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15 Romantic Movies for Valentines Day

Romantic movies on Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand. There is no other day that’s more important for you to spend a great time with your loved one.

Whether you are going out on a date, to explore some beautiful scenery or to a local attraction, watching a romantic movie can be the perfect way to cap the day.

There have been so many romantic movies over the past years, so it helps to have a little guidance when you know you want a good one to watch on an important day.

There can be nothing more romantic and make you feel closer to your loved one when you watch some of the most iconic scenes scripted on the screen.

Every tear of joy and sorrow that trickles down while watching those moments will bring you closer to your loved one! Here are 15 of the best romantic movies for Valentine’s Day. You won’t regret the time spent watching these entertaining films.

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15 Romantic Movies for Valentine’s Day

15.) Uptown Girl

It is the perfect boy-meets-girl, fall in love, fall apart, and then reunite the movie. When Molly meets the guy, she enters a world she has never seen. They spend time as if they have been friends all their lives and never feel there are any differences between them.

As with many romance movies, at one point, it doesn’t look like the relationship would last. But, the guy redeems himself with a very memorable gift that shows his thoughtfulness.

It is the perfect Valentine’s movie to watch together, and the song “Molly Smiles” is a winner that you’ll be humming long after watching the movie.

14.) Groundhog Day

Released in 1993, Groundhog Day is one of the sweetest romantic movies to watch with your loved one on Valentine’s Day. The drama takes high turns while still having lots of comedy elements.

Phil Connors, played by Bill Murray, is an egomaniac who has no love for anyone except himself and is reliving his mechanical life every day.

Things turn for the better when fate brings together two people to break the monotony of his life that keeps repeating the same mundane routine again and again.

The movie shows that at times there’s only one person out there who can take you out of your otherwise dull and boring life.

Phil is a weatherman who is stuck on a day and keeps experiencing it again and again. It is up to him to try his best to become better. This movie is not just a romantic comedy that will leave you and your loved one laughing out your hearts. It also has a deep message that will move you more than you would expect.

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13.) Hitch

This 2005 romantic comedy has its scenes where you can be left with those moments where you thought it was all over, but then you will realize that love is magic, and if it was true it always comes back.

But that is not the central theme of this movie that although being different, didn’t garner any big awards.

Alex Hitchens, played by Will Smith, has a unique job – he is a professional dating consultant who teaches men how to woo their crush. In other words, he is the “date doctor”.

Albert (Kevin James) is one such client, and Alegra Cole is his crush, a celebrity.

The story takes you through lots of uneasy fun as the date doctor tries to teach a lot of wooing stuff to an adult while also having his own affair with Sara Melas.

Somewhere along the line, this romance movie touches on the hearts of millions of nice guys and nerdy men and puts a lot of women on the back foot while making them realize how easily they ignore such wonderful lovers.

The movie will leave you with a striking truth in the end, along with lots of love and kisses and getting back together!

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12.) When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally is without any doubt the most adorable romantic comedy of the 1980s. Sally, played by the bright Meg Ryan and Harry, by Billy Crystal, takes you on a decade-long journey of their love as they move from acquaintances to friends to lovers.

The chemistry between the duo will grip you like anything, and you could ask so much more out of your own love life. This is a must-see romantic movie on Valentine’s Day.

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11.) Love Actually

Love Actually has eight couples who are living their love life in different ways. It is a combination of a Christmas film and a romantic comedy and has some wonderful moments you will remember for long.

If you want to laugh and cry at the same time, you should watch this movie this Valentine’s Day. Is Love Actually one of the best romantic comedies of all time? It does qualify!

This is one movie where you will see love confessions of all kinds. What would you do if you find as a newly married woman that your hubby’s best friend has a crush on you and comes to reveal it to you?

There are 8 such couples dealing with odd relationships, but the movie never makes you feel awkward. It’s both heart-warming and sweet, even when revealing intricate relationships.

10.) Bridget Jones’ Diary

Once you watch Bridget Jones’s Diary, you would certainly feel that no one could have played the role better than Renee Zellweger. She’s so charming, and her crush on Hugh Grant and then Colin Firth will take you through a journey of beautiful love amid her eccentricity.

There are those awkward moments – her poor public speeches, singing along with sad songs, and much more to keep you glued to this masterpiece of a romantic movie.

9.) 10 Things I Hate About You

Want to enjoy Shakespeare in all his romantic glory? This 1999 romantic flick makes one thing clear, the great writer’s work was timeless.

This teen movie reiterates the same old truth about love. It can befall anyone, even those who never expected it or wanted it in the first place.

When Cameron James falls in love with Bianca, her father objects with the notion that she can date only when her older sister Kat also finds someone. James pulls in Patrick Verona to court the older sister by bribing him for the job.

But Verona and Kat’s story ends up falling in love with each other when he finds that they have a lot in common.

The movie has its wonderful moments when the romance-meter touches the highs. The serenading of the girl from the football field stands – “You’re just too good to be true” – is one of the best romantic scenes of all time.

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8.) Notting Hill

Notting Hill is a 199 romantic comedy that takes you through a world that most can only fantasize about, but there is something in the movie that is closer to the heart.

Julia Roberts is a rich and famous American actress who lives in a beautiful London neighborhood. While walking in the street, she collides with Hugh Grant and has orange juice spilled all over her.

Whether it’s orange juice or love at first sight that she’s covered in, the movie takes you on a journey of romance you would not want to miss.

This is another must-see romantic movie for a great Valentine’s Day!

7.) Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle is another great romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and the magnificent Meg Ryan. The movie has Valentine’s Day in it, too, making it the perfect movie to watch on February 14th.

It all starts with a kid calling a radio station to find a new wife for his father. And this call culminates in the couple meeting each other atop the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day.

6.) The Notebook

You would think this is another rich-girl-poor-guy love affair, but there’s more to this 2004 romantic movie. Allie (Rachel McAdams) and Noah (Ryan Gosling) meet each other at a carnival, and that is where their young love starts. However, Noah’s fortunes fail to impress her family, and they make sure that the name comes together.

If that sounds like an ordinary romantic movie, The Notebook is not. There is so much more and deeper to it.

It is a lovely story of an old man who is in love with a woman living in a nursing home. It takes you back in time to the place where that love story began.

When the man reads to the woman, she finds a deeper connection with the story and his love, who was a woman with the same name as the old lady.

This is the perfect Valentine’s Day movie to watch with your beloved!

5.) Titanic

The Titanic doesn’t need any introduction, as it is one of the most popular romantic movies of the past two decades. This 1997 romantic tragedy tells a love story that ironically dwarfs even the largest boat of its time.

Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) wins Rose’s (Kate Winslett’s) heart, who is already betrothed to a man, while on a journey from England to America aboard the Titanic.

As Rose takes you on the journey back in time, you cannot help but love the elegance and richness of the ship and her love affair with the young and wild Jack.

There is almost no one who may not have seen this movie, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to rekindle the passion that this film ignited in your heart when you saw it first!

4.) You’ve Got Mail

There was a time when Tom Hanks was too cute. That was back in 1998, and the movie was You’ve Got Mail. This is not to say he wasn’t cute in many other movies.

This is a lovely movie that becomes even more special as it buds from an email relationship. Joe and Kathleen may be rivals out in the world, but they start falling for each other when they start communicating through email, leaving each other romantic messages.

They deal with many of their online dating issues using the communication medium, and gradually their relationship evolves out of the tech medium.

3.) Singing in the Rain

This 1952 film musical is among the most loved movies of its kind and set the standards for the future of a whole genre of movies. This is a wonderful and charming film filled with amazing dances, songs, and flashbacks.

The characters in the movie express their love and emotions through songs and dances while living their lives. Most of the film has musical numbers being used to express their passion for love.

Singing in the Rain is a timeless romantic movie that will brighten your day.

2.) Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday is an elegant and funny romantic comedy that created a lot for modern romantic movies to take inspiration from.

Audrey Hepburn is a princess who falls in love with Gregory Peck, an American reporter. And what would it feel like if a princess wanted to live like the common people?

When Princess Ann visits Rome, she sneaks out to see how the common people live. She tags along with Peck to explore the sights but falls in love with him. The movie has a beautiful message that you can find happiness that can last forever in your heart.

1.) Casablanca

If you have not seen Casablanca, ensure it is on your must-watch list this Valentine’s Day. It is the ultimate masterpiece in romantic movies. What makes this movie even more special is that it has continued to improve with age.

Casablanca is a wartime romance movie. Rick Blaine, played by Humphrey Bogart, has a nightclub in Casablanca. Living in the time of World War II, Rick (the former freedom fighter) is also engaged in the business of helping refugees make their way to America.

It was during this time that Ilsa, played by Ingrid Bergman, and her husband Victor, a famous rebel come to Rick for help. Ilsa is Rick’s former love who left him when the war began.

This is where Rick’s true love for the woman of his life comes to test, and the story comes to a logical end that will leave you both happier and pained! “Here’s looking at you, kid.”

By Michael O’Halloran

Mike is a big movie fan and editor of Greeting Card Poet.

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