Success Congratulations Messages

These success congratulations messages are designed for when a friend or colleague has taken a new job within the company or outside of it. Now’s the time to wish them well.

Do it well, and you may have made a friend for life. A few well-selected words can leave a lasting impression. Choose carefully.

I Wish You The Best

Success Congratulations Messages.

1.) You know I’m the founder of the Hal Barnes (fill in name of your friend) fan club. All of us know you’ll do a fantastic job in your new position, just as you did here.

Success Congratulations Messages.

2.) The best managers are great listeners, trustworthy, and people persons. I feel like I just described YOU! I wish you the best.

I wish you the best.

3.) As you turn the page to the next chapter in your book of life, please know I wish you all the best.

4.) May God give you the strength of Sampson to endure, the wisdom of Solomon to make good decisions, and the wings of an angel to take you to new levels.

Success Congratulations Messages.

5.) As a constant source of inspiration – and by that, I mean you gave me my job reviews – I know you’ll be sensational in your new job!

Congratulations New Job

6.) A standing ovation to a person who truly deserves it! Congratulations and continued success in all that you do.

Dress warm, it's cold at the top - Success Congratulations Messages.

7.) Don’t forget to dress warm; it’s cold at the top. Congrats on your big new position!

There's no business like your own business message.

8.) As they say, there’s no business like your own business I know. We couldn’t be more excited for you to branch out on your own.

9.) May new clients flock to you like the swallows to San Juan Capistrano. It takes a special person to start a new agency and you have what it takes!

You check off all three - congratulations success messages.

10.) Success always comes to those who work hard, bring out the best in others, and use their noggin. You check off all three. Congratulations on your new job!

Good Luck Messages

11.) When others receive awards, many times, it’s an unexpected surprise. But for you, it’s par for the course! Keep on doing what you do. It’s working!

Prepare for takeoff - congrats message.

12.) Your new name is “The Rocket” because you just keep going higher and higher. And, now, another new job. I couldn’t be happier for you. Prepare for takeoff!

13.) Congrats on your new adventure. For whatever game we’re picking sides for, I always want to be on your team. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll crush it.

Drum Roll - success wishes.

14.) Drum roll… You’ve done it again — made all the rest of us mere mortals look bad. We still can’t help but love you. Good luck – you’ll do great (as always)!

15.) May fortune continue to shine on you. We were blessed to have you here for five years, and all will miss you – but especially me. Good luck.

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Short Congrats Wishes

You’re the best!

We’re cheering you on.


Heartfelt congrats.

Standing ovation.

Well done!

You will do great!

We are not worthy.

Good show!

All the best to you!

Short Success Congratulation Wishes.

Kudos and Congrats

You really deserved it.

Three cheers.

Good luck on your journey.

Continue to shine on.

Nice work.

Hail to the Victor!

#227 employee hired, #1 in our hearts.

You didn’t have to be so great, we would’ve loved you anyway.

Encore, encore!

The cream always rises.

Hip Hip Hooray!

You richly deserve it.

Atta Boy!

A pat on the back.



Another feather in your cap!

Praises all around.

Well done for making it to the end of our congratulations ideas!

By Mike O’Halloran

Mike is the founder and editor of Greeting Card Poet.


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