Birthday Greetings For A Friend

Ideas for birthday greetings for a friend sometimes come quickly and naturally. Other times, it’s a struggle. We’re here to help. Please read on.

Everyone loves celebrating birthdays. They love the gifts, the decorations, the cake, the candles, everything about birthdays. A birthday always brings a smile to someone’s face.

The best birthday greeting for a friend is one that incorporates a memory or story that connects you and the recipient. For example, if you had a ticket stub from a concert you attended together, you can slip it in the greeting card.

Here is a selection of greetings and messages that we gathered for your enjoyment. You may get an idea of how to phrase a personalized greeting from you. The greeting you use should fit the tone of your relationship with your friend. Use these ideas; however, you wish and remember being funny never hurts.

Best Birthday Greetings for a Friend

1.) To my phenomenal friend, may this be the beginning of your best year ever!

2.) Thrilled as ever to spend another 365 days with my best friend!

3.) Happy birthday to my wildly spectacular and truly amazing friend!

4.) Wishing you a day filled with laughter, fun, and lots of cake. Did I mention the cake?

5.) I thank God every day for a friend like you. Happy B-Day!

6.) Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there. HBD Buddy!

Birthday Greetings for a Friend.

Funny Birthday Greetings for a Friend

7.) May your day be as beautiful as you (I know that’s a really tall order)!

8.) Here’s to another year of good jokes, bad decisions, and helping each other get by. You make it all worthwhile!

9.) Thanks for being my unpaid therapist and best friend that I could ever imagine. HBD!

10.) Look, I’d walk through fire for you, but no one told me there be this many candles. Just how old are you?

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How do you Start a Birthday Card?

11.) In good times and bad…

12.) Every step of the way, the two of us…

13.) Happy, happy birthday to a…

14.) Thank you for all your love and support; I…

15.) I am grateful that you…

16.) You understand the things we have been through on your birthday…

17.) Being a little bit older is okay; you get to…

18.) We make a great team, thanks for becoming my friend…

19.) On this, your birthday, you can do whatever you want, you can…

20.) Hope your birthday…

21.) I can always count on you to come through, you…

22.) Thinking of you on your birthday…

23.) Here’s wishing you a happy day and a…

24.) Birthdays are a lot like our friendship, you never know when…

25.) Happy Birthday to someone that makes me…

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What is a Unique Way to Wish Someone a Happy Birthday?

26.) Put a sign on your garage wishing a Happy Birthday!

27.) Handcraft a giant birthday card that can be signed by all the recipient’s friends.

28.) Get together with a musician friend and write a special song for the birthday girl or boy.

29.) Create a scrapbook of pictures and mementos of things you have done together.

30.) Host a surprise party. Everyone loves a good surprise, especially friends.

31.) Put up a unique post on Facebook to celebrate your friend’s birthday.

32.) Spread out a bunch of Happy Birthday signs on the birthday boy’s lawn.

33.) Play a birthday prank like sending dead flowers. Or, put their birthday wish inside a can of exploding peanuts. (You can purchase it at a gag store like Spencer Gifts). You could send an empty box of candy too.

34.) Put together a funny video on Instagram or Tik Tok.

How To Wish Happy Birthday in a different language.

35.) – Feliz Cumpleanos (Spanish)

– Bon Anniversaire (French)

– Buon Compleanno (Italian)

– Alles Gute Zum Geburstag (German)

– Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu (Japanese)

– Saeng-il Chugha (Korean)

– Shengri Kuaile (Chinese)

– S Dnem Rozhdeniya (Russian)

– Grattis Pa Fodelsedagen (Swedish)

– Hau Oli La Hanau (Hawaiian)

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Good Birthday Greetings For a Friend Closings

36.) Have the best of birthdays!

37.) Party like it’s 1999!

38.) Warmest Wishes.

39.) You’ve got cake on your face.

40.) Enjoy this special day!

41.) Friends forever,

42.) Lots of love.

43.) Let’s get together soon.

44.) Kind regards.

45.) Love and happiness to you.

46.) Wishing you all the best.

47.) Hugs and kisses.

48.) Good luck.

49.) All the best!

50.) Live long and prosper.

51.) Cheerfully.

52.) Lovingly.

53.) May the force be with you.

54.) Until next time.

55.) Cheers and Happy Birthday!

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Birthday Synonyms

Natal Day

Birth Anniversary


Festival of Birth

Special Day


Born Today

Birthday Feast

Date of Birth

Birthday Celebration

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Happy Birthday Friend

56.) I’m so glad we’re friends, and I’m celebrating your birthday with you.

57.) Best wishes on your special day, my friend. Enjoy!

58.) Once in a lifetime, we meet someone whose friendship completes us. Happy birthday, friend.

59.) Having a friend like you offers certain perks. Like celebrating your birthday together!

60.) To my best friend, happy birthday and thank you for being an amazing friend.

61.) That’s a lot of birthday candles. Luckily, you have me as a friend to help you blow them out.

62.) I hope your birthday is filled with gifts and cake and love and joy from family and friends.

63.) You bring joy to all your friends. Have a joyful birthday!

64.) Thanks for being such a great friend. Happy Birthday my friend.

65.) I’m lucky to have you as a best friend, have a great birthday and an even better rest of the year.

66.) May all your birthday dreams come true my friend!

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Friend Happy Birthday wish image

Happy Birthday Friend Wishes

67.) To the best friend anyone could ever ask for, have the happiest for birthdays!

68.) We’ve been through thick and thin, but we’re still friends on your birthday. Have a happy one!

69.) Hope this birthday brings us many more memories of our friendship.

70.) You’re never alone, you have me to count on my friend.

71.) Thank you for being my best friend. Love, hope, happiness, and joy to you on your birthday!

72.) It’s true, you are one of the nicest people I ever met. But even better than that is the fact you are my friend. Have a blessed birthday!

73.) May your birthday be filled with everything you desire because you deserve it, my friend.

74.) The day you were born was one of the very best days of my life.

75.) You’re more than a friend; you are family. Have a happy day my best friend!

76.) Have another great birthday, you deserve it, my friend!

Birthday Messages for Friends

77.) When I needed a friend, I turned around and saw you. Thanks for being there, have a great birthday!

78.) I want to fill your birthday with awesomeness because you’re my best friend!

79.) May you have a happy birthday and may each day of the rest of the year be fantastic.

80.) You’re amazing, attractive, and a fabulous friend. Have a fabulous birthday!

81.) We’ve been friends for a long time, and I am so happy to call you, my friend. Have an incredible birthday!

82.) I want the best for you on your birthday my friend, all the love and happiness in the world!

83.) You are a great and wonderful friend; I hope your birthday is great and wonderful as you are.

84.) Enjoy every moment of your birthday my friend. You’ve spent a year waiting to celebrate this.

85.) If you could see yourself through the eyes of others, you’d see what a great friend you are. Have a wonderful birthday my friend!

86.) Your friendship keeps me strong and makes me realize how lucky I am.

87.) A true friend is someone you can trust and trust you to have a great birthday!

Greeting Ideas for a Friend’s Birthday

88.) Happy Birthday to my best friend! May your celebration be filled with food, fun, family, and friends.

89.) I’m proud to be your friend and happy to help you celebrate your special day!

90.) Best wishes on your birthday! You deserve all the wonderful things this world has to offer.

91.) It’s your birthday and you should celebrate like a king my friend. Have fun on your special day!

92.) This should be an epic birthday because we are celebrating friendship for all-time.

93.) It is a privilege to be your friend and I’m proud to celebrate your birthday with you!

94.) Best wishes to my close friend on this the day of your birth. Party Hearty buddy!

95.) We’ve shared so much over the years, let’s share some birthday cake.

96.) May the smiles you get on your birthday carry you through the rest of the year.

97.) Have a great birthday my friend and remember, I’m still younger.

98.) I am lucky to have you as my best friend, Happy Birthday and have many more!

99.) You are a special friend that brings joy into my life and gives me a reason to celebrate today!

100.) Wishing you a great birthday my friend. May you receive all you wish for on this special day!

101.) Best friends are like presents; you are always happy to see them!

102.) You, my friend, are living the dream. Have a great birthday and enjoy your cake!

103.) True friendship is impossible to replace. Cheers on this your day of birth my best friend!

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Wishes for Friend Birthday

104.) We’ve been friends for a long time. Let’s take today to celebrate a birthday and another year of friendship.

105.) You entered the world on this day, and you entered my life years ago.

106.) Hey old friend, or should I say older friend? It is your birthday, after all. Have a happy one!

107.) Good luck and best wishes on your birthday, my friend! Have a wonderful birthday.

108.) Another birthday, another 365 days have passed by, and we’re still friends. Imagine that.

109.) Best wishes to you, my friend. Have a fantastic birthday and a lovely evening.

110.) They say you forget things as you get older, but I’ll never forget about you, my best friend.

111.) It’s your birthday, and you can eat as much cake as you like. Being your friend, I know how much you like cake. Enjoy!

112.) May you remember your birthday celebration as fondly as I remember our friendship.

113.) Wishing you a birthday that you’ll never forget and a friendship that will never fail.

114.) If we light all these candles, the smoke detector will go off. Oh well, anything for your birthday, my friend.

If you have any suggestions for Birthday Greetings for a Friend, please let us know via the contact page.

Good Birthday Wishes

115.) You can’t miss with a message that comes from the heart.

116.) If you know a funny story about your friend, incorporate that into your message.

117.) Make sure your message makes your friend feel special.

118.) A touch of whimsy or silliness is always a winner.

119.) You can deliver a sweet message, but irony and sarcasm also work.

120.) Remind the recipient of how long you have known each other.

121.) It should be short and to the point.

122.) Thank the recipient for being a friend is a good idea.

123.) Let your friend know how much you appreciate their ability to listen.

124.) Spell out how the bond between you two is unique and special.

125.) Give the recipient a reason to laugh.

126.) Back it up with a big smile and a hug!

Celebrating Birthdays

Celebrating a birthday with a friend or best friend can be a lot of fun. It gives the two of you a chance to reminisce about past exploits and plan new ones. Friends make birthday parties memorable. Because you have a history together, birthday parties are the perfect venue to celebrate that history.

We hope our birthday greetings for a friend gave you some great material to use. So, enjoy your birthday parties with friends and make a special toast on this special day.

By Tim Moodie

Tim Moodie is a Freelance Writer and Product Developer. He spent many years writing funny birthday greeting cards, coffee mugs, and toilet paper for Recycled Paper Products.


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