Funny Text Posts, Messages, Conversations

Folks old enough to remember might even long for the old rotary phone days after seeing some of these text conversations go off the deep end.

Funny text posts and communications can sometimes start innocently enough. But, message understanding can change on a dime. Interpretations and meanings can take different directions when you do not see the face and, hopefully, recognize the recipients.

So, keep these text conversations in mind when you’re communicating via text. Be clear, be precise, and confirm the receiver of your message is on the same page as you! In the meantime, have a laugh or two reading through these.

Funny Text Posts

Sometimes text messages can be misconstrued, just plain confusing, or funny with intention. This can lead to embarrassing and hilarious exchanges. Here are some examples of what happens when text messages go wrong.

Communication is hard across generations

Johnny: Hey Dad, I just saw a film starring The Rock.
Dad: You saw a film with a boulder?
Johnny: No, Dad, The Rock is a wrestler.
Dad: You saw a wrestling movie?
Johnny: No, Dad, it was a comedy.
Dad: So, you saw a comedy starring a wrestling rock?
Johnny: I give up.

I wonder what Johnny’s Dad would think of Gaga?

Taking a relationship to the next level

Sally: Bobby, what do you think about moving in together? Bobby: It’s a big step. Do you think we’re ready? Sally: We have been dating for three years. I should know when we’re ready. Bobby: Why should you know?Sally: Women know about these things like I know you need a haircut.Bobby: I need a haircut? Sally: Yes, and new clothes, and a different car, and cleaning your room, and your furniture, now that’s just…

I don’t think Sally and Bobby are going to make it.

funny text posts.

Jump to conclusions

Betsy: Mom, how old were you when you and Dad got married?
Mom: Your father was 19, and I was 18. Why are you getting married?
Betsy: No, how old were you when you had me?
Mom: I was 19. Why are you pregnant?
Betsy: No, how old were you and Dad when you got divorced?
Mom: What? You’re getting divorced! You’re not even married yet.
Betsy: Just curious.

I think Betsy likes to pull her Mom’s chain.

Two mature adults: Funny Text Messages Conversation

Ryan: Are you saying that Dave and I – both 40+ years of age – are immature? Emma: Yes, exactly. Ryan: Dave, what do you think? Dave: Well, first of all, Emma doesn’t get to play in our fort with that type of attitude. Ryan: I agree…she’ll miss out on all of our jokes like this, “How do you find Will Smith in the snow?” Dave: You look for the “Fresh Prints.”

That’s what we call a “twofer” — two jokes for the price of one!

Will Smith funny text image

A guy walks into a bar…

Doug: A guy walks into a bar. Ron: Again? Doug: No, this time, he’s carrying a cheese sandwich. Ron: What? Doug: Yea, he tells the bartender, “a pint for me and my sandwich.” Ron: Huh? Doug: And the bartender says, “sorry, we don’t serve food in here.” Ron: Ugh.

I’ll pause for the collective groan.

bad hair day text image

Texting is sometimes hard for older folks

Grandma: Recipe for tater tot hot dish. Sue: Grandma, this is Sue. It’s not Google. Grandma: Ingredients for tater tot hot dish. Sue: Grandma, it uses tater tots. Grandma: Ha, I knew it!

Grandma is starting to get the hang of this whole texting thing.

This whole thing got awkward very quickly.

Man: Hey, Baby wants to get a drink? Woman: Who’s this? What kind of drink? Man: Come on, baby, it’s Larry. Woman: I don’t know anyone named Larry. Man: Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you. Woman: What about that drink?

All’s well that ends well.

what about that drink text message image

It’s all an alphabet kind of thing

Casey: Hey Rodger, that joke made me ROLF. Sam: You threw up? Casey: No, it means rolling on the floor laughing. Sam: Huh? Casey Well, you know Rodger, YOLO. Sam: Yoyo, you’re going to play with a yoyo? Casey: No, it means you only live once. Sam: Talk to my HAND. Casey: What? Sam: Have a nice day!

That Sam is sly like a fox.

This guy is opinionated

Ole: So, I went to my barber to get my hair cut.
Sven: …And?
Ole: The barber wouldn’t cut my hair.
Sven: What?
Ole: Yeah, he asked me how I wanted my hair cut?

Sven: What did you say? Ole: I said “quietly.”

Okay, now I get it.

The old ducks in a “V” formation funny text

Ted: You ever notice that when ducks fly in a “V” formation, one side is always longer? Fred: Yess, that always does seem to be the case. Ted: Do you know why that is? Fred: …No, why? Ted: More ducks!

Nothing quite like a little wordplay.

Duck joke text image

There’s just something about mothers and daughters.

Mom: Honey, are you coming home for Christmas?
Daughter: AFAIK
Mom: Are you okay? It looks like you typed that you’re choking.
Daughter: No, Mom, it means as far as I know.
Mom: Oh, okay, so you’re coming home?
Daughter: I think so, but OTOH, I might be able to make it.
Mom: Looks like you wanted to type, oh, oh. Is something wrong?
Daughter: No, Mom, on the other hand.
Mom: On the other hand, what?
Daughter: No OTOH means, on the other hand.
Mom: OTOH..oh, oh.

Mom’s never going to get it.

By the end of this, you may slap your forehead.

Greg: I was watching a flock of ducks flies south yesterday. Harry: Isn’t it beautiful? Such symmetry. Greg: Yeah, perfect V shape. Harry: Cool. Greg: There was just one thing I wondered. Harry: What’s that? Greg: Why do ducks fly south in the winter? Harry: It’s too far to drive.

Everybody, collective head slap.

Here’s a little misunderstanding that’s, quite frankly, frightening.

Clinic: Mrs. Halverson, this is the Eden Valley Clinic. We have your test results. Line 2: Test results, what test results? Clinic: The blood tests that you took yesterday. Line 2: I didn’t take any blood tests yesterday. I was at the spa all day long. Clinic: Is this Mrs. Halverson, who lives at 321 Alden Circle? Line 2: No, my name is Snyder, and I don’t live at that address. Clinic: Oh, okay, never mind, you’re going to live.

That’s it, folks; the show’s over.

By Tim Moodie

With intent and without, Tim Moodie has written a fair amount of funny texts. He works as a Copywriter and Creative Director. He spent many years writing funny greeting cards, coffee mugs, and toilet paper for Recycled Paper Products.


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