23 Different Ways To Say You’re Welcome

We’ve all been there. You do a small favor for a friend, and the friend says, “Thank you.” In a rote fashion, you reply, “You’re welcome.”

There’s nothing wrong with that response. But it does become a bit repetitive over time. Here, then, are some other ways to say you’re welcome. After the first list, we’ll dive deeper into the responses and their meanings.

Other Ways to Say You’re Welcome

1.) My pleasure.

2.) No worries.

3.) Don’t mention it.

4.) Think nothing of it.

5.) Anytime.

6.) You got it.

7.) Happy to help.

8.) Sure thing.

9.) It’s nothing.

10.) Not a problem.

11.) For you, the world.

12.) Glad to be of service.

13.) Not at all.

14.) That’s ok.

15.) Anything for you.

16.) No problem-o.

17.) You would’ve done the same.

18.) No thanks necessary.

19.) Cheers, mate!

20.) De Nada.

21.) You betcha!

22.) That’s all right.

23.) Of course.

Other ways to say you're welcome.

The Meaning Behind These “You’re Welcome” Alternatives

1.) My pleasure. Ok, this is the one the Chick-fil-A managers have trained their employees to say in replace of “you’re welcome.” Why? It sounds great, and it’s just different enough to stand out. A solid choice for your preferred alternative to You’re Welcome.

2.) No worries. It’s an Aussie thing, but it works in more places than in the land down under. Short and to the point, this one is like a utility fielder – it can cover a lot of ground in different spots. Many consider it the national phrase of Australia.

3.) Don’t mention it. Indicating that your assistance was such a minute inconvenience that the other party shouldn’t even bring it up is a nice message.

4.) Think nothing of it. Like “Don’t mention it,” it effectively diminishes the effort.

5.) Anytime. Sends the message loud and clear that you’re there for your friend now and in the future.

6.) You got it—a simple, conversational acknowledgment.

7.) Happy to help. Communicate that your service was completed in good spirits and that you were pleased you could be of assistance. Good messages.

8.) Sure thing. Short and sweet.

9.) It was nothing. Like taking a breath, the act of service was so easy.

10.) Not a problem. Again, an easy mission accomplished.

More Variations to You’re Welcome

11.) For you, the world. Suggest you’d do much more for your friend.

12.) Glad to be of service. Much like “Happy to help” but just using different words.

13.) Not at all. It was no inconvenience at all.

14.) That’s ok. Downplays your role in helping.

15.) Anything for you. You think the world of this person is the implied message.

16.) No problem-o. The casualness provides a relaxing response.

17.) You would’ve done the same. Nothing out of the ordinary is going on here.

18.) No thanks necessary. A modest response.

19.) Cheers, mate! After “No worries,” this response would fly in Sydney.

20.) De nada. It was nothing.

21.) You betcha! Hold on; this is the response that works in Minnesota.

22.) That’s all right. Nothing out of the ordinary… anyone would’ve done what I did.

23.) Of course. A small favor to deliver for such a great friend.

Saying You’re Welcome in Foreign Languages




Selv tak.


De rien.




Tu nimium grata.


De nada.



You’re Welcome Final Thoughts

“You’re Welcome” is so popular that, at this point, you seldom hear anything different. But we want to expand your vocabulary. So, when given the opportunity, see if you can try out a few different responses. But, first, you have to earn those “Thank you’s.”

By Mike O’Halloran

Mike is the editor and founder of Greeting Card Poet.

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