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Respect Your Cat Day Jokes and Captions

Cats are the second oldest domesticated pet behind dogs. March 28 has been set aside as the day you celebrate the fact that your cat is always there to support you and, in turn, deserves respect.

When is Respect Your Cat Day?

Respect Your Cat Day is reserved just for revering your feline friends. It is celebrated on March 28 each year.

Respect Your Cat Day Fun Facts.


Here are some frequently asked questions about respecting your cat day.

When and why was Respect Your Cat Day started?

While the actual date and origins of Respect Your Cat Day are unknown, there is written proof of King Richard of England making it illegal to eat a cat. This edict came down in 1384. Certainly, Respect Your Cat Day does not date back that far.

What is something that makes cats unique?

Cats may be the only mammal that does not have the ability to taste sweetness. This includes wild cats like tigers, lions, cougars, leopards, and others.

Who are some famous people that owned cats?

Celebrities and historical figures owned and loved cats.


Ricky Gervais

Cameron Diaz

Betty White

Drew Barrymore

George Clooney

Mayim Bialik

Robert Downey, Jr.

Audrey Hepburn

Walter Cronkite

Whitney Houston

Kourtney Kardashian

Miley Cyrus

John Travolta

Penelope Cruz

Taylor Swift

And famous Beatle John Lennon owned a cat named Elvis.

Famous Historical Figures

Florence Nightingale

Sir Isaac Newton

Victor Hugo

Charles de Gaulle

Pablo Picasso

Winston Churchill

Ernest Hemmingway

Marie Antoinette

Albert Schweitzer

Andy Warhol

And Mark Twain said this about cats, “When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade without further introduction.”

Partial List of Presidents and Their Cats

Theodore Roosevelt – Slippers

Abraham Lincoln – Tabby

George W. Busch – India

John F. Kennedy – Tom Kitten

William McKinley – Valeriano Weyler

Jimmy Carter – Misty Malarky

Calvin Coolidge – Timmy

Gerald Ford – Shan

Rutherford B. Hayes – Siam

Ronald Reagan – Cleo

Where did the story of a cat having nine lives come from?

We may have William Shakespeare to thank. In Romeo and Juliet, Tybalt asks, “What wouldst thou have with me?” Mercutio replies, “Good king of cats, nothing but one of your nine lives.”

However, most scholars attribute the saying to an old English proverb that states, “A cat has nine lives. For three, he plays; for three, he strays, and for the last three, he stays.”

How many cat owners are there in the United States? (In the World?)

By the year 2017, 95.6 million cats were living in the United States. The planet is inhabited by at least 600 million cats worldwide.

How do we Celebrate Respect Your Cat Day?

Take a nap with your cat. Cuddle up under the covers or lay down on the couch. Your cat will love the companionship.

Praise your cat and make her or him a “special” dinner. If your cat normally eats dry cat food, give her/him a moist meal on Respect Your Cat Day.

Play with your cat. Find your cat’s favorite toy and spend fifteen minutes to half an hour playing with her/him.

Give your cats some treats. Find the treat that your cat loves the most and give her/him a few to show your appreciation.

Watch some cat videos together. Pull up the cat video section on YouTube and go to town. Your cat will be fascinated by the antics of these funny felines.

Take your cat for a walk. Many cat owners do not do this, but cats can enjoy a nice walk on a leash just like a dog.

Set up a play date for your cat and a friend’s cat. Cats usually like to socialize, and this would be a fun diversion for Respect Your Cat Day.

Give your cat a gift. It could be a nice squeaky toy, a plush animal, a scratching post, or even a bed. Give your cat something she/he will remember.

Watch your cat’s favorite TV show. You know which TV show your cat loves. Snuggle up in front of the TV and have fun watching an episode.

Show your cat some love. Whether it is petting, scratching, or even bathing your cat, show her/him a little love on their special day.

Fun Facts

Cat Videos have been viewed an average of 12,000 times on YouTube, more than any other category of videos. Many have been viewed millions of times.

80% of cat owners believe they know what their cat is trying to tell them when they let out a meow.

Cats make us laugh. If you have ever watched a cat video, you know that cats can be hilarious. They are silly and seem to enjoy doing crazy things.

Not unlike dogs, cats can intuitively feel when their owner is suffering. They will exhibit affection and want to cuddle to cheer up their owner.

Cats were worshiped and considered sacred by the Egyptians. Many statues and hieroglyphics of cats have been found in the pyramids and other Egyptian structures.

Almost all cats are good with children. They allow the kids to play dress-up with them and love to take naps with their human siblings.

Interesting Trivia About Cats

Solitary by nature, most cats prefer to be by themselves. They also do not like house guests. They consider strangers in their midst a threat.

Approximately 50% of Americans say they would rather spend time with their cat than go out with friends, and about 65% say they would like to be with their cat more than their spouse.

Cats living solely indoors is a custom that is only about 70 years old. It took a long time for cats to adapt to the frenzied pace of most homes.

Consider that the average domesticated cat lives to be 15 years old. Amazingly, the Guinness Book of World Records lists that the oldest living cat is 26 years old and named Corduroy.

Jokes About Cats

Why was the zookeeper arrested?
He let the cat out of the bag.

The cat next door hates his laptop.
It doesn’t have a mouse.

What happens at the end of a date with two cats?
They hiss.

The cat chef on TV made a delicious treat.
Mice crispies.

A cat’s favorite sticker is scratch and sniff.

Short Cat Jokes

What is puss in boots?
A cat wearing Jimmy Choos.

My cat has a favorite sport.

Claw and Order, now that is a TV show for cats.

A cat sings Do-Re-Mew when warming up to sing.

My cat loves to cook in the kitchen.
He is known as The Whisker.

Cat Puns

A sick cat said to his friend.
I feel clawful.

What was the kitten’s favorite way to shop?
In a cat-alogue.

On a hot Summer’s day, what do cats like to eat?
A mice cream cone.

A group of cats joined a bowling league.
They are Alley Cats.

“Have a mice day,” said the cat Mom to the cat Dad heading off to work.

What kind of Broadway plays do cats like?

Eating lemons will make your cat a sour puss.

The cats had a big bouncy castle at their birthday party; they called it a pounce house.

A group of cats got caught in a terrible storm.
It was cat-astrophe.

What does a cat say after making a joke?
Just kitten.

Cat Captions for Instagram

Keep calm and Play with your cat.

I know my cat likes me, I think.

Cat got your tongue.

You always know who is in charge: the cat.

Cat out of the bag.

Respect Your Cat Day Hashtags

  • #meow
  • #pussandboots
  • #hairball
  • #naptime
  • #respectyourcatday
  • #purrfect
  • #fancyfeast

Future Dates – Respect Your Cat Day

Monday, March 28, 2023.

Wednesday, March 28, 2024.

Friday, March 28, 2025.

By Tim Moodie

Tim likes to write about animals, people, and food.


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