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The Easter Bunny Slogans, Fun Facts, FAQs

Learn all there is to know about Easter Bunny Slogans, fun facts, and FAQs, and their connection to Easter.

Easter is a religious festival that is recognized all over the world. With plenty of traditions and practices surrounding the festival, it has become what is one of the most popularly celebrated religious festivals in Christianity worldwide after Christmas.

One of the many customs of this festival features a figure called the Easter Bunny. Popular among children, the critter has become an icon. It is now almost as commonly known by people around the world as Santa Claus.

Let us find out more, starting with some Easter Slogans, fun facts, and then on FAQs.

Easter Slogans.

Best Easter Slogans

1.) An Easter bonnet can tame even the wildest hare.

2.) Don’t worry, be hoppy!

3.) From Easter, we learn that tomorrow holds miracles.

4.) Follow the bunny. He has the candy.

5.) Have an egg-cellent Easter day!

6.) Some bunny loves you!

7.) Nothing better than egg play on Easter day!

8.) Easter is more than something to dye for.

9.) Some bunny just don’t carrot enough.

10.) Shake your bunny tail.

11.) It’s an egg-travaganza!

12.) Hip-Hop Hooray!

13.) A basket full of blessings.

14.) He Is Risen!

15.) For Peeps’ Sake!

The Easter Bunny.

Good Easter Bunny Slogans

16.) Got Eggs?

17.) Cute as a bunny!

18.) Hoppy Easter Day!

19.) 24 Carrot Kids.

20.) That bunny is all ears.

21.) Believe in the Bunny.

22.) And the hunt is on.

23.) Easter-ific!

24.) Eggs For Sale Cheep!

25.) Hanging with my Peeps.

26.) We’re so egg-cited for Easter.

27.) Bunny Crossing!

28.) Here Comes Peter Cottontail.

29.) Simply to Dye for!

30.) You Crack Me Up!

31.) Hop to it!

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Easter Bunny Fun Facts

1.) It’s estimated that 90 million chocolate Easter Bunnies were sold last year. Halloween and Easter are the two most popular holidays for candy sales.

2.) Former U.S. Press Secretary Sean Spicer once played the role of the Easter Bunny at the White House.

3.) Jelly beans became popular with Union soldiers during the Civil War. They were invented in the 17th century.

4.) It used to take some 27 hours to produce one Peeps Marshmallow Chick. Yellow-colored chicks are the original color and still the most popular.

5.) The first Peeps had wings that were later clipped. Each chick has 28 calories.

6.) The candy store tells us that the buttered popcorn flavor of jelly beans is the most popular in the U.S. I’m not buying it. The second is black licorice.

7.) What’s the favorite Easter candy in the U.S.? Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs get the nod beating out Peeps by almost 20%.

Some Bunny Loves You meme

The Easter Bunny and its Eggs

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Easter Bunny.

What is the Easter Bunny?

It is also known as the Easter Rabbit or the Easter Hare. It is a legendary, folkloric creature that symbolizes Easter. Legend depicts the Easter Bunny as a figure that lays eggs, decorates them, and hides them for children.

Where did it originate?

The exact location of the origin of the Easter Bunny is unclear. However, it is said that the concept first came from the Germans. The Germans have had a tradition where children would make nests where the rabbits would lay eggs.

Why is there an Easter Bunny?

There is no mention of a rabbit that delivers eggs to children in the Bible. Despite that, the Easter Bunny has become a famous symbol of Easter. The purpose is said to be to make sure children are good and well-behaved during the Eastertide.

Eastertide is the period of Easter. In the form of Easter eggs, the rabbit is said to bring treats to the children who have demonstrated good behavior as a reward.

Where does the Easter Bunny live?

Some people say that the rabbit lives on Easter Island. It is a remote island located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. It is said to live in a deep hole in the ground somewhere on the island. Other sources say that the bunny lives in April Valley, Spring Valley, or Egg Land.

What does the Easter Bunny look like?

He is often portrayed as a rabbit humanly wearing clothes. Other than that, the bunny is said to have a pure white coat of fur that may turn brown if spring comes early.

The rabbit is said to carry a colorful basket of Easter eggs on his back. He is usually pictured as a large rabbit with long ears. The bunny also walks upright and has strong legs to jump long distances and hide Easter eggs.

Is the Easter Bunny real?

It is a folkloric figure that sprouts from legends, myths, and fantasies. However, it depends on the perception of the individual and how they view and perceive folklore.

What does the bunny have to do with Easter?

Religiously, the bunny and his eggs have no relation to Easter. The reason why it became such a pivotal part of the festival and its culture can be understood if we learn more about its pagan background.

The German Goddess Eostra was recognized for bringing spring and fertility during the spring equinox. The Germans symbolized their worship with rabbits. The reason why rabbits were the symbol of fertility is because of their physiology.

Rabbits are known to become mature and become pregnant within 5 to 6 months after they are born. Their gestation period is only one month long. Moreover, they become capable and fit to become pregnant again just a day after giving birth. Hence it is understandable why rabbits are considered a symbol of a new life.

Theoretically, even though there is no religious link between the Easter Bunny and the story behind Easter, its symbolism makes sense as the resurrection of Jesus was also the statement of new life after his death.

How old is the Easter Bunny?

The concept is said to have been brought to America in the 1700s, so based on that, the rabbit can be said to be more than three centuries old. However, it probably makes sense to consider it much older as its mythology dates much further into its German origin.

When does the Easter Bunny come?

The Easter Bunny is usually said to come on the night of Easter eve but can also visit around Easter Sunday at midnight.

He is known to come when we least expect it and maybe any time of the day or night during the Easter weekend. However, he is most known to come around when the children are sleeping.

What is the Easter Bunny’s phone number?

He does not have a published phone number.

Is the bunny a boy or a girl?

A lot about the Easter Bunny is a mystery. However, it is believed to be a boy.

What is its history?

In general, the Easter Bunny was first associated with the German worship and celebration of their fertility goddess, Eostre. As mentioned previously, due to the symbolic relationship between rabbits and the Goddess, they were interlinked.

When German immigrants first brought their culture to Pennsylvania in the 1700s, the German celebration and traditional Easter link gave birth to the traditions.

Why does he bring eggs?

Eggs are traditional symbols of fertility and new life. The oldest tradition is that eggs weren’t allowed by the church to be consumed the week before Easter.

So the chicken eggs would be saved and decorated to be given as presents on Easter. Later, instead of chicken eggs, chocolate eggs were substituted after the French arrived. Hollow Easter eggs signify the empty tomb of Jesus after he was resurrected in Christianity.

In ancient times, eggs were stained and decorated in red to symbolize the blood of Jesus Christ, which was shed during his crucifixion. In modern times, along with the substitution of chocolate eggs, plastic eggs with candies and treats inside them are also seen.

What does the bunny eat?

The Easter Bunny’s favorite food is easy to guess – carrots.

Why does the bunny hide eggs?

The Easter Bunny brings Easter eggs but keeps them hidden. The children play games such as Easter egg hunts. The search for candy makes the festival enjoyable for the kids.

Some Easter egg games are egg hunting, egg rolling, egg tapping, egg dance, and pace egg plays.

Why does the bunny lay eggs?

Rabbits are not supposed to be laying eggs like mammals. Then why is he said to lay eggs? Well, one myth says that the Goddess Eostre had once prolonged the season of winter.

After realizing the consequences of this choice, she felt guilty. So, to heal a bird whose wings were frozen, she transformed the bird into a rabbit. That is why some may believe.

Why are chocolate Bunnies hollow?

There can be two sides to why the chocolate bunnies are hollow. The hollowness makes it easier to bite into, especially for small children. From an economic standpoint, making the bunnies hollow allows the producers to make larger bunnies for a lesser price.

The religious side of the reason is that hollow chocolate bunnies and eggs represent the hollow tomb of Jesus after being resurrected from the dead. Since the tomb is empty, the egg or the bunny is also empty.

The different variants of Easter eggs include:

a.) Chocolate eggs

b.) Chocolate Easter egg bunny

c.) Easter egg with candy

d.) Kinder Joys, or Kinder surprise eggs

e.) Marzipan Easter eggs

f.) Artificial eggs such as Fabergé eggs, giant Easter eggs, pisanica, and other decorative sculptures

Where is the Easter Bunny right now?

Just like how NORAD tracks the whereabouts of Santa on Christmas Eve, there are Easter Bunny trackers that track the location of our favorite rabbit on Easter Eve. One of the tracking sites is TrackEasterBunny.

Bunny Costumes

Many shops and stores, especially during the season, sell bunny costumes. Similar to Santa Claus, Easter Bunny costumes are designed to match how the Easter Bunny traditionally looks.

They are usually rabbits with white fur-wearing human clothes such as pants and a vest.

Rise of the Guardians

One prevalent depiction and re-imagining of the Easter Bunny in modern-day media is E. Aster Bunnymund. The character is from the movie Rise of the Guardians.

The movie The Easter Bunny’s Home is from Australia. Many other well-known folkloric and mythical figures are his allies. Some of them were the tooth fairy, Father Frost, Santa Claus, and the Sandman.

He has walking Easter eggs as minions and tall sentinel eggs. The Easter Bunny and his allies were known to be enemies with the villain Pitch, more commonly known as The Boogeyman.

Easter Holiday: What It’s About

What is Easter?

Easter, also known as Pascha or Resurrection Day, is a festival recalling and paying respect to the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

It is stated in the New Testament to have happened on the third day of Jesus’s burial after his crucifixion in 30 AD. The festival is observed as a culmination of the Passion of Jesus and Lent, 40-day fasting.

When is Easter Sunday?

The date of Easter Sunday is determined by the Computus every year. The holidays related to Easter, as well as Easter itself, are moveable feasts. They do not fall on fixed dates every year. The date is based on the lunisolar calendar.

What happens in the time leading up to it?

Holy Week is the week before Easter for Christians. This week contains the days of the Easter Triduum. Easter Triduum consists of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, the crucifixion and death day of Jesus.

A list of the different events leading up to Easter include Passover, Septuagesima, Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Clean Monday, Lent, Palm Sunday, < Holy Week, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday.

Some of the days that follow it are Divine Mercy Sunday, Ascension, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, Corpus Christi, and Feast of the Sacred Heart.

What are the celebration customs of Easter?

The customs of Easter vary across the world. Customs can include sunrise services, clipping the church, exclaiming the Paschal greeting, and decorating Easter Eggs. Churches are decorated with the Easter Lily, which is a symbol of the resurrection.

Some other customs connected to Easter are egg hunting, the Easter Bunny, and Easter parades. These customs have become popular among both Christians and non-Christians now.

Easter is often a public holiday in countries with a large Christian population.

Various food traditions link to Easter. One of them is decorating, coloring, and preparing Easter eggs, which are highly popular.

Other food traditions include Akvavit, Awara broth, French Guiana, Babka (cake), Butter lamb, Cadbury egg, Carrot cake, Colomba di Pasqua, Cozonac, etc. Easter biscuit.

Others include Easter bread, Hot cross bun, Fanesca in Ecuador, Feseekh in Egypt, Flaouna, Easter Ham, Koulourakia, Leib, Mämmi, Ma’amoul, Pão-de-Ló and “Folar” in Portugal, Paretak pastries, Paska (bread), and Paskha.

Don’t forget Pastiera, Pesaha Appam, Peeps, Red Easter eggs, Šoldra, Święconka, and Tsoureki, sometimes lined with red Easter eggs.

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