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Romantic Christmas Wishes and Messages

Romantic Christmas wishes and messages can make your heart sing during the holiday season.

Christmas is the most anticipated holiday of the year. A magical day, a day to spend with loved ones and share gifts and joy.

Before the internet era, Christmas cards were very popular and a cherished tradition for many families. Nowadays, not so many of us send real cards for Christmas.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t surprise your partner with a Christmas message from the heart. Whether you live with your significant other or not, you can still send them romantic Christmas messages. Here are some ideas in case you lack inspiration!

Really Romantic Christmas Wishes.

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Funny Romantic Christmas Messages

1.) When Santa drops by tonight, I don’t know what he could bring me. I already have all I want and more in my life – I have you!

2.) I’m not keen on sharing my Christmas food with people, but I’d do it with you any day!

3.) If Santa drops by your place and, instead of leaving gifts, asks you to go with him, don’t worry; it’s the gift I asked for! Wanna spend Xmas together?

4.) For me, it’s not Christmas that makes me a better person; it is having you around and the love you shower me with every day. I hope Santa will be generous with you!

5.) It’s not snowing this Christmas because I talked to Santa; I know how upset you get when you get snow in your hair. Enjoy the holidays, my love!

6.) The warmth of the fireplace doesn’t even compare to how I feel inside when I think about you. This is going to be one HOT Christmas!

Best Romantic Christmas Messages

Flirty Christmas Texts for Your Crush

7.) So, did you text Santa with your Xmas wish? Because I think he’s going to bring you my love for the holidays!

8.) What are you doing this Christmas morning? Dreaming about our next holidays together? I know I am.

9.) Do you know those little marshmallows they put in your hot chocolate cup? I’d give you all of my marshmallows for Christmas; this is how much I fancy you!

10.) This year, I asked Santa for many more holidays together with you, together on our couch, sipping wine and eating cookies – this is my idea of Heaven.

11.) What would you like to get for Christmas this year? Because I’d like to get your smell on my shirt after you wore it around the house!

12.) How about I place you under the Christmas tree this year? Because you’re the only gift I want to get!

13.) You made Christmas hot and sexy, and I want more of it! How about we do New Year’s Eve together, too?

Hot cocoa isn't the same without you

Instagram Captions for a Romantic Christmas

14.) Spending Christmas with you is the best gift ever.

15.) I’m pretty positive I was on Santa’s good list this year.

16.) Merry Christmas to the love of my life.

17.) Love at frost sight.

18.) Hot cocoa isn’t the same without you.

19.) ‘Tis the season for loving you.

20.) Christmas wishes for my sweetheart.

21.) I believe in the magic of Christmas and the magic of you!

22.) I love you snow much!

23.) My best present is wrapped around my arms.

24.) It’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you.

25.) Hurry down the chimney tonight.

26.) This year I have the best Christmas present. I have you in my life.

27.) Sweet Christmas wishes for my soulmate.

28.) Kissing by the mistletoe.

29.) Merry Christmas, Love!

My best Christmas present

Short Romantic Christmas Messages

30.) There’s no one I’d rather be under the mistletoe with.

31.) You make every day feel like Christmas.

32.) I’m in heaven with you this holiday season.

33.) Let’s get lost in the tinsel and admire the globes; let’s run in the snow like children; let’s love each other like never before!

34.) Christmas is a season of reflection and gratitude.

35.) The best gift I ever received wasn’t for Christmas; it was the day I met you.

36.) I wish you for Christmas to be the most loved person in the whole wide world. But guess what – you already are!

37.) Christmas is for the rest of the world what you are to me. Something to be celebrated from the bottom of the heart.

38.) Meet me under the mistletoe.

39.) Baby, please come home for Christmas.

40.) If kisses were snowflakes, there’s a blizzard in the forecast.

You make every day feel like Christmas

Christmas Wishes for Boyfriend

41.) Christmas is great not because of the gifts and the time off but because I have the best husband I could have asked for. Thank you for being so awesome; love!

42.) You are the only person in the world I could see myself sharing a hot cocoa cup this Christmas. And the next one, and so on.

43.) Every day I spend with you is like Christmas. Every day I get the most precious gift of them all – your love. This Christmas, I hope all your wishes come true!

44.) Christmas had no real meaning for me before you came into my life. Now I treasure our time together, our new traditions, and having you all to myself for a couple of precious days!

45.) You must have been so good this year because Santa left you lots of gifts under the Christmas tree. I wonder if your dream gift is there — Merry Christmas!

46.) This year, it’s not Santa that will give you the best gift. It is me because there is no one else that could give you so much love.

47.) You made me happier than I thought was possible. You made Christmas a real holiday and us a real family. Thank you, Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Love Messages for Wife

These romantic Christmas wishes may mean a better present for you.

48.) I could never give you as many Christmas gifts as you deserve, but I do want you to know that I’ll give you my love, and I’ll treat you like it’s Christmas every day! Merry Christmas, beautiful one!

49.) This holiday makes us all feel blessed and grateful for what we have and what we share. I feel like this every day because of you. I love you!

50.) What I love about Christmas is the joy of sharing it with you. Let this be one of the many Merry Christmas’s we’ll enjoy together!

51.) I could never give you as many Christmas gifts as you deserve, but I do want you to know that I’ll give you my love, and I’ll treat you like it’s Christmas every day! Merry Christmas, beautiful one!

52.) I associate Christmas with the smell of the Christmas tree, the cinnamon cookies, the carols, the Christmas lights, and your mischievous smile when you surprise me with presents. Merry Christmas, my dear!

53.) With you, I got to understand why people love Christmas. Now I’m a big fan too. Merry Christmas, my precious.

Meet me under the mistletoe

Heartwarming Romantic Christmas Wishes

54.) There is no gift more precious than love, and there is no way to show you how much I love you. But I do. I hope Santa Claus brings you a gift as special as you are to me!

55.) It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside; you warm my soul. It doesn’t matter how difficult things are; you make it easier. You are my Santa Claus every day, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have you in my life.

56.) It’s not Christmas that I love; it’s actually you. You have always been the reason why I loved the holidays so much! Merry Christmas!

57.) I’ve been dreaming for 12 months about sharing food, hugs, and kisses with you for Christmas. And now that it is Christmas, I realize reality is much better than my dreams!

58.) Remember how Christmas was when we were kids? When we thought we might get a pony or a puppy, the gifts were always too amazing for words. Well, now you know how I feel around you. You’re my Christmas every day.

59.) This is our first Christmas together, and I wanted to make it memorable, dropping a few lines for you. But with you, every day is exceptional, and I hope I say this often enough!

Fa la la la la in love with you - Romantic Christmas Wishes.

Christmas Messages for the Ex

Ok, maybe technically not romantic Christmas wishes, but important ones.

60.) This holy night, let’s put aside the anger, sadness, and resentment. Open your heart to receive all the love I’m sending your way.

61.) My Christmas wish is that you get what you desire and even more. I give you my love now and for all the days to come!

62.) I want nothing more this Christmas than for you to be happy, and healthy, and smiling. Merry Christmas!

63.) Even if we’re not together for Christmas, I wish you get everything you’ve hoped for, but especially love, serenity, and good vibes.

64.) I’m thinking of you this Christmas, wishing you all the best in the world, and wishing you to find love, peace, and other precious gifts.

65.) Merry Christmas! This Christmas, remember you are loved and appreciated, and someone is out there wishing you well.

Sweet Christmas Wishes

66.) Cheers to spending a wonderful Christmas season and a Happy New Year with you.

67.) Christmas night is about remembering how precious people are in our lives. You are my first and last thought of the day and in my every smile. I love you for Christmas, and I love you forever!

68.) Since we first met, you have been my number one blessing. Merry Christmas, Love.

69.) Share this wonderful holiday season with those dear to your heart.

70.) May the holiday bring you endless joy, laughter, and time with friends and family.

71.) You’re love is the best Christmas gift I could ever receive.

72.) Sending my sweetie a bit of Christmas cheer and wishing you were near. Merry Christmas, Sweetheart.

73.) You’re the most magical part of the most wonderful time of the year.

74.) May the true spirit of Christmas shine in your heart and light the way.

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe - Romantic Christmas Wishes.

Short Merry Christmas Wishes

75.) May your Christmas season be filled with miracles.

76.) Jesus is the reason for the season.

77.) Happy Christmas with lots of love.

78.) My love and thoughts are with you during this Christmas season and the promise of hope it brings.

79.) Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas.

80.) On this beautiful Christmas day, let us remember the true meaning of Christmas. Wishing you a very merry Christmas.

81.) Snuggled up together like two birds of a feather would be.

82.) Every day is like Christmas when I’m with you.

83.) Let’s take an elfie!

84.) Some people are worth melting for. (Frosty the Snowman)

85.) I only have ice for you.

86.) Naughty List VIP Members since 2017.

87.) You’ve always been on my Wish List.

88.) If kisses were snowflakes, I’d be sending you a blizzard.

89.) Not all gifts are gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

90.) You’ve always been my best present!

Charming Christmas Wishes

Here are some short but sweet, romantic Christmas wishes.

91.) Hallmark called, and they want us for a movie.

92.) ‘Tis the Season for matching PJs.

93.) Making it a December to Remember.

94.) You’re the holly to my jolly.

95.) The cocoa isn’t the only thing that’s hot this year.

96.) Merry Kissmas!

97.) The best thing to hold on to this Christmas season is each other.

98.) The best gifts don’t come under the tree…

99.) All I want for Christmas is you.

100.) Merry Christmas from the best decision you ever made.

101.) “More Of You” — that’s all I want for Xmas.

102.) Happy Christmas to my favorite human.

103.) You and Me. What a great idea we turned out to be.

104.) I’m dreaming of a cozy Christmas with you.

105.) The most wonderful time of the year with the most wonderful person.

Heartfelt Christmas Messages

106.) Fa la la la la in love with you every day!

107.) To my not-so-silent-knight, Merry Xmas!

108.) I love you to the North Pole and back.

109.) We go together like kisses and mistletoe.

110.) Together is my favorite place to spend the holidays.

111.) All I want for Christmas is… Us!

112.) Merry Christmas to my Everything!

113.) Meet me under the mistletoe.

114.) Let’s Snuggle!

115.) Happy Holidays to my Pam (or Jim).

116.) All is merry and bright because you’re here with me.

117.) I believe in You, Santa, and maybe three other things.

We hope you enjoyed these romantic Christmas wishes.

By Anne Matea with Mike O’Halloran

When Anne isn’t writing, she’s traveling, baking cakes, or hitting the gym to keep in shape (so many cakes!); discovering new places, trying new activities, and meeting new people are just some of the things that make her happy.

Mike is the founder and editor of Greeting Card Poet.


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