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Happy Anniversary Images and Memes

Check out our collection of happy anniversary images, memes, and pictures to greet the ones you love on their big day.

Anniversaries typically signify a length of time to commemorate some type of commitment, accomplishment, or feat, e.g., work anniversaries, historic events (the 75th anniversary of D-Day), or some major accomplishment (5 years cancer-free). But, on this page, we’re focusing on wedding anniversaries.

So, we hope you enjoy these memes and images that pay tribute to anniversaries.

Best Happy Anniversary Images and Memes

If you’re in a hurry, the Poet, along with his expert panel, selected these five images as his favorites. But, if you have time, check ’em all out.

It was always you - Anniversary Images and memes.

1.) It was always you.

Happy Anniversary to One cool couple.

2.) Happy Anniversary to one cool couple.

The Two of you were meant to be - Anniversary Images and memes.

3.) The two of you were meant to be.

I love you now more than ever.

4.) I love you now more than ever.

Grow old along with me.

5.) Grow old along with me… (See John Lennon’s video)

Happy Anniversary Photos and Pictures

You're in my heart and soul - Anniversary Images and memes.

6.) You’re in my heart and soul.

Together We're Better image.

7.) Happy Anniversary. Together we’re better.

You are my heart - Anniversary Images and memes.

8.) You are my heart, my life, my one and only thought.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Happy Anniversary Babe.

9.) Happy Anniversary, Babe!

Happy Anniversary You Two.

10.) You Two.

Happy anniversary to a special couple.

11.) To a special couple.

Each new day anniversary message.

12.) May each new day you spend together be more beautiful than the last.

Happy Anniversary Meme Favorites

Happiness is being married to my best friend.

13.) Happiness is being married to my best friend.

See Wedding Anniversary Messages

Happy Anniversary My Love meme.

14.) My Love.

You Always Stood Out from the crowd image.

15.) You always stood out from the crowd.

You plus me and us equals love image.

16.) You + me & us = LOVE!

Happy Anniversary Message image.

17.) My Love (variation 2).

I love you more today than yesterday image.

18.) I love you more today than yesterday (and that’s a whole lot!)

Sending All of Our Love anniversary message meme.

19.) Sending all of our love to some of our favorite people.

Funny Anniversary Memes

Grinning from year to year - Anniversary Images and memes.

20.) Another anniversary and still grinning from year to year. (An anniversary wish with a built-in pun — does it get any better?)

Treat Yoself day - Anniversary Images and memes.

21.) It’s a “Treat Yo Self” day for you two. (This self-care message is a tribute to Tom and Donna on Parks and Recreation). Check out Anniversary Ideas.

Twosome Awesomeness meme.

22.) Here’s to another year of twosome awesomeness!

What was; still is happy anniversary image.

23.) What was; Still is.

There you have it: 23 images, memes, and pictures.

If you think about it, a wedding anniversary is not only a significant accomplishment but also a joyous occasion. Two people have joined hands – literally and figuratively – to share life together. The ups, the downs, and everything in between are now taken on as a partnership team.

So, as you look through our collection of memes, images, and photos, please note that we have some designated to send to friends and family members. And also some to share with your significant other. Some work in both situations.

Pick one that works for you and include it in a Facebook post, a text, or an email. Join in the celebration with the right message and visuals.


You’re on Happy Anniversary Images, Memes, and Pictures.

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