Love Notes

The most beautiful love notes are personalized, unique, and heartfelt. Take a peek at our collection of love notes for him and her to find the inspiration you need. Don’t wait another day to share your feelings; send a love note now!

Sweet Love Notes

If you love them, let them know! When you have deep feelings for someone, you should really let them know. Don’t keep love hidden; it’s such a beautiful feeling worth sharing with the world (and the person you love!).

You are 100% sure the person you care about knows exactly how you feel. But even in this case, it’s still so adorable to send love notes. Everybody likes to hear that they are adored and appreciated, so don’t ever hesitate to send love notes for them!

Love Notes

Love Notes for Him

You want to tell him how much he means to you, but you are afraid the words will come out wrong. It happens to the best of us sometimes. This is why we came up with a list of notes you can send to your beloved.

You are my perfect man, my lover and my friend, my favorite person in the whole wide world!

I’ve known love because of you, and I’ll always be grateful for this. My soul mate was always just around the corner. It was always you!

My heart beats for you and you alone now and for all eternity.

You make me cry tears of joy, you make me so happy I could sing, you make me feel alive every day. Love was just another word until I’ve met you; now I know what it means.

With you, everything seems possible and even easy. I love you for this and for a million other little things. You + me = love!

He Loves Me He Loves Me Not

Chances are he does! But even if he doesn’t, that’s his loss! Whatever the case might be, you should wear your heart on the sleeve and tell him how you feel!

Unrequited love can break a heart forever. I fell in love fast and deep, and now I pray to God you’ll share my feelings.

You came into my life when I wasn’t expecting, and you turned it upside down. Now all I could do is hope you’ll love me just as much as I love you.

I think about you first thing in the morning and before I close my eyes at night. I dream of you and smile. You touched my soul in a way no one else did before. I hope you’ll let me into your life.

They say if it’s your love, it will find you. I think it did when I’ve met you. Do you feel the same?

When you are not around, I feel empty and without purpose. I do things with the hope of bumping into you just to get a chance to say “hello.”

Love Notes for Boyfriend

It doesn’t really matter how long you’ve known each other; it’s always a good time to send a love note to your boyfriend. Use carefully crafted words to make him fall in love with you even more!

When you asked me out for the first time, I didn’t think you’ll become the light of my days and the dreams I dream at night. My love for you is growing with each day.

A whole new world of opportunities opened for me when I’ve met you. Welcome to my life, baby. Please stay!

I kind of love you when you’re sweet and caring, but also when you’re weird and don’t change your socks for three days. I love you no matter what.

Just thinking about you makes me smile. It doesn’t matter where I am or how my day was; when I’m thinking of you, I’m always happy.

I’ve never felt more loved than when I am with you. I just wanted you to know that you are my everything, and I love you to the Moon and back.

Love Notes for Husband

Your love story is unique. And here you’ll find those special words you need to write love notes for your husband. You can choose between something funny or sweet, but always memorable.

If you only knew how much I love you! And now I hope you do! You’re the most important person to me. It’s you-me-us for all eternity.

I would choose you over and over again until the end of the world. And, I choose you when you’re grumpy; I choose you when you are happy. I choose you always—every single day.

My first love, my best friend, my family. This is what you are to me and much more! I’m so happy that you’re mine!

I love you in silence when you’re not around. I love you out loud because I’m so proud to call you my husband!

All of me loves all of you. More than I did when we first met. More than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

Sweet Love Notes

Love Notes for Her

She is sweet and caring, and you want her to know how your heart skips a beat when you think about her! Send love notes for her now!

Tell me where you are, so I can come to get you. Let me know what you want so I can offer it to you. And, tell me whom you love so I can be that man.

You put the smiles in my day and the happiness in my life. Because of you, each day feels like Christmas morning!

You are in my heart and my soul; you are in the air I breathe; and you are a part of me. Forever and ever!

I wondered how love is and how it would feel. Now that I’ve met you, I know. Thank you for the most wonderful gift in the universe.

I feel blessed to love you, to have you in my life, to have you smile at me every day. You are my sunshine; you are my love and the most special person in the world for me.

Love Notes for Crush

You feel a burning desire to tell her how you feel! It’s time to write love notes for your crush and maybe take the relationship to the next level!

You make my head spin and give me butterflies, and I want to be around you more and more!

Did you just steal my heart? It is ok; you can keep it as long as you give me yours in return!

Every romantic comedy reminds me of you. Is this a sign I’m falling in love?

Every time we meet, I feel light-headed and dizzy. I can go see a doctor, but I’d much rather go out with you!

You’re smart and different, and my heart swells up when you call my name. Is this how love feels like?

Love Notes for Wife

Your significant other is like no one else you’ve ever met. She is the one for you and always ready to support you. Write love notes for your wife; she will love the thought!

You made me a thrilled man when you said, “I do,” and ever since that day, you bring more and more happiness into my life. My life. My love. You’re my all.

I feel that I really started living only after I met you. My life is full of love, joy, and laughter, and I have to thank you for this. And God because he brought you into my life!

The most precious gift I ever got was you. I want you to know that I thank the gods every day for you. And I pray every day for our relationship to grow stronger with each year we’re together.

I love you for a million reasons, and every day I found at least one more. You are my happy place. You are my home.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I hope we’ll find out together. I want you by my side every day for the rest of our days because I love you crazy.

Love Notes for Girlfriend

More and more, she is becoming a part of your life, and you want her to know how meaningful this relationship is to you. Love notes for your girlfriend are a thoughtful way to say you care!

If I could only see you in my dreams, I’d sleep forever just to be with you. I can’t even imagine my life without you in it.

I know I’m not the perfect man, but I also know our love is perfect and has been like this since the beginning because you are my perfect match.

Do you see love when you look into my eyes? Because this is what I feel when I look at you.

We are so lucky to have found each other. I’d like to make each day a celebration of our love just because you are so special to me.

One day, I took a risk, and I ended up being happy forever. That was the day I met you and asked you out. Thank you for saying “yes.”

Cute Love Notes

Proceed with care: cuteness overload ahead! Her knees will just melt when reading these cute love notes!

I only understood what love is after I loved you. I’m humbled by the love and forever grateful that I’ve come to know such a unique feeling. I love you, baby!

I love you to the Moon and back and three times around the Earth and then again, until the end of time!

You are the center of my universe, my pride, and joy, my little miracle. My love goes way beyond what words can express.

When I was looking for someone, I didn’t expect to find that ONE person who would make my life so much better. Thank you for being you!

I now know what love is because I love you!

Romantic Love Notes

We all need a little bit of romance in our lives every now and then! Send romantic love notes now and make your partner’s day more beautiful.

I remember your laughter, and I laugh. I think about your smile, and I smile too. When I feel your love, and my heart bursts with love for you.

Did you know that I fall in love with you a little more every day? I love your smile and the sound of your voice and every piece of your skin. I love your soul and your kind heart too!

Did you ever feel like reality is much better than dreams or movies? This is how I feel when we are together!

When I first saw you, I was overwhelmed with warmth. Only later I realized this is how falling in love feels like. And you still tingle the butterflies in my stomach every day!

Every love story is special, but ours is much more than this because it has you in it.

I Love You Messages

It’s always a good time to say, “I love you!” And your partner will surely appreciate it!

You are the one I dreamed about ever since I can remember. The one I wanted by my side when life was not so kind. You are the one that made my life better.

I love you every day when I wake up, when I have breakfast, when I go to work and when I go to bed at night. I love you around the clock, only you, non-stop!

Love was not an easy word for me to say. Now I feel like I could declare it from the house-tops. This is how much I love you.

I love you just as you are. I love your perfect imperfections, and I’m so happy that you’re mine!

Love is about sharing and caring and all the little things we do together or for each other. Love is what I feel for you. A love like no other!

Sweet Messages

For her birthday, for your anniversary, or just because she means so much to you! Sweet messages for your love!

I don’t just love you. I like you. I really do. You are a great friend, the only person I would trust with my life.

Love is sharing, always sharing the best you have. But when you love, you don’t lose yourself; you gain more.

Everything changes with time, but I pray that our love will stay just as strong.

I allowed my soul to drive me, and it took me to you. You are a part of me now, my better part.

A love like ours doesn’t happen often. Everyone thinks this. But in our case, it is true!

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Love Texts

Saying the words out loud can be scary, especially if you’re unsure what the right words are. So, the chances are you’d be better off sending a love text first!

If I could write a love song or a poem, I would. Tell you how much you mean to me and how you make my days brighter, lighter and happier.

I didn’t choose to love you; it just happened because my heart recognized his better half in you. You are my one and only love.

You came into my life without notice, and now you are my life. It was always you!

Love is not about big things that happen once in a lifetime. Our love is about the little, magic things that happen every day. Like when you pick up my dirty socks from the floor. This is true love!

I knew you loved me when you hold me in your arms for the first time. Now I want you to know I love you more.

I Love You So Much Texts

I don’t care if the world forgets my name as long as you remember. You know I love you so much!

If your heart is bursting with love, you’ll want to share your feelings with the object of your affection! Here are some texts you can use when you want to say “I love you so much” in a more memorable way!

I love you when things are hard, and I love you when things are easy; I love you when you are grumpy. I love you so much!

All I ever wanted was true love. And I got it when I’ve met you.

I love you with thoughts, words, and actions. I’m crazy about you.

The universe brought you into my life when I needed you most. I love you so much!

The most beautiful love notes are personalized, unique, and heartfelt. Take a peek at our collection of love notes for him and her to find the inspiration you need. Don’t wait another day to share your feelings; send a love text now!

My Heart Beats For You

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