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National Promposal Day

Celebrated in mid of March, National Promposal Day is exclusively set to ask the all-important question, “Will you go to prom with me?”

Therefore, while some end this with the happiness and joy of having been accepted, others plan on how to get the date to accept the proposal. Nevertheless, all the students take part in this in some way, hence proving its importance. Read on to learn more about this rather famous and well-liked day.

When is National Promposal Day?

National Promposal Day is celebrated on March 11 each year.

National Promoposal Day Jokes and Quotes.


These FAQs can not only help the answers that might have arrived in your mind but even some that haven’t, yet. Therefore, we would suggest that you go through these before moving ahead with some jokes and quotes.

Can I Go To Prom Without A Date?

As wrong as it might seem, it is fine to go to prom without a date. In fact, there are a lot of people who regret not going just because they couldn’t get a date.

How Early Do You Ask Someone To Prom?

The best time to be getting your date for prom would be between one and a half to two months before. It is so, because, if you ask before that, you will be bored if you both lose interest in each other. However, if you ask late, you risk the other person already getting a date.

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What Do The Girls And Boys Give Each Other On Prom?

While the boy is supposed to bring a corsage for the girl when taking her to the prom, the girl is to bring him the boutonniere. However, if agreed upon, you can bring these yourselves too.

What Does A Corsage Symbolize?

Because corsages are to reflect the honor of the person wearing them, these symbolize the consideration and generosity of the person giving them.

Should I show My Boyfriend My Prom Dress?

Short answer, no. Long answer, we would suggest that you don’t do this because proms are meant to be enjoyable for you, and, if you already know what you both will be wearing, it won’t be as such. Even if you want to match your clothes, you should just ask each other the color and the theme.

Fun Facts About Prom

Proms were officially started in the 19th century as promenades.

This day was invented by Men’s Wearhouse in 2016, but promposals are something that students have been performing since at least the beginning of the 21st century.

According to research, girls, on average, try on ten dresses before deciding on one.

Promposals cost around 350 dollars on average, while prom costs span a range from about $25 to over $1,500.

The prom industry is one that earns a total of over 4 Billion Dollars every year.

The idea of there being a prom king and a prom queen wasn’t invented until the 1930s.

Proms really became popular after World War II as the schools started serving dinners and hiring bands. Then, in the 60s and 70s, they became near to being forgotten before they were revived in the 80s. Their popularity has been increasing since.

Prom Trivia

In 1975, President Gerald Ford’s daughter got her father to allow her class to celebrate their senior prom in the best venue ever – the White House itself.

Just a few years back, a lot of schools did not allow same-sex dates. However, the first transgender prom queen was in 2010, proving prom to be catching up with the rest of society.

62% of the students take memorabilia home to remember the night by.

At her prom, a hit song by Christina Aguilera was played that made her mates so jealous that they all left the prom.

Madonna didn’t attend her prom because she couldn’t get a date while Miley Cyrus was stuck filming her Hannah Montana movie.

Eating a hamburger, or any carb diet actually, one week or less before the prom is considered to be unlucky – and for a good reason. Eating carbs can cause bloats, and no one would want to go to a prom with these.

Promposal Ideas

Have you been trying to plan your promposal but just can’t seem to be able to get the right idea? Fret not, below are some of the most popular ones and one of them is sure to get your date to accept your promposal.

For the Minimal Choice

To be extremely simple yet sweet and effective, you can simply get a little gift. For instance, you might get a little box of chocolate. Now, get a gift card and write your proposal on it before wrapping the gift and attaching the card to it.

A Little Creativity Wouldn’t Hurt

In case you are a good artist, you can be even creative. For example, to be really sweet, you may sketch or paint the person and hide your promposal in there for them to find.

Everyone Loves Picnics

For those who like eating and going out, you can plan a romantic picnic. However, make sure that the place isn’t too crowded but not creepy as well, and when you feel like it’s the perfect moment, bring out the question.

Fill the Proposal with Cuteness

To be sure that your proposal is accepted, you can bring in your grandmother. For this, make a poster with a line like “I’d be juiced to go to prom with you” and give it to her before capturing a picture and sending it to the person. Hopefully, this will set the table for acceptance.

Funny Promposal Ideas

Looking for something out of the ordinary. Check out these ideas.

Take Them to a Movie

For people who like going out to the movies (or just like popcorn), the perfect way for you could be to pay a bit extra for the question to be written on the popcorn box. Or, simply hide a card or a little gift within.

For Foodies

Got a food lover at hand? Well, in that case, like a lot of others, simply get the question written on the cup or the cake. Any food can really work until and unless it is sweet. Too cheesy? The one below might be the perfect one for you.

Take them Shopping

So, if you want to be even more direct, you can take the person shopping. Now, be sure not to take them straight away to get the prom suit, but, instead, when going around, point out a suit and say something like, “Won’t that be a good suit for our prom?”. However, not all people will like this, so be wary.

You Can Give Some Other Ideas a Try Too

Didn’t like the ideas above? Fret not; there is a myriad of other options too. For instance, you can get a pizza with the question delivered or get this written on a fake police ticket. For music lovers, you can always make a new song.

Jokes About Prom

Why did four not ask 2 to prom?
He was two squared.

What do this joke and an overcrowded prom have in common?
One really bad punchline.

How did the skeleton not go to prom?
He had no body to go with!

Why did the power line not go to prom?
She was grounded.

What does a house wear for prom night?

What do you call a prom with the same theme every year?
A redun-dance.

Why wasn’t the car able to go to prom?
It didn’t have a good at-tire!

What do you call a prom in the red light district?
A Shady Hawkins Dance.

Why did the Raisin take a Prune to the prom?
Because he couldn’t find a Date!

Prom Captions for Instagram

Happy memories.

I prom-ise to have a good time.

I said yes… to prom.

There was magic abroad in the air.

Never miss a chance to dance.

A lot goes down when we dress up.

Dancing the night away.

Couples who slay together, stay together.

Keep calm and think prom.

I wish some nights lasted forever.

Dance first, eat later.

Here’s my prince.

Three most important things about prom: overdress, overdress, and overdress.

Live for the moments you can’t put into words.

The best is yet to come.

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Future National Promposal Day Dates

Saturday, March 11, 2023.

Monday, March 11, 2024.

Tuesday, March 11, 2025.

And remember, keep your heels and your standards high.

By MJ O’Halloran

MJ writes about entertainment, pop culture, and trends.

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