101+ Magical Unicorn Names

Coming up with some great unicorn names can be challenging — no doubt. We’re here to help with a list of names and some background on the unicorn to get you in the right state of mind for selecting a moniker.

When hearing the word unicorn, what comes to mind? A picture of a mystical horse-like beast with a single horn protruding from its forehead? Maybe it has a gleaming white body with sparkly eyes? Perhaps a mythical creature that lives in the deep dark forest that holds magical powers and prances on water?

Since our sandbox days, these are the glimmering glimpses we carry in our imagination of what describes the beauty of a unicorn.

Why is the meaning of the unicorn’s name so elusive? As a child, you had your vision of what a unicorn is. Incorporate your vision and draw it. The name symbolizes “endless possibilities” to anyone who summons it. Strength, gentleness, and hope follow along with this beautiful beast. I bet you see one or two of its qualities in your drawing!

Best Names

1.) Marcello – He is brave and fearless. Think of him running into the tornado to save Dorothy!

2.) Allena – She is peaceful and attractive. Like a hummingbird in her dainty nest sleeping.

3.) Boaz – Swift and strong! Brawny.

4.) Dulcea – The sweet one. Pink skittles, anyone?

5.) Primana – The protector. We all love a hug, right?

6.) Suki – Beloved One.

7.) Blissia – Brings perfect joy. Think of a new puppy giving you a kiss, ahh.

8.) Fernaco – The daring one.

9.) Valeri – Strong and healthy.

10.) Celestia – From the stars – brightest one out there!

Best unicorn names.

Good Naming Ideas

11.) Tacita – The silent one. Yes!

12.) Astra – Bright as a star. Glow! Go! Glow!

13.) Necia – The intense one!

14.) Floriana – The prosperous one.

15.) Annamika – Full of grace.

16.) Dusha – Devine spirit.

17.) Starburst – Full of light!

18.) Moriba – Seeker of knowledge. She is of African origin. She sees a need for inner quiet and seeks to dig deep to understand the world and its truths.

19.) Wilda – The untamed!

20.) Larissa – The cheerful one.

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Funny Naming Ideas

21.) Astra

22.) Hippolyta

23.) Ruby

24.) Yasmin

25.) Enigma

26.) Mystique

27.) Calypso

28.) Luna

29.) Zulema

30.) Claribel

Unicorn Names Meme

fun unicorn names meme

Fun Unicorn Names

31.) Shakti

32.) Deva

33.) Vespera

34.) Jewel

35.) Caprina

36.) Fatima

37.) Dessa

38.) Cassiopeia

39.) Electra

40.) Gemma

41.) Javiera

42.) Lotus

43.) Eldora

44.) Larissa

45.) Tacita

46.) Vanora

47.) Lunaria

48.) Philipa

49.) Rohesia

50.) Samara

Unicorn Name Generator Idea

You can be creative and make up your unicorn names. Use your first pet’s name, followed by your middle name.

51.) Buddy Lou

52.) Sadie Rain

53.) Onnyx May

54.) Fluffy Sam

55.) Baxter Jo

56.) Clementine Sue

57.) Pepper Mary

58.) Remington Alice

59.) Hunter Rae

60.) Hendriks Anne

Stuffed Animal-Inspired Names

Another way to choose your unique unicorn name is to use one of your stuffed animal’s names, followed by your favorite color.

61.) Cheery Green

62.) Stuffy Blue

63.) Curly Pink

64.) Spotty Magenta

65.) Berry Red

66.) Susie Purple

67.) Glittery Yellow

68.) Frosty Grey

69.) Mazie Gold

70.) Flower Orange


CANDY, CANDY, CANDY! All children enjoy this treat. Put a mixture of candy that you have in a bag, and have your child, without looking, grab one piece.

Use the name or flavor of the candy for the first part of the name. For the last part of the name, use your child’s most enjoyable season. Unicorn names inspired by candy are fun and memorable.

71.) Bubble Gum Fall

72.) Spearmint Spring

73.) Apple Winter

74.) Banana Summer

75.) Chocolate Spring

76.) Starburst Summer

77.) Skittles Winter

78.) Snickers Fall

79.) Twizzler Summer

80.) Laffy Taffy Fall


TOYS! Think about one of your child’s toys that they couldn’t put down for hours and had to buy more than once! Incorporate that into naming their unicorn. These unicorn names all come from the toy world.

81.) Pac – Man Suzie

82.) Twinkle Trains

83.) Lincoln Log Lucy

84.) Daisy Dolly

85.) Sunshine Stuffy

86.) Rainbow Bubbles

87.) Buttercup Blocks

88.) Snowflake Sticker

89.) Shimmery Puzzle

90.) Diamond Dough

Brilliant Selections

91.) Ruby Duby Doo

92.) Millie Matilda

93.) Pink Bubbles

94.) Prairie

95.) Sweetie-Pie

96.) Henrietta Glitter

97.) Cordelia the Cutie

98.) Cherry on Top

99.) Lovely Lila

100.) Starlight

101.) Gemma Gem

102.) Picabo

103.) Gold Butter

104.) Sprinkles

105.) Cupcake

Naming Your Unicorn

There are many fun ways to name a unicorn. You can choose names that will make your child giggle or remind them of a favorite pastime. You can also just pick random names from your child’s dictionary. Have them open a page, close their eyes and point to a word. Do that again for the second part of the name. You might have your kids really rolling on the floor!

Unicorn History

The earliest chatter of this beautiful beast was (c.400 BC). Historian writer Ctesias wrote about a single-horned creature that he described as a white horse with a purple head. It had blue eyes and on its forehead was a single horn that was colored black, red, and white.

Unicorn means ‘one horn’. The horn is centered on its forehead and is long and straight. It has a spiral impression from the base of the horn to the pointy end. If anyone was lucky enough to find a piece of the horn in the dark forest, it is said that they would feel the magic come over them and be healed of all sickness or ailments.

This mythical creature looks like a cross between a deer and a horse. It has a lion-like tail with cloven hooves (meaning it has a split down the middle of the hoof). The unicorn has healing powers in his tears and blood with magical powder in its horn to be used as protection for his master if enemies are near.

Unicorn Images

Images of the unicorn were also present during the Medieval Ages. The Church allowed many artists to depict the unicorn the way the artists seemed fit and could be used on a variety of mediums as well without getting prosecuted. During this time, many variations of it were created.

Some of the artist’s work was transmitted over into tapestry weaving. This particular medium was made out of wool, warp, silk, and silver. This time they made sure to make the unicorn the focal point. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you will find a set of 7 unicorn tapestries dating back from 1495-1505. Is it the magic of the unicorn that these tapestries survived for all of these years?

Unicorn FAQs

What is a baby unicorn called?

A baby unicorn is referred to as a “shimmer” or a “sparkle.” Like their parents, sparkles have the ability to bestow magic and miracles on those who are pure of heart.

What’s another meaning for a unicorn?

Unicorn can be used to refer to something that is very rare. For example, the perfect man.

What does the unicorn Emoji mean?

Usually, it refers to something that is mystical, magical, or rare.

Where do mythical unicorns live?

Unicorn typically lives alone and usually in forests. Many unicorns were believed to have lived in India.

What color are unicorns?

Unicorns are nearly always depicted as being white. Symbolism plays a major role in these legendary creatures. White symbolizes purity.

By Sara Williams

Sara is a freelance writer based in the Twin Cities.

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