National Dress Up Your Pet Day

National Dress Up Your Pet Day is on January 14. It’s a day to celebrate your pet, promote pet fashion, spread awareness about pet wellness, and show how much you adore your fur babies.

It was established by celebrity pet lifestyle expert and animal advocate Colleen Paige in 2009 and is wildly popular. We’re excited to share the scoop on this fun day and help you create a day you won’t soon fur-get!

How do we celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day?

Whether you’d like to celebrate with something subtle, dress to the ca-nines, or don’t like dressing your pet up at all, there is a way to celebrate for everpawdy.

If you plan on dressing up your pet, make sure the outfit is comfortable and safe for them. Use breathable materials and are free from small decorative items such as buttons that could be swallowed.

Outfits should not restrict their senses, movement, ability to eat, or ability to use the fire hydrant or litter box. If your pet doesn’t seem to like wearing it, don’t force anything and let them flaunt their birthday suit.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

Other ways to celebrate the day:

Take your pet for a pedicure.

Give your pet a bath to show off its natural coat.

Turn a hallway or path into a personal catwalk – add treats if you’d like!

Plan a pet fashion party or parade at a park or friend’s house.

Get a pup cone at an ice cream shop.

Bake pet treats and decorate.

Head to the pet store or Humane Society to adopt a pet.

Snap lots and lots of photos and give your pet a special shoutout on social media.

Make a Hollywood star for your pet and add their paw prints on it.

Ideas for Dressing Up Your Pet

If you like to keep it simple, here are some of our favorite accessories:

  • Bowties
  • Hats
  • Bandanas
  • Headbands
  • Socks/Booties
  • Capes

Take a look at these classic styles to see if they match your pet’s style. We recommend sweaters, vests, scarves, and other accessories to pull off the looks:

  • Glamorous Diva
  • Academic
  • Flower Child
  • Formal
  • Cozy
  • Hipster
  • Adventurer
  • Casual
  • Gothic
  • Decades

Or, you can go full pet costume.

  • Career Costumes
  • Other Animal Costumes
  • Movie Characters Costumes
  • Holiday Costumes
  • Food Costumes
  • Celebrity Costumes

Check out your local pet store for costumes and accessories they sell.

Funniest Dogs in Costume Video

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Pet Captions for Instagram

It’s ruff being cute.

Matching my pup is the leash I could do.

Stop trying to make fetch happen; it’s not going to happen.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day calls for a House Pawty!

We’re wild about National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

I don’t own the catwalk; I am the catwalk.

New ‘do, who dis?

You’ve got to be kitten me.

For dogs dressed as scientists: What does a scientist dog do with bones? Barium

My specialty is roofing – For dogs dressed as construction workers.

One of my canines is loose – For dogs dressed as dentists.

I’m a bloodhound – For dogs dressed as vampires.

Pooched Egg – For dogs dressed as eggs.

Claw Enforcement – For cats dressed as police.

Ready for my Purformance review – For cats dressed in business suits.

I still have nine lives – For cats dressed as video gamers.

Smarty Cat! – For cats as a librarian.

Funny Dog Meme

Funny Dog Meme

FAQs about National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Here are some frequently asked questions about National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

Why was National Dress Up Your Pet Day launched?

It was created to encourage pets and their owners to spend time together and promote pet wellness. It is a chance to socialize and meet new friends – both pets and owners.

What if my pet doesn’t like to wear outfits?

You do not need to dress up your pet if they are uncomfortable. The founder of the National Holiday, Colleen Paige, reminds us “It’s important to remember though, that it’s not, however, a day to disrespect our pets with uncomfortable, vulgar and/or seasonally inappropriate costumes for the sake of a laugh or photoshoot.”

Can my pet wear clothing on other days?

Of course! There are many reasons animals wear clothes. Clothes can keep them warm, protected, and visible when needed. They may also have a calming effect on some animals.

Quotes About Pets

You cannot share your life with a dog…or a cat and not know perfectly well that animals have personalities and minds, and feelings.
Jane Goodall, British Anthropologist

If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.
James Herriot, British Writer

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
Anatole France, a French poet

Animals are sentient, intelligent, perceptive, funny, and entertaining. We owe them a duty of care as we do to children.
Michael Morpurgo, British Writer

Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate how animals enter our lives prepared to teach, and far from being burdened by an inability to speak, they have many different ways to communicate. It is up to us to listen more than hear, to look into more than the past.
Nick Trout, British-Born Veterinarian and Author

Pets understand humans better than humans do.
Ruchi Prabhu, Indian Author

It’s difficult to understand why people don’t realize that pets are gifts to mankind.
Linda Blair

When is National Dress Up Your Pet Day?

National Dress Up Your Pet Day is January 14 each year.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading more about National Dress Up Your Pet Day! However you choose to celebrate, we hope you enjoy the day with your favorite furry friends. Fur-well for now!

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