Fun Facts

Sangria can trace its roots back to the Greeks and Romans, who added all kinds of things to wine. Sugar, spices, and alcohol were added to the wine, and the wine was often diluted with water. The water in Roman times was filled with bacteria and tasted awful; the wine, spices, and alcohol made it drinkable.

In Europe, only Sangria made in Spain or Portugal may be labeled and sold as Sangria. Elsewhere, a descriptor of the country must be placed in front of it, e.g., German Sangria.

We have the Spanish to thank for modern-day Sangria. Sangria comes from the Spanish word “Sangre,” which means blood. There are two main types of Sangria. Sangria Roja uses red wine, and Sangria Blanca uses white wine. From these two main types, there are thousands of variations.

The Spanish sponsored a pavilion at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City. At the pavilion, Sangria was served for quite possibly the first time in America. America loved it, and it is basically the national drink of Spain, Portugal, and Mexico.

Sangria went by the name Sangaree in the Caribbean.

There is a restaurant in Madrid called Casa Toribio. It serves Sangria with Carne de toro de Lidia (meat from a bull killed in the ring). It makes some sense that a drink from the Spanish word for blood would be served with a bull that died a bloody death in the ring.

Best Ways to Celebrate National Sangria Day

There are lots of different ways to celebrate National Sangria Day. Here are some ideas for your National Sangria Day gathering:

Have a Sangria Tasting Party. You can mix up a few batches yourself or have family and friends bring their own concoctions. You could even do a blind taste test. Blindfold a willing volunteer and have them try several different Sangrias. You can even compare the different favorites.

Since it is winter, you can serve your Sangria warm at your gathering if you live in a northern climate. The mixtures work just as well warmed up, and the heat brings out even more flavor.

In 2020, National Sangria Day fell on a Sunday. You can make up some Sangria Blanca (Sangria made with white wine) and serve brunch. The fruit will go great for brunch, and the Sangria will add the refreshing touch.

An Easy Sangria RecipeVideo

Sangria Instagram Captions

There’s a lot of visual appeal to Sangria. So, pull out that smartphone and take a photo or two. Then, post to social media at your leisure.

  1. Sangria: Pairs nicely with friends.
  2. Mamma Mia, it’s Sangria!
  3. Best use of orange slices ever!
  4. Sangria is my fruit drink.
  5. Here for the Sangria.
  6. Good start to my five fruits and veggies per day.
  7. Sip Happens.
  8. All for wine and wine for all!
  9. You had me at Sangria.
  10. Vin there; Drank that.
  11. I don’t see wine not.
  12. Someone spilled wine on my fruit!
  13. Why Sangria? I needed more fruit in my diet.
  14. It’s wine o’clock.
  15. Eating responsibly: The fruit in my Sangria is organic.
  16. Fruity and Refreshing!
  17. Love in my heart and Sangria in my hand.
  18. Sangria is my spirit animal.
  19. Pretending I’m on a Spanish beach.
  20. You’ve got to love the wine you’re with.


How can you spot the guy who has had one too many Sangrias?
He is the one by himself on the dance floor, dancing like an idiot.

What do you call a man who is balancing a glass of Sangria on his head? A taxi.

A man has been drinking Sangria all day on National Sangria Day; he is clearly drunk. A woman walks up and says, “Why just look at you? If you were my husband, I’d poison that drink.” The man replies, “If you were my wife, I’d drink it.”

Drinking Sangria makes you forget all your troubles and allows you to make new ones.

How can you make sure you are eating a balanced diet?
Make sure you have a Sangria in each hand.

A man must believe in something.
I believe I’ll have another Sangria.

Sangria can’t work miracles; it can’t turn people into something they’re not, like good dancers.

After drinking Sangria all day, what is fun about the next day?

Quotes About Sangria

You got fruit in my wine. You spilled wine on my fruit. And so, Sangria was born.

Sangria: every bottle is filled with stories.

I cook with wine; sometimes, I even put it in the food.
W.C. Fields

You take my hand in yours. You lean in, and your lips taste just like Sangria.
Blake Shelton

Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says to love your enemy.
Frank Sinatra

I drink Sangria to make other people more interesting.
Earnest Hemmingway

In Texas on a Saturday night, man, it’s nice to make up some Sangria Wine. It’s organic, and it comes from the vine; it’s also legal, and it gets you so high.
Jerry Jeff Walker

She do the Sangria wine, Sangria wine, moving side to side, front and behind.
Pharrell Williams

Sangria made me do it.

Sangria: The Spanish version of fruit salad.

sangria quotes meme.


There are over two hundred songs with Sangria in the lyrics. Here are a few songs with Sangria in the title:

  1. Sangria – Blake Shelton, from the album Bringing Back the Sunshine
  2. Sangria Wine – Jerry Jeff Walker, from the album Viva Terlingua
  3. Red Sangria – Jordan Sparks, from the album Sounds Like Me.
  4. Sangria Wine – Pharrell Williams, from the album Sangria Wine
  5. Sangria – Emma Muscat, from the album Sangria

Various artists have compiled albums, including Sangria Hits, Sangria Cooler, Sangria Wine, Songs from the Summer of Sangria, and Mambo Sangria. Mambo Sangria was an album by the late Latin jazz master Cal Tjader and a tribute to Latin jazz.

Sangria Recipe from Jerry Jeff Walker

Taken from “Sangria Wine” by Jerry Jeff Walker.

“Start with some apples and wine.
Blend in some brandy, and some sugar’s fine.
That’s why you add Sparkling Burgundy Wine.
In Austin on a Saturday night.”

By Tim Moodie & Mike O’Halloran

Tim Moodie was a big fan of Jerry Jeff Walker in college, and yes, he has had his share of Sangria. Mike is the editor of Greeting Card Poet.


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