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Cyber Monday Captions and Quotes

These Cyber Monday captions and quotes celebrate a big day for shoppers.

Online shopping is growing fast, and the Super Bowl of online shopping is “Cyber Monday.” Cyber Monday is now one of the biggest shopping days.

When is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is celebrated on the Monday after Thanksgiving every year.

Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday Captions

Buy now or cry later!

Shopping is always a good idea.

Online shopping gives me a reason to live for another 5-7 business days!

Monday is for shopping!

It’s an “add to cart” kind of day. (Editor’s Pick for one of our favorite Cyber Monday Captions)

Stay Calm and Shop on.

It’s shop o’clock!

When in doubt, do online shopping.

Born to shop. Forced to work!

Black belt in shopping.

Life is too short to wear boring clothes!

Cyber Monday is my fun day.

Captions for Instagram

Keep calm and do online shopping!

My right index finger is exhausted from all of this shopping on Cyber Monday.

“Looking for a deal” vibe.

I don’t like Mondays.

That Monday morning feeling is gone.

Cyber Monday: Ordered. Delivered. Done.

Dear Mondays, I hate you. Not you Cyber Mondays. You can stay.

Hiding from my creditors Tuesday.

Official Cyber Monday Shopping Team Member.

National Day of Giving is tomorrow.






Cyber Monday Quotes

There’s nothing better than online shopping in your PJ’s with a glass of wine with the kids asleep!
Helen Wilson

Shopping is my cardio.
Carrie Bradshaw

The biggest thing is online shopping. You can just go online and, if it doesn’t fit you, send it back.
Jennifer Saunders

Shopping is a bit of a relaxing hobby for me, which is sometimes troubling for the bank balance.
Rebecca Hall

I think anything we do – eating, walking down the street, online shopping – gives you another perspective on writing stories.
Peter Orner

Being busy with work, and as a mum, I’m a big fan of online shopping.
Kirsty Gallacher

I love shopping. There is a little bit of magic found in buying something new. It is instant gratification, a quick fix.
Rebecca Bloom

The online shopping paradigm is finally changing. Indeed, I think we’ve seen more innovation in the last ten months than in the last ten years. We’ve seen an explosion of interesting technologies and opportunities that seek to change online shopping.
Josh Kopelman

For me, shopping is a way to unwind.
Stacey Dooley

Sayings About Shopping

I like to shop. That’s what I do—online shopping, any kind of shopping.
Sloane Stephens

I like my money right where I can see it: Hanging in my closet.
Carrie Bradshaw

I stupidly memorize my credit card and use it about thrice weekly for online shopping. The only reason I don’t bankrupt myself is that I return about 75% of what I buy.
Mindy Kaling

I like eating, cooking and shopping. It all goes together.
Kyle MacLachlan

I do most of my shopping online. It’s just convenient for me.
Lauren Conrad

Shopping at any level is a bit of therapy for my medulla oblongata.
Theophilus London

Jokes for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday – the day when you can get a great deal today on something you didn’t want yesterday.

Last year, I bought an instructional boxing DVD on Cyber Monday. This year, I’m going Black Friday shopping.

Cyber Monday means broke Tuesday.

I’ll be shopping online this Cyber Monday, but to get in the shopping mood, I’ll be parking my car a mile from my house and pushing some people out of the way first.

I hope your Black Friday injuries aren’t so severe you can’t use your mouse on Cyber Monday.

I went to the computer shop and told them our family computer has an internal part that has stopped working. The shop assistant said, “Motherboard?” I said, “Yeah, she can’t do online shopping anymore.”

The cops busted me for pinching clothes people had hung out to dry. They called it theft. I call it online shopping.

Online Shopping Jokes

What comes after Cyber Monday?
Buyer’s Remorse Tuesday and Hiding from Your Creditors Wednesday.

What is cheaper and more effective than a psychiatrist?
Online shopping.

How can you tell which one of your friends got a good Cyber Monday deal?
Don’t worry; they’ll let you know.

Why don’t cats like online shopping?
They prefer a catalog.

Why did the shopper stop in the middle of the road?
So she could do online shopping.

Bought a new vacuum on Cyber Monday. Do you know what happened?
It sucks!

What do people eat on Cyber Monday?
Whatever they couldn’t finish on Thanksgiving Thursday.

I ordered a pair of sneakers from an online shopping site and found them to be defective. What is that?
An e-shoe?

What are your online shopping habits?
Sometimes I put lots of stuff in the cart and leave without paying.

Why don’t cows shop online?
They prefer cattle-ogues.

I was going to buy a rare spider from a pet shop. But you know what I did?
I realized I could pick one up on the web.


Here are some frequently asked questions and fun facts for more knowledge about Cyber Monday.

When and why did Cyber Monday start in the US?

In 2005, shop.org established Cyber Monday as a marketing invention. Considered to be the online version of Black Friday, this day encourages customers to shop online, right from their homes.

What is the average discount on Cyber Monday?

Various sources have proven that the average sale on Thanksgiving Day is 28 percent. This, however, raises to 29 percent on Cyber Monday. On Black Friday, in comparison, the average sale is just 23 percent!

Is Cyber Monday too late to get a good deal?

While you will be able to get amazing deals on Cyber Monday, there can be some problems. For one, most brands this year plan to offer better discounts beforehand to prevent delays closer to the holidays. This makes it likely that there will be somewhat better deals before Cyber Monday than on the day.

How many people participate in Cyber Monday?

In 2019 alone, more than 189.6 million people shopped from Thanksgiving Thursday to Cyber Monday. Among these, over 83.3 million did their shopping online, while the rest preferred to go to the shops.

Then, in 2020, over 174 million people shopped, getting the sales to a massive $10.84 billion. This showed a 15% increase in the value of products bought during the days in 2020 from 2019.

How do I celebrate Cyber Monday?

You can celebrate the day simply by buying things online for yourself, thus fulfilling the aim of the day. Or, you can send gifts online to your loved ones. Finally, you can help by spreading the word on social media using the hashtags mentioned later!

E-Commerce Fun Facts for Cyber Monday

In 2021, almost 2.14 billion people are expected to buy online worldwide, getting e-commerce sales to $4.891 trillion. Even more surprisingly, this is set to grow to $6.4 trillion by 2024.

Almost 50% of the total consumers worldwide buy more goods online than in-store.

44.5% of online shoppers tend to use mobile or digital wallets because of the ease of use.

Due to the pandemic, almost 42% of all grocery shopping in the US in 2020 was online. This is nearly double from the 22% in 2019. Grocery shopping on Amazon has increased by as much as 50 times (not percent, times)!

62% of all online shoppers tend to shop at least once a month.

49% of people who abandon the online cart do so because of extra costs, like delivery charges and additional taxes.


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