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National Candy Day Captions and Quotes

Get ready to fill your sweet tooth this November on National Candy Day.

Sweet treats have always been the favorite snack of most kids. Whether fruit-flavored, chewy, or a “melt in your mouth” kind of treat, candy is a source of happiness for older people too.

Let’s get into more details about the delicious day!

When is National Candy Day?

National Candy Day is celebrated on November 4 every year.

National Candy Day.

Candy Captions for Instagram

Livin’ the sweet life!

Wake me up before you cocoa.

Best things in life are sweet.

I want candy.

Chocolate fixes everything.

Looks good, tastes even better.

The sweet taste of candy calms my soul.

Sugar that is good for you.

Pour some sugar on me.

Sugar Pie, Honeybunch.

Love my Pops!

Abandon chocolate? Never!

You’re never too old to beg for free candy!

Who doesn’t love candy?

Sweets for my Sweet.

Favorite guilty pleasure!

You’re my Gummy Bear.

Give me some sugar.

How sweet it is!

I feel nice… like sugar and spice.

In a relationship with candy.

Sweet Captions

A spoonful of sugar…

A little too much chocolate is just the right amount.

Candy for every mood!

Sugar and it tastes so sweet.

Money talks, chocolate sings.

Eleven out of ten people love chocolate.

The Candyman can because it mixes it with love.

Never late; just choco-late.

So many sweets, so little time!

…Never going dessert you.

Ah sugar, ah honey, honey.

Sweet dreams are made of this.

Adding sweetness to your life.

Don’t worry; be candy.

Sweet Caroline.






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Read the frequently asked questions and fun facts below to enhance your knowledge about National Candy Day.

When and how was candy invented?

Candy originated in Ancient Egyptian time. They combined fruit and nuts with honey while, at the same time, the Greeks used honey for making candied fruits.

Modern candies, however, were invented later in the 16th century. Also, sweet manufacturing boosted into an industry during the early 19th century.

How is candy made?

Candy is made by simply dissolving sugar in water or milk. The different heating temperatures help determine the type of candy, with hot temperatures forming hard candy. Medium will make soft candy and cool temperatures form chewy candy.

How do I celebrate National Candy Day?

You can get your favorite candies and enjoy them while watching a movie to celebrate the day. You may also invite a friend over and try your favorite kinds of candy. This will introduce you to new ones and help determine each other’s tastes while reminiscing good times. Finally, you can try to make candy or give some to one of your friends as a sweet gesture.

Fun Facts About Candy

Candy constitutes less than two percent of the calories in the American diet.

Germans are known to consume twice as much candy, on average, as Americans.

Around 65% of the current American candy bars were introduced over 50 years back.

During the middle ages, candy was so expensive that it was considered a delicacy for the wealthy in Europe.

Gummy worms were introduced in 1981, on the 50th anniversary of gummy bears.

The natural flavor of circus peanuts is banana.

Reese’s Peanut butter Cups, M&M’s, and Milky Ways are among the most popular candies in the US. Starburst and Swedish fish also trail behind closely.

Sweet Candy Facts

About one billion M&Ms are made each day.

Cotton candy was invented by a dentist, William Morrison, with the help of a confectioner named John C. Wharton. He did so in 1920, and the candy was called “Fairy Floss” until the 1920s.

Milky Way was initially meant to mimic the taste of malted milkshakes, which was so popular in the 1920s.

The two M’s in M&M’s stand for the surnames of the two businessmen who developed the candy-coated chocolates. Their names were Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie.

Licking machines take around 400 licks to reach the center of a tootsie pop, while humans require just 144 to 252.

M&M’s come in various flavors, including pecan pie, peanut butter, pretzel, and caramel. Others are dark mint, coffee nut, white cheesecake, milk chocolate, and pumpkin spice latte.

Franklin Mars, the founder of the Mars company, named Snickers after his beloved racehorse that had recently passed away. The horse was raised on his family’s farm in Tennessee, called the Milky Way.

Candy Jokes

Who is the best candy (w)rapper?

What candy do you eat on the playground?
Recess Pieces.

What candies do you find at school?
Smarties, Nerds, and Dum-Dums!

Who is in charge of candy corn?
The kernel.

What do you call a snake that overeats candy?
A snack.

What candy do comedians give to trick or treaters?
A snickers bar.

What is a robot’s favorite candy?
Wall-E pop.

What is a mathematician’s favorite candy bar?
*N* Musketeers, where *N* = 3!

Why did the M&M go to college?
He wanted to be a Smartie.

What do you call a train that eats toffee?
A chew, chew train.

Did you hear about the candy cane who could talk?
He mint what he said.

Riddles About Candy

What is Marcie’s favorite candy?
A Peppermint Patty.

Why are Scandinavian kids known to visit candy stores the most?
Because it’s really Sweden there.

What kind of glasses do gingerbread men wear?
Eye candy.

What do you call a sheep covered in sugar?
A candy baa.

What does candy do when you tell it a joke?
It Snickers.

What two letters spell candy?
C and Y!

How M&Ms Are Made Video

One-Liners About Candy

I have a confection to make.

That mint a lot to me.

Just a Skittle something to sweeten your day.

I can’t Reese-ist you!

You always help me out in a Crunch.

The baby cat got his favorite chocolate; it was cat-bury.

I know someone who collects candy canes. They’re all in mint condition.

A candy stargazer saw the brightest star in the Milky Way that night.

I had a lollipop joke but forgot it. It’s on the tip of my tongue.

The birds dug into the ground to have candy worms for dessert.

All the candy employees were eagerly waiting for their PayDay.

A cat went to the shop and bought his favorite candy, a KitKat.

The candy landowners sold their land for 100 Grand.

In the candy school, the boy was expelled for his s-candy-lious behavior.

Quotes for Candy Lovers

Candy is nature’s way of making up for Mondays.
Rebecca Gober

There’s nothing as cozy as a piece of candy and a book.
Betty MacDonald

Candy is childhood, the best and bright moments you wish could have lasted forever.
Dylan Lauren

I want to get a vending machine, with fun-sized candy bars, and the glass in front is a magnifying glass.
Mitch Hedberg

Candy is my fuel. Ice cream, too.
Jane Smiley

I always say that candy is the perfect studio food – it keeps your energy going.
Nick Cannon

Sometimes I think that the one thing I love most about being an adult is the right to buy candy whenever and wherever I want.
Ryan Gosling

One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats.
Iris Murdoch

A lot of my fans know that I love candy. I eat candy all day.

I think people always want candy, whether you’re a kid or an adult.
Dylan Lauren

If you want to grow up to be a big, strong pea, you have to eat your candy.
Amy Krouse Rosenthal

I love eating junk food. I’m a huge snacker, chips, and candy.
Jeremy Lin

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Funny Candy Quotes

Keep calm and love candy.
Handy Shandy

Everybody’s got their poison, and mine is sugar.
Derrick Rose

As we long for sure recruits, candy with sugar is our choice fruit.
Henry Vaughan

My guilty pleasure is definitely candy! Skittles are my favorite.
Sara Sampaio

All I really need is love, but a little candy now and then doesn’t hurt!
Charles Schulz

There’s no denying that candy is comfort food, and it’s affordable.
Dylan Lauren

I had teeth that stuck out so far; I used to eat other kids’ candy bars by accident.
Rita Rudner


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