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73 Love Text Messages

These love text messages help you express your love for the romantic interest in your life. Texting has become such a popular form of communication.

The key to texting is to make your point quickly and effectively. The following list of expressions, some with hashtags to add more pop, do just that.

Best Romantic Texts To Spice Up Your Romance

1.) When we spend the day together, I never want it to end. #missingyou

2.) Love is funny, not funny haha, but you just can’t stop smiling. #haha

3.) A flower is not enough to express how much I adore you. Even a full bouquet pales in comparison to you.

4.) Without you, my heart feels as empty as a desert. With you, I feel as full as a beautiful garden #inawe

5.) I am happiest when I am with you and saddest when we can’t be together.

6.) For some reason, I think the moon shines brighter when you are around. #brilliant

7.) There must be a reason that we met because fate certainly couldn’t be this wonderful. #itsfate

8.) The summer wind speaks your name to me while the winter wind makes me want to keep you warm. #windy

9.) Happy is together. Together is happy. Yes, it really is that simple. #togetherness

10.) I am very moved by our love, it fills my days with pleasant thoughts and fills my nights with sweet dreams. #sweetdreams

11.) I can feel you when you’re next to me and it feels good. #thankyou

12.) Your smile shines like the sun, your laugh lights up a room, and your eyes burn as bright as a thousand fires.

13.) When I first knew how I felt about you, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, and my whole world was turned upside down. #lovechaos

14.) It’s easy to want to meet that special someone. It is hard to find that special someone, but finding you was just impossible. #yourarespecial

15.) I am nothing without you. Without you, I cease to exist, and my place in this world is meaningless. #youcompleteme

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Good Love Texts For Him

16.) I finally know love because I know you. #allmylove

17.) I wanted to send you a message that shows exactly how much you mean to me. #youaremyworld

18.) You can paint any day with all the colors of the rainbow.

19.) There aren’t enough words in the entire dictionary to express my feelings for you. #lovevocabulary

20.) You are my rock and you are the strength on which our relationship is built. #thankyou

21.) If I didn’t know I had you behind me every step of the way, I don’t know what I would do.

22.) You have taught me many important things not the least of which is how to love.

23.) I have heard it said that when you’re in a relationship, you can’t see straight, but when I’m with you, everything is picture-perfect. #Icanseeclearlynow

24.) The phrase sweetheart has always been one of my favorites and no one has a heart as sweet as yours.

25.) If I could, I would pull down the moon and shine it on you so everyone can see how beautiful you are. #stunning

26.) You are kind, you are beautiful, and you are mine. #Iloveyou

27.) Whatever we have together, you are the key. #lockitaway

28.) When I hold you in my arms, all of my cares disappear and I am filled with your warmth.

29.) How is it possible that you can take my breath away, leave me speechless, and make my heart flutter all with just the touch of your hand?

30.) Relationships are built on memories and every one of our memories is etched in my heart. #thinkingofyou

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For Her

These love text messages might just be what she’s looking for but hasn’t told you.

31.) Our love is my greatest possession.

32.) When I think back to the day that we met, the only thing I can remember is you. #onlyyou

33.) If I could write a song just about us, it would begin softly and slowly, build to a beautiful crescendo, and last forever. #youaremymusic

34.) Romance is the heart of any relationship and love is the soul.

35.) When we embrace we melt together.

36.) As long as you are the one I end up with, I will be okay. #youaretheone

37.) Sitting next to you beside a roaring fire in the still of the night, it doesn’t get any better. #youarethebest

38.) Every time I look at you, I see something new and beautiful. #Ican’tbeliveyouaremine

39.) If I dug up a treasure chest filled with gold, jewels, and priceless objects, it would still be nothing compared to you.

40.) Forever is just a word until you realize it perfectly describes how long I want to be with you. #togetherforever

41.) Spending the rest of my life with you would be an honor, a privilege, and a pleasure.

42.) Sometimes I think you are my angel sent from heaven, but then I think, no, you’re the real thing. #youarestillmy angel

43.) No matter how much time we have to spend together, it is not enough.

44.) You are my light in an otherwise dark, dull, world. #yourlightshines

45.) I could search for one hundred years and never find another one like you.

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Creative Texts To Express Your Love

46.) Some compare being in a relationship to being under a spell. If that is true, I’ll stay under your spell anytime. #youputaspellonme

47.) You clearly have a piece of my heart and it is a big one.

48.) You are a great blessing, and what’s better is, you are my blessing.

49.) When I think of you, I get a smile that is so big, people wonder what I am smiling about. #cantstopsmiling

50.) Sometimes I wish I was the rain, so I could fall on you with small, wet kisses. #smooch

51.) When we talk, you’re all I can hear. Falling in love with you was easy as Sunday morning.

52.) You will never be alone because I will always be right by your side.

53.) I would risk my life just to be with you for one more minute. #youareworththerisk

54.) I am devoted to only you. #youaremyeverything

55.) If I ever lost you, I would be lost. With each passing day of our relationship, I’m as crazy for you as the day I met you.

56.) When I search for words to tell how I feel about my true love, it is hard because there just aren’t enough.

57.) You look as good today as the first time I saw you and I’m sure you will look even better tomorrow. #Ionlyhaveeyesforyou

58.) A golden ring is the perfect symbol of our love, it shines beautifully, fits snuggly, and completes our circle. #theringisthething

59.) Little did we know when we first met that it would change our lives forever. #changedforever

60.) Let’s build a complete life together.

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SMS Messages For Romantic Love

61.) Before I knew you, I could never find happiness, but now I am happy enough for both of us. #happyfortwo

62.) The things you do for me are wonderful, I only hope I can return them by half.

63.) When you find someone who is your soul mate you can’t let them go. #youaremysoulmate

64.) Unbelievably, you just made perfect even better. #youareperfect

65.) When you turn around, I will always be there. #Iwillbethere

66.) The first time I saw you I couldn’t take my eyes off you and it is still true.

67.) There isn’t one thing in our relationship that I would change, it’s perfect just the way it is.

68.) When I kiss you, the rest of the world goes away. #justthe2ofus

69.) Years ago I gave you my heart and I can’t believe you took it.

70.) If I could tell you one secret, it would be that my love will last forever.

71.) Every day I am with you is full of magical surprises. #youaremagic

72.) They say the longer a couple has been together the more alike they become. We must be identical. #twoofakind

73.)When I look in a mirror and see that I’m smiling, I must be thinking of you. #maninthemirror

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How to Use a Sweet Love Text Message

Ok, there’s the list of love text messages.

Here are a couple of tips for you. First, if you find some words that resonate with you, express the feelings in a text exactly as is. Or, perhaps you’ll want to personalize your love text message by combining a phrase with words of your own. Always a good idea! If you can’t fall asleep thinking about someone or if they’ve taken over your life completely, let them know. A good night text or good morning love text can be very special to the recipient.

The common thread of these love text messages is that they should make the receiver feel great about your relationship with them. Choose your times to send these wisely, but don’t be stingy. If your sweetheart is going through a rough time, a well-written text message can lift their spirits. Be sincere and be yourself.

— Tim Moodie

Tim Moodie is a Copywriter and Creative Director. He spent many years writing funny greeting cards, coffee mugs, and toilet paper for Recycled Paper Products.


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